Review – Scam or Not?

As crypto became mainstream finance in the last decade, many companies started offering crypto exchange services of all kinds. “Swapping” became quite popular, since it allows users to instantly acquire any cryptocurrency. is an Instant Crypto Exchange for traders who want to swap their coins. This platform allows free registrations and limitless cross-chain swaps everyday, while protecting your privacy.

About the Company

Supporting over 450 cryptocurrencies and multiple swap pairs, StealthEX provides and efficient non-custodial service to many countries. They receive the most traffic from Asia, Europe and Indonesia.

StealthEX has been in the market since 2018 and was created in 2018.  The company is located in the Cayman Islands (Hermes Corporate Services Ltd., Fifth Floor, Zephyr House, 122 Mary Street, George Town, Grand Cayman KY1 1206).

CMO’s email:

Through a user-friendly interface, StealthEX has the mission to be an unlimited gateway for crypto swaps, allowing users to instantly exchange their cyptocurrencies at the finest prices. Registration requires no documents and all users can equally enjoy every feature.

Currently, StealthEX has not an iOS/Android mobile app. Users have to swap on the official StealthEX website.

Supported Countries

StealthEX supports many regions around the world, with the exception of some legally restricted countries that can’t freely access cryptocurrency exchanges. The restricted countries are USA, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Crimea, Syria and Japan.

How to use StealthEX?

Choose your swap

Place yourself on the main menu of StealthEX and select the cryptocurrencies you want for the swap. There will be a drop-down list for the supported crypto pairs. Click on the “Start Exchange” button to make the swap.

Enter your crypto wallet address

Provide a personal crypto address of the asset you want to receive. All crypto transactions are irreversible, so it is imperative to make sure you paste the correct address.

Deposit the specified amount

StealthEX will generate an address for the cryptocurrency you have to send for the swap. Note that this transaction will be made from your personal wallet. As soon as your deposit arives, StealthEX will send your coins to the address you set.

Confirm the transaction

StealthEX will fix the right price rate for the swap and deposit your crypto. After blockchain confirms the transaction, check your wallet to see your coins.


StealthEX is known as one of the most private Instant Crypto Exchanges, as you don’t even have to register an account to perform swaps. There are multiple features that make StealthEX unique, among which we can find:

  • Unlimited Transactions: Users can make how many swaps they want on a daily basis.
  • Great platform design: The interface is very straight forward and it fits both beginners and experienced traders’ needs.
  • Fair transaction fees: Unlike other Instant Crypto Exchanges, StealthEX has considerably low fees. Also, they let users know the exact amount they’ll receive before each swap.
  • Support for high-performing crypto assets: StealthEX supports the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market. Very useful for online purchases with crypto.
  • Affiliate Program: Users can join the Affiliate program and receive over 0.4% of their affiliates transactions.
  • Buying crypto with fiat currency: StealthEX supports multile payment methods, including fiat purchases with debit/credit card. Non-crypto users can turn their USD, EUR, GBP (and more) to cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes.


StealthEX charges a small fee per every swap/purchase inside the platform, instead of working with spreads. The transaction will include the fees and show the exact amount before proceeding. This way, the user can know exactly how much he is about to be charged in fees.

The StealthEX fee structure has been approved by most of its users, who perform thousands of swaps a day. Whether you’re trying to buy Bitcoin or swap cryptocurrencies, fees will be applied and openly displayed for your confirmation.

Supported fiat currencies

StealthEX has a fiat support for over 12 currencies. Users can buy crypto with USD, EUR, GBP, TL, ZAR, GHS, TZS, VND and BRL. Also, the exchange accepts multiple major credit card payments like Visa and MasterCard.

Supported cryptocurrencies

StealthEX supports over 450 cryptocurrencies from multiple chains in its platform. Among the listed coins, we can find Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin SV, Horizen, ZCash, USDC, Litecoin, Solana, DASH, Tron, Stellar and many more. All prices are live and consistent with major cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

KYC Verification

StealthEX does not require any kind of KYC Verification procedures, not even when registering. No personal data will be at risk on this exchange.

Fiat to Crypto transactions higher than €900 will require the user to provide ID/Passport pictures and verifications selfies, in order to confirm his identity. This measure is meant to avoid transactions from illicit capitals.

Ease of use & interface

The StealthEX interface is highly intuitive and friendly for any type of users. The main menu leads you directly to the swap bar, where you can choose between exchanging cryptocurrencies instantly or shopping with Fiat currency.

Additionally, StealthEX has a “My Exchange” upper bar, where you can keep a record of your past transactions and revise anytime. The design of the StealthEX interface meets the basic purpose of the platform; To offer instant swaps following the rules of a non-custodial exchange. StealthEX does not have trading tool bars, charts or any market analysis features.


Having a non-custodial nature, StealthEX does not have an internal wallet where users deposit their funds. Each exchange will ask the user to enter a personal Crypto address, to which the funds will be deposited once the swap has ended.

The user must deposit the required amount to the specified address. StealthEX does not keep any of the users’ funds and therefore, swaps are safer. StealthEX works with an industry standard security system and does not recommend any particular wallets. As for security breaches, this Instant Crypto Exchange has never had hacking reports.

Customer Support and User Experience

Stealthex’s Customer Support Service is praised by much of the user community, since they have proven attentive and willing to solve concerns.
The platform has a ticket system to contact support, which will be answered by to address each problem individually.
In cases of platform failures or swapping bugs, StealthEX is responsible for the rates established at the time of the initial exchange, even if that means compensating possible losses. The support team is vigilant to each of these cases.

You can find mostly 4 and 5 starts Customer Support reviews on the StealthEX TrustPilot Page, meaning that users are quite satisfied with the service.

Pros and Cons


  • Protects your privacy and does nto hold any of your funds/private keys.
  • Fee rates are fair and transparent.
  • User-friendly interface with simple and direct options.
  • Over 450 supported cryptocurrencies.
  • Prices are not changed by spreads.
  • Accepts credit card payments.
  • No KYC required.


  • Has no trading tools or charts.
  • Some swaps can be stuck for hours, depending on transaction traffic.
  • Fees will be different for each crypto asset.
  • 900 EUR limit before having to provide KYC documents for Fiat to Crypto transactions.
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