Best Crypto Portfolio Apps

Bitcoin portfolio mobile applicationsThe emergence of Bitcoin not only taught the world an easier and more decentralized way to maintain your finances, but it also demonstrated the potential benefits of investing in markets that, while volatile, keeping track of your movements can leave excellent returns.

Today, hundreds of thousands of users maintain investments in cryptocurrencies in the medium and long term, thus avoiding the volatility between the investment price and your profit.

Anyone with a libertarian mindset can realize the advantages of financial decentralization over a central economic system that keeps printing bills. Even if it’s long term, the best option rests on crypto assets that are nowhere near reaching their full potential.

Tools for Smarter Investors

Fiat currencies have a useful life clock and it is already running, so it is necessary to explore new options and… what better alternative to invest than the future? This separates smart investors from traditional investors, just as it happened when Bitcoin was only worth pennies on the dollar.

These Crypto Portfolio Apps allow you to manage your cryptocurrency funds from your smartphone regardless of where you are and what you are doing.

At a certain point of following the crypto market, knowledge about how the prices of each particular token move, which develops a sense of prediction through already experienced patterns, thus allowing you to take advantage of price variations. Nothing as simple as buying low and selling high.

Considering that the crypto market is volatile, you can buy cryptocurrencies at prices well below their usual level and sell them during their highest peaks, or simply let them rest towards new future price levels. This case is highly recommended for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that are designed to be deflationary (their value increases over time).

Bitcoin employs a process that takes place every 4 years called “Halving”, which splits the mining reward in half, causing less BTC tokens to be mined every 4 years. At higher demand and lower supply, the price tends to increase. For this reason Bitcoin is considered one of the best investments of the decade.


Blockfolio appBlockfolio is a cryptocurrency Portfolio application available for iOS and Android, through which you can take control of all cryptocurrency investments and obtain information on the price movements of pairs and tokens.

The Blockfolio App keeps track of more than 8000 cryptocurrencies in its interface, opening new investment opportunities whenever you want.

The service is recognized for not only having the main cryptocurrencies on the market, but also a long list of altcoins such as Ripple, IOTA, ZCash, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, LiteCoin, OmiseGO, Verge, Tezos, Eos, Cardano, Tron, Stellar and many others.

It is legally permitted worldwide and allows you to see quotes in more than 30 currencies.

What makes Blockfolio special is how direct it is to show prices, thus avoiding the fatigue to search for the cryptocurrencies we want to see. However, we can see detailed information for each particular currency if we wish.

Blockfolio has price alerts, charts to analyze the market, a special section for influential news, etc.

You can even create watchlists (and add / remove tokens from it), making it basically the most comprehensive crypto portfolio app to date.

Blockfolio is currently used by more than 6 million users who control their crypto investments through the app and has excellent ratings in both the Play Store and the AppStore.


delta crypto appDelta is currently one of the best Crypto Portfolio apps to keep track of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 7000 altcoins.

The application is 100% free and keeps you updated with the live prices of all these digital assets, thus allowing you to invest where you think there are most profit opportunities.

Delta’s Crypto tracker includes the markets of different exchange platforms, among which are KuCoin, Binance, Bitfinex, Upbit, Huobi, OKEX,, HitBTC, Coinbase and more.

Delta shows you the win / lose percentages of the assets you invested in, including personal charts.

Delta has an integrated intelligent notification system that acts according to your behavior within the app. In addition, you can customize these notifications to receive exactly what you want and no more.

To strengthen your investment options. Delta also offers its users technical analysis, which will serve to determine solid trends in the price of each cryptocurrency.

Delta not only allows you to keep track of your own investments but also those of other users within the platform, who maintain different investment volumes and choose different cryptocurrencies for their portfolio.


Coindex appCoindex is a tracking app for over 300 cryptocurrency markets exclusively for iOS. Unlike other crypto portfolio applications, Coindex includes pairs made up of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, just as you would see it on a trading platform.

The interface is black and has a very elegant appearance, which makes it more in contrast to the colors of the prices, options and graphics available, although you can also modify the application for different background colors.

Before delving into a particular pair or currency, we can see its price directly, which can save us time by reviewing our investments.

Each product available on Coindex allows you to choose 3 options: Buy, sell and observe. If our analysis of the price over a period of time determines that it is viable to buy a cryptocurrency (or sell it) you can do it by pressing a button.

However, we can also press “Watch” to keep track of it and consider a future investment.

Despite the fact that the app is certainly complete, the community is still waiting for new updates that will bring functionalities that the app does not have until now.

The fact that Coindex is only available for iOS might make iPhone users really happy, however, this could be considered as a disadvantage from the point of view of Android users. In any case, there are still many portfolio tracker apps fro Play Store.


Acrypto mobile appAcrypto is a mobile application for iOS and Android systems that notifies users of all the changes that have existed in cryptocurrencies, in addition to providing a detailed report with the price changes that have been made in a given period of time.

This makes it an ideal app if you hold cryptocurrency investments and want to keep track of them.

This modern application allows you to monitor the prices of almost all cryptocurrencies in the crypto market, including a sophisticated alert system to which you can add more than 100 coins to keep track of them. This allows users to add all their favorite cryptocurrencies and keep them in one place.

ACrypto not only allows you to stay in sync with the live prices of the cryptocurrencies you want, but it also has a percentage of profit and loss ratio for its users, which is very convenient to maintain profitability management and know how much have you earned on your investments.

Among its most outstanding features we can find:

  • ACrypto filters each price according to its history, that is, by period of time, whether by month, year or day.
  • Advanced cryptocurrency charts to determine upcoming price movements based on candles formed and market volume. Price patterns often indicate upcoming trends.
  • Watch list for each cryptocurrency, where you can review historical prices and volatility indices.