Review 2020 – Scam or not?

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View Offers is out of business 🙁 is an exchange wherein you can pair BTC with more than a dozen supported cryptocurrencies. If you want to buy/sell Ethereum or one of the supported cryptocurrencies for Bitcoins then you might want to look into this.

What sets them apart from other exchange? You can invest your Bitcoin or Ethereum and earn 24% APR or 0.066% per day!

Yes, that is correct. You can open a savings account with and earn passive income! This is the main selling point of the team behind this interesting campaign.

A picture of the team members from Kiev office.

Their headquarters is located in Kieve, Ukraine and their first announcement was back in July 2016 and was posted in this forum. Though I haven’t found any information on who the CEO is for this exchange which is a red flag in my book. Do you guys have any idea about the CEO of Liqui? If you do, please write it in the comments section below.

How to register with

Creating a new account with them is easy as 1-2-3. Go to their website and click on “Sign In/Up” on the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. Click “Sign Up” and a separate box will pop-up. Fill in the details and wait for the confirmation email that will be sent to the email address provided. Once you get the confirmation email, click on it and you’re done! Pretty standard registration process and no verification level required to start trading.

They do not support any FIAT currencies. This means that you are unable to trade FIAT and connect your Visa/Mastercard or PayPal to your account or trade them. You need to have an existing wallet outside of this exchange market and transfer funds to your account.

Here are a few supported cryptocurrencies found online:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Tether USD

And more than a dozen more cryptocurrencies you can choose from!


Since there are no verification levels involved, you can start buying/selling crypto currencies just as easy as you registered. You can either choose to put up your own pricing or just scroll down the exchange window and choose from the existing Sell/Buy Orders. If you find something interesting, just click it and this will auto-populate your order. A technology that already exists in other exchange websites.

Margin trading is still not available in but it looks like they are planning to add it in the future. You can keep an eye out for this link.

Liqui Fees

Trading fees for are divided into two categories. The “Maker” fee and the “Taker” fee. You pay an order with three means, BTC, ETH or USDT.

The same fee applies for the three markets. Maker fee would be at 0.1% and the Taker fee would be 0.25%.

What are Makers and Takers? Basically, in a trade, there are two parties involved. The maker who creates the trade and lists in on the order book. The take would be the one who takes that order. They are called “Makers” as their orders are the ones liquefying the market. “Takers” on the other hand are the ones purchasing listed offers. No withdrawal fees are listed online.

Savings Account/Interest

Liqui is setting a trend from the monotonous exchange websites today by making a bold move in adding the “Interest” tab. This is where you can turn your regular account into a “savings account” with them. You can choose to invest Bitcoins or Ethereum for no fee and withdraw them at any given point in time to use for trading.

On the screenshot provided, you can see that the “Available limit” for Bitcoin is 0.00 of 300. This means that the Bitcoin savings account is full and you are unable to invest. I clicked on the Ethereum tab and saw that the limit was still at 60.89 of 1000.

By clicking “Learn more about this limit” on you can read more about how they can grow your investment.


The website just screams out trading! They do not have any facade or a fancy picture, they have charts and numbers just all over the place. That would be your first impression when you visit their website for the first time, but it comes with functionality. Having no facade would make it faster for you to check their trades without having to click on anything.

Security with

Here are the offered security features for Liqui:

  • 2FA – This can be added after you have created your account and by clicking “Profile”
  • API keys

They admit that security is something that you cannot perfect. This is why they posted an event to find bugs in their security platform and website which can be found in

Customer Support

For customer support, you can reach them through the channels provided below:


  • No verification needed
  • Interest tab
  • Multiple trading marking to choose from (BTC, ETH, and USDT)


  • No founder/address information
  • High trading fees
  • No Margin trading (yet)


Liqui Review Conclusion

Remove the fact that they do not have any listing on their website regarding their physical office or the name of the people behind the campaign and this would be a very awesome place to exchange. But with this information being withheld it brings down the website’s credibility. I might have missed something but I tried my very best to dig out this information from the internet, but no luck.

The idea of having the “Savings Account” scheme is something new and got me interested. New innovations like this are what fuels people into investing in the cryptocurrency exchange. So is it worth your time? The idea is great, just so much mystery on the location and the people behind it is what really threw me off. As always, do your own research and tread with extreme caution in dealing with this website.

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  1. HG, 20. July 2018

    Lots of bad things about this exchange is going on lately. People can’t withdraw tokens and lots of failing BAT transactions. And no help for weeks, months…

  2. skitzion, 14. May 2018 is a scam, you may find it on google: just see what happened to tons of accounts that received TRX. can move your crypto assets without your consentement and withdrw your fund to their acount.
    They say that if you are not gambling enough with your assets, they can move it.
    All crypto traders and new crypto traders should be aware about policie.

    I did email them and they never answer. So they stole me.

  3. Mrxl, 8. May 2018


    We are gathering people who lost funds on in a telegram group:

    Liqui doesn’t do much support and a lot of people lost funds in deposits that never got through or withdrawals that never succeeded. Now it’s time we stood up and do something about it.

    Possibilities are:

    – Press charges
    – Class action suit
    – Get the Ukranian government involved
    – Mass social media actions

    There are enough people who are more than willing to put some effort into this.

    Please join us.

  4. Georgios Kavazis, 9. February 2018

    My experience with this exchange is terible .
    I deposit a small amount of ETH and ETH is still in the contract.
    I am trying to contact support since 31st of January and still no reply.
    Is like is a ghost company.
    Transaction ID (TXID): 0x200dd3f82b166db2b30f03deed24ff7522a1fc068fd1dde9356ac510b286fd9b

  5. Sam, 6. February 2018 is a 100% scam. Waiting for withdraw my tokens since jan 11 …

  6. Vitaly Kuznetsoff, 8. January 2018

    Great exchange! Super fast registration. Took about 30 min to receive btc deposit from Gemini, which is pretty much standard on other exchanges (that I’ve personally experienced). They have features that I haven’t seen on other xchanges, like live chatting with online traders/users AND support members (usually two support guys at the time) and they answer all your questions right away. You can literally trade, check balances and do other stuff while chatting with them. And other features that are pretty cool. Besides all this they apparently serve as savings account for your deposits which means you accumulate interest. (not bad imho) I trial withdrew btc just to check how long it would take and if it works at all, and it took longer than Bittrex, but it worked and I am NOT worried like other reviewers on here. I get a feeling some people don’t know how to do or use certain things, get aggravated, make mistakes and blame others for their follies and who knows perhaps even have some kind of bias. Nice site/exchange. Recommend +++

  7. Antonio Frezza, 22. December 2017

    Yesterday night Liqui restricted recharging of accounts by USDT, and thus prohibited interexchange market-makers from shortening spreads and liquidating arbitrage opportunities. After that prices of ALL coins dropped, and up to evening spread bitween Liqui and Bitfinex was increased up to 40%. So exchange owners squeezed traders to sell to them coins on 35%/40% lower prices than on other exchanges. It is clear scam. These guys are fraudsters!

  8. Brian, 4. December 2017

    I have terrible experience using Liqui. I am a trader and Liqui is by far the worst exchange. First, the 2FA code suddenly does not work and the customer service took a long time to response. I even told them how much coins I have on Liqui as I use Coinigy for trading and all the coins appears on my Coinigy dashboard. However, they said I am a hacker and the coins that I own does not tally with their record. This is unacceptable. Now I have all my coins on Liqui and I can’t login to retrieve them.

  9. zizijasper, 27. November 2017

    It is a very poorly managed exchange. I have my account locked out with no reason. Now I tried to login again and the 2FA code does not work anymore. I emailed the support and have given all my details and they said my info does not tally with their record. It’s hilarious. They ignore my messages and now my KNC coins are theirs, simply they locked you out from accesssing into your own account. It’s a disaster using Avoid them…It is a scam.

  10. Saurabh, 14. November 2017 is a 100% scam. Stay away from them. I submitted a btc transaction 24 hours ago and they are not honouring it. Total BS and a waste of time. Stay away from them !!

    Here is the transaction:-

  11. MC CRYPTONITE, 13. November 2017

    1000% Scam, no answer from support, just silence.
    Not sure but it’s possible they distribute trojan software by some tricky ways.
    All funds are gone, at
    october 2017

  12. armand, 20. October 2017

    i keep writing you since 2 month and no answer on the support/everywhere
    90% of my saving money i put it in ethereum and i send to my liqui account to buy different tokens.
    i credited my liqui account

    TxHash: 0xa5d520c062cec3a4ac0a3be1ce913aff4c4b6a8a94a3f83fa532449cbc72c1abFrom:0x00bdb5699745f5b860228c8f939abf1b9ae374edto: 0xd230D044e8b8Ede0790411Fa40b59C585395D8EFthe adress shows the transaction but you didnt credit my liqui account
    please help me solve my desesperate
    thank you

  13. Debobrata, 19. October 2017

    Publishing Owner Address and office location may increase its credibility for much adoption .Runing saving account is not enough.