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At this time and age, it is really easy to buy Bitcoin or any crypto currency you fancy due to the number of exchange websites out there today. Coins like XRP, ETH, LTC, XMR, and of course BTC, can be bought easily with the help of these exchange websites. Today we will be looking into one website which is called Is it a scam website or not?

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When exploring a new website to try out, what would be the first questions that would run through your mind? One of the first questions that run through my mind would be the security involved. Are they are legit company? You know, with all the technology we have today, it isn’t hard to create a sham website that acts as an exchange but in the end, they are just there to steal all your hard earned money along with your personal information. Since is fairly new to us (compared to other well-known exchange websites), let’s look into this company a little further.

Sadly, recently there are bad news coming up about Changelly: Information, Security and Anonymity

The company was founded way back in 2013 as a prototype by a team behind MinerGate, in which they get their good reputation from and the only reason why people are openly doing business with them. The website was developed to be an independent exchange service, and way back in 2015 after some major updates it was released. Their headquarters is located in Belusova Prague, 155 00 Czech Republic. Due to its recent popularity in the exchange market, an bitcoin online casino called Dao.Casino just announced a partnership with them. Giving, a face in the Bitcoin exchange industry! You can read more about this through this article.

Here at, they have a two-factor authentication and an HTTPS security protocol, which helps with the security of your account. Your funds are also not stored within Changelly as all coins are processed directly to your wallet. In addition, when it comes to creating an account with them, you do not need to confirm anything on your email, with this being said, all transactions can remain anonymous.

Creating an account with

It is really easy to create an account with as you just need to enter your email address and you’re good to go. If you accidentally forgot your password, just click on the forgot password and an email will be sent to the registered email address along with the instructions on what you need to do to get your new password.

How to buy Coins from

The website might be designed neatly, but without looking at their FAQ’s, it is nearly impossible to learn how to purchase coins properly. For all the available 140+ currencies available, you are able to purchase using the same process below.

  1. Create an account with and log in. Select the currency you want to exchange on the left and the currency you want to buy on the right and click Next.
  2. Check the amount of the transaction. Check if you are exchanging the correct amount, correct currency and how much you are going to get from the transaction.
  3. After checking everything is in order, you need to specify the recipient’s address. In this case, put in your wallet address for the currency that you are exchanging.
  4. At this point, please do check if everything is at its place as all transactions are not reversible. Check if the amount you want to exchange is correct. Please do note that due to the turnover time, the amount that you see at this stage is just an estimate and you will be getting more or less depending on the exact exchange rate at the time the funds will be transferred.
  5. At this point, your transaction should have been created. Below the transaction page, you will see a QR code and a wallet address. This wallet address is where you should send the payment at for the exchange to be paid and processed. Once the money is received on the provided wallet address, the purchased currency should be sent to the address that you provided in step 3, which is your receiving address.
  6. To track your transaction, all you need to do is go to your transaction history and everything can be viewed here. In most cases, a transaction would take 5-30 minutes.
  7. When a transaction is successful, you will get a receipt and a transaction hash to prove the transaction was made.

What is the Maximum/Minimum amount for exchange or purchase?

Here at, they do not have a cap for your transactions. But there is still a catch. Though the website doesn’t restrict your transactions, having a very low amount to trade would cause some problems due to the network fees placed by a blockchain, if you are unsure of what I meant by that, you can read more about network fees here.

Payments Accepted

Not all exchange websites out there today accept Credit Cards as a payment option due to the security involved that needs to be dealt with. Just imagine all the information that is compromised just to purchase Bitcoins? That is why not all exchange websites have this feature. With, they made it possible for people to easily purchase coins from them.

 Credit Card Restrictions

Before taking getting your credit card wet, make sure that you know their restrictions before you proceed in using it. Please be advised that users are allowed to purchase any amount, but they follow restrictions that you should comply. Here are the restrictions per country.

  • USA, Canada, and Australia – For the first transaction, a $50 cap is placed. The next purchase is possible after the 4th day and the cap is raised to $100. After a full week (7 days) from the first purchase, users from the mentioned countries can now purchase a maximum of $500 with no more than 3 payments within the first week. After a month of the first transaction, there are no limits on how much you are able to purchase using your credit card.
  • Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Georgia – For the first transaction a cap limit of $200 is placed. The next limit cap increase is made 24hrs after the first transaction. The total limit for the first week of the first purchase is raised to $2000 and for the first month the cap is raised to $10000.
  • EU and the rest of the world – $100 cap is placed for the first transaction. The next purchase can be made after four days as the cap is also increased to $200. After seven full days of the first transaction, the cap is raised to $500 with no more than 6 transactions within the first week. There is no limit cap for all transactions made within a month.

Please be advised that across the website of they charge a 0.5% fee.

What are the people saying about the website?

We have looked into what the website is all about, how to get the coins, what payment methods are accepted and how much you are going to be charged and all that. Now is the time to know what people are saying about their services.

There is a lot of noise with how the volatility of the market has triggered non-compliance for some transactions, well at least this thread starter at Reddit believes so. You can read more about the complaint through this link. Though the topic was submitted 8 months ago and is now deleted, this is still vital information on how they operate. But have they improved over the months?

I dug something fresh that was posted a couple of months ago with a person having problems with a transaction and the issue was resolved almost instantly, maybe their cleaning up their act? You can read more about it here.

Pros and Cons


  • 140+ currencies available
  • Accepts Credit Cards
  • 2FA Security
  • No verification for crypto to crypto exchange needed
  • High exchange limits (special terms for OTC deals, starting from 10 BTC)
  • 24/7 live chat support (also in spanish and portuguese)
  • Fast 5-30 min transactions
  • Free instant exchange widget code + 50% revenue share for affiliates


  • High transaction fee of 0.5%
  • Negative comments from the community
  • Still a lot to prove (a fairly new company)

Trading Fees

  • 0.50%

Supported Countries

All countries except: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Syria, United States of America (including all USA territories like Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Island, US Virgin Islands), Bangladesh, Bolivia and sanctioned countries.

Changelly Review Conclusion

The website can be great due to its design and how they virtually accept almost all the coins in the market today. Do you know how hard it is to look for alt coin exchange markets today? Not all exchange websites go beyond the staple BTC, LTC, and ETH trades, having a website like this that accepts almost all active coins is really amazing. Imagine how many alt coins you are able to convert to BTC with just a few clicks! When it comes to reputation, a company is built on it and it cannot be done within just a couple of years. The website is fairly young compared to other exchange titans out there today but is getting there.

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  1. Reed, 29. September 2022

    Changelly is one of the worst things I’ve experienced financially in my whole life it is a scam group it has a license to steal! When you use their exchange service to transfer one cryptocurrency to another they take your funds ask you a million questions and to get them back, and when you provide all information to get your money they ask the same questions over again. I live in United States of America they say they cannot offer services to US citizens so I kindly asked them to refund my money I’ll try another exchange service. (Which is a lot of money) It has been four days they still are basically refusing to refund my money back to my wallet. Please do not trust this exchange group I will be updating this review after my consultation meeting with an attorney Monday.

  2. Richie, 5. July 2021

    I hardly ever write reviews but this company left a bad taste in my mouth. They changed up the terms in the middle of the transaction, and I didn’t feel comfortable so when I tried to back out they insisted that I still cover the network. Even though, I reverified everything before sending them the money, everything changed within a 30 minute window and that’s not cool. The network fee was tiny and they refused to refund it, thank god I didn’t send a larger amount. Stay away from them

  3. singh, 1. July 2021

    “BIG SCAM”
    Stay away from Changelly . for 100 days they have blocked my $ 10,000 for kyc verification. I sent all the documents they asked me to verify my identity but they always reject it without reason. i sent light bill, water bill, bank account statement, but they say proof of address documents are not original.
    however i’m starting to sue changelly with a lawyer, but you don’t use this scam exchange

  4. Brandon F, 2. May 2021

    This Company has robbed me of several several thousand dollars I just noticed and it made me go back and look because recently they just rob me of $200 that I sent them exchange for cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency and I was able to catch them by going back and looking at my previous transaction they took a little bit out of each transaction every time this company is crooked I mean crooked do not I repeat do not use this company go elsewhere you’ll thank me you’ll thank yourself do not use this company!!!

  5. John Dio Kimber III, 17. April 2021

    I have a serious problem with this company. I didn’t know that transactions for the first time are restricted to certain amounts. Their system will not reject amounts higher than what is needed, they will proceed by debiting your credit card and will not notify you.

    As I write, I did a first transaction via their platform since day before yesterday, not knowing that they had restrictions for the first time transacting and since then I have not received my bitcoins neither did they write me to tell me what was the issue.

    Is there any means I can use to contact them? If they can give me what I purchase, let them refund my money.


  6. Graeme Bell, 27. February 2021

    Changelly have, on multiple occasions, taken my currency, performed the swap, and then refused to provide an ETA of when the funds will be deposited into my wallet. Support is a joke. It might take a week, they don’t care, they are making money, you don’t have yours or any bargaining power. Don’t use Changelly! Absolute scam artists.

  7. Jeff, 15. September 2020

    ***I urge everybody to do their own research on this company before using them***
    (check and search for ‘changelly scam’).

    I only wish I had looked before using them. They *DO* selectively scam their clients and there are so many references online to show that I am most certainly not the only one. I am one of countless victims.

    Their ‘How it Works’ suggest that their service is so quick, easy and instant yet it is all designed to get you to trust them with smaller amounts so that you will then use them for larger amounts and this is when you *WILL* essentially be ransomed via the small print they will quote which is hidden away in their terms and conditions.

    Suddenly, and without warning they will prove to you that their advertising about being a ‘non-custodial exchange’ is false as they will seize your coins and then demand personal information despite saying that they will not be held responsible for the safe keeping of your information in their terms and conditions. They basically make it impossible for you to trust them with your information which would leave yourself exposed to possible identity fraud and who knows what else. And they know that. And then they use that fear as an excuse to steal your money.

    If you see this service via a wallet provider you will see that there is no mention of them granting themselves the right to potentially seize your coins whenever they choose. This ‘smooth’ on-boarding tactic is a trap. DO NOT fall for it.

    No doubt they will respond here with some semi-professional sounding response making it sound like they are here to help and are only following their terms and conditions and AML/KYC. So ask yourself – why would any reputable company hide this away in their terms and conditions instead of requesting documents before they take your money if they deem suspicious? The asnwer is – they just want your money and have no desire to be transparent with their users.

    Do the search I listed above to see for yourself the countless victims and the audacious way they try to take the moral high ground on theft of your personal information or your money.

    The bottom line is – your identity or your money. They take one or the other.

  8. JK, 19. May 2020

    I was scammed by
    I wanted to convert a small amount of bitcoin to XMR. I remember they have created a bitcoin wallet where I had to send the bitcoin. A small button was under the wallet for copying it and I pressed it and pasted the wallet into my sending account. I repeated it twice to confirm that I have copied the right one. But after two days that I did not receive my XMR I contacted the customer support providing the transaction ID and the hash they have requested.

    They told me that none of the wallet addresses i have sent my bitcoin belong to them. I provided the the screenshot and they did not accept it and did not reply me further.

  9. Chris, 9. October 2019

    This is pretty old info. As far as I know, changellys fee is 0.25% now. I’m using it since 2018 and never had a problem with transactions. Now I’m not even sure people in the comments are talking about the same exchange.

  10. AyasJohn, 17. September 2019

    I’m surprised to see negative comments. Especially the ones that says changelly’s support doesn’t answer to them. Been using the service since mid 2018 and there were NO PROBLEMS

  11. MrMo, 24. August 2019

    Changelly holds back my transaction now for over a week. I sent all documents required and they asked for proof of “Where I got the BTC from”.

    I just wanted to convert some BTC to Monero. No credit card involved.

    For me its a clear SCAM since all my emails are being ignored.

  12. Valtteri, 6. August 2019

    Okay guys, tried a few places for buying BTC and ETH and faced exactly the same thing everywhere: the volatility rate does affect the fees. Always good to keep your ear to the ground. They do have, however, a super easy and quick service to go around buying crypto for fiat. It seems all transparent and trustable to me really.
    In my experience, the support team was reacting fairly fast; yeah, there’ve been some delays in exchange, but I don’t hiss about the nuances – I’m trading for the result and investment.

  13. Jake, 5. August 2019

    In the past I had been using CoinSwitch to exchange my profit from mining, but got tired of their huge fees. I decided to switch to Changelly, because it offers significantly lower fees. I had some minor issues during these 2 years, but in total my experience with Changelly is rather positive, so I can recommend it.

  14. Alexandera, 18. July 2019

    I see that there hasn’t been many reviews placed recently so I hope it will be useful to add a few cents. I used Changelly twice in 2018 for exchanging ETH and BTC and there wasn’t a single problem with that (maybe because the amount was relatively small). Then I heard they launched a mobile app and decided to check it out. Unfortunately, no version for iOS 🙁 only Android.
    Anyway, recently I needed to find a place to convert a big sum and found out that Changelly seems to have no max limits and offer OTC desk service for traders like me. The conditions are quite fair, around 1% fee and the support team is very responsive (they have online chat) which is nice. I guess you can still be forced to go through KYC but not sure in which cases.

  15. Tyler, 18. July 2019

    I have dealt with changelly twice. The first time (back in 2017), my initial experience was negative, as I made a trade that was somehow lost, and during the interim, the coin which I had traded 30x’d basically overnight. Not only did customer support deal with the missing transaction to get it to me, but my wallet was credited with the original amount intended, as opposed to reflecting the inflation a week or two later. Great customer service, and integrity from this company. A+. My second transaction happened today, and went without a hitch.

  16. Anna, 19. April 2019

    Hello! Now released a new token!
    More information here!

  17. Romain, 18. October 2018

    I purchased NEXO tokens with fiat currency. Back then the market price (according to coinmarketcap) was approximately $0.09887 in all exchanges. When buying with Changelly, the exchange rate shown in my transaction was $0.08993 but after the transaction was completed I realised the exchange rate was $0.12578.

    After talking with the support for an hour, they admitted the rate was really high and that’s probably because their bank partners was low in liquidity etc.

    Well, I simply believe this is a scam and with the fees included, it’s more than 25% loss on your investment. Just unacceptable.

    Even NEXO’s support recommended that I use another exchange to buy their tokens.

  18. G1DEON, 5. October 2018

    i’m waiting for my refund of 0.646841 Ether
    because they don’t work with eth smart contracts


    i send my address
    and they reply back Friday, October 5, 2018 12:33 PM


    It looks like you have not yet send 0.649091 ETH to Changelly.
    To complete the exchange, simply use your ETH wallet to send your money to our account, using the address below:

    Address: 0xeb36dee14d19b3f60fbf4ad1f2008a83762d08b9

    Best Regards,
    Changelly team.

    Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!
    In case of any problem please use support.
    If you received this email by mistake click here to unsubscribe.

  19. Kate O Hara, 19. July 2018

    Hi , I also had Jacob Becker and Josh Miller and many others. They told me every time that they were no longer with the company. My experience is exactly like yours. I’m a single mother that invested and was promised so many things on the phone and they have ruined my investment. I have been dealing with this for over a year and praying to get my money back. Just recently I was introduced to and within a week I was able to recover all of my investment including my profit so happy to share this.

  20. LORETTA THOMAS, 5. February 2018


  21. Chris, 4. February 2018

    Changelly promises to get you the best possible exchange rate through their software.
    I bought 3 different currencies, and all 3 were bought at prices massively above the market rate at the time. Even looking at every exchange, I didn’t find ANY exchange trading anywhere close to their rate they gave me, which was 50% higher!
    The 0.5% fee isn’t the problem…their software is messed up, either deliberately, or through incompetence!

  22. Laura whitmoore, 1. February 2018

    If you have lost money trading binary options don’t feel bad, visit they just helped me recover my funds from iqoptions the whole process was smooth and after what these brokers had done to me this guys were really true to their word, very happy to share this with all in my situation.

  23. David, 10. January 2018

    Hi was worried about my funds I converted with them, but it finally came through, they had congestion on their network the sight said, I sent a ticket with my transaction id on it and it finally got sorted out.

  24. Tudor Ghigheanu, 9. January 2018

    They do not transfer money back to your address after they exchange it. I am still waiting after a day for the “Transfer from one wallet to another within seconds”. It looks like a scam. I contacted support on email/facebook/tweeter and got no reply. Do not use!

  25. crime Changelly, 6. January 2018

    Changelly it a organised crime!!
    Way too many people lost money/crypto dealing with Changelly !

  26. Jose Ahumada, 5. January 2018

    Credit card charged after payment request cancellation from Changelly

    I wanted to exchange money from Changelly using my credit card, so I went through the process. I was taken to SIMPLEX API and entered my details; however I did not get to upload my picture holding the card for verification and decided to CANCEL the payment.

    To my surprise, my money was WITHDRAWN from my account regardless. I’ve checked with my bank and they have confirmed this.

    I emailed support 12 hours ago and still waiting for someone to have the kindness to reply.

    I received a follow up URL when I emailed support, however it does not go anywhere. I am also not allowed to login or register using my Changelly email address AND on top of that social media login does not work either. 

    I am getting very anxious due to the large number of complaints, so I am wondering how long to wait for a payment reversal transaction before initiating a dispute through my bank; I did not buy any coins and ended up with a charge of $2,072.69 NZD on my credit card.

    Payment cancellation email I received was as follows: 

    Dear xxxx,
    Your payment request from Changelly has been cancelled.
    You chose to cancel the payment.
    Simplex payment ID: aa16338a-a0e9-448d-b6f4-7e85bbfe0279 For more information, contact us at… or visit our FAQ section at faq. Please do not try to reach Simplex’s support using any other method (such as social media), as you might be mislead by imposters … 

    Should I hear from Simplex I’ll let you all know by posting here and I am more than happy to amend my rating; at this stage this is purely based on the support I’ve received from them, and of course the unhappiness of my credit card being charged without having purchased anything

    I’ll appreciate any feedback from guys. Cheers, Jose.

  27. Christopher M Lahey, 3. January 2018

    Changelly is a TOTAL SCAM!!!! Please do not use !!!! I sent $400 worth of BTC for Ripple and all I got back was a message that my receipt of the Ripple coin has failed “Sorry” Meanwhile my BTC went through with no troubles…. Someone got my BTC and not I have no recourse and am out my Bitcoin!!! SCAMMERS I hope someone gets mad enough to take action!!!!! If you got ANYTHING out of an attempted transaction feel lucky!!!!
    Changelly why did I not receive the Ripple coin in TRANSACTION # E3186CB608BE???? Someone took my Bitcoin but I never received my Ripple coin. I did receive a nice “Sorry” but SORRY That wont cut it. I want either my Ripple Coin or my BTC back!!

  28. Kris, 30. December 2017

    Changelly is a 100% SCAM. I can assure you, their whole idea is to scam people.


  29. gaurav chauhan, 30. December 2017

    Pathetic Service. its price is higher as compared to other service and takes too much time as other company.
    Evercoin is much much better than this.

  30. run26mi, 29. December 2017

    I was about to purchase XRP, being a newbie I at first just accepted the USD to XRP rate they said I would get, luckily they were so overwhelmed their server didn’t respond, so I was unable to complete the transaction. Later when I started think about how much XRP I was to have received I realized that something was wrong! XRP was listed everywhere for $1.30 or so….for $200 Changelly was going to give me 98 XRP! That’s approx. $2.02 per XRP! How can that be?
    I will not use Changelly! If this is how cyber coins companies are going to operate, they are facing a big reckoning, governments are going to step in and put an end to this!

  31. Mitka, 27. December 2017

    Don’t use them !!! They stole my 900 Rippel.

  32. bob, 23. December 2017

    They stole 5 thousand dollars worth of dogecoin from me. it has been over a month. they have not responded to customer support inquiries at all. they are a selective scammer company. they try to do most , but selectively will scam certain exchanges, knowing especially if u are in a different country than chech republic that u cant sue them.

  33. Ciprian, 23. December 2017

    I tried to convert ETH to BTC and this is what happened:

    I first sent my ETH to account address they gave me. Couple of minutes ago they received my money and they were supposed to send me back BTC. They gave an output transaction hash which is used to verify blockchain transactions. that hash was invalid. There was no money sent. And they are not even responding to emails anymore. This is the transaction hash they gave me: e91f7432329b4b87dd58c2cbd58704e876e021e959e78b21510cf9de30a7b548

    Do NOT use this service !!!!!

  34. Mark, 22. December 2017

    Scam site, lost 3500 USD, they lost my transaction. Hash shows as invalid.

  35. Zhivago, 22. December 2017

    They sell BTC at crazy awfully high prices 🙁

  36. Justin Almond, 21. December 2017

    3475320618fd Is my transaction id

    I transferred 120 ripple from toast wallet to Changelly wallet and they were suppose to transfer to my litecoin wallet on Coinbase, it never happened. I can see that Changelly has my money in their wallet but never finished sending it to me.

    Use shapeshift, I’ve done over 10 transactions and it’s almost instant, don’t trust Changelly. If they fix I’ll change my review but it’s been 6 days.

  37. NotHappy, 20. December 2017

    High transaction fee of 0.5%

    This is incorrect. They charge as much as they feel like by the looks of it. 15% is what I lost from these guys. Do not use them.

  38. HARI KRISHNA, 20. December 2017

    It is totally scam dont trust changelly. I invested 0.05 BTC for exchange to LTC they said transaction failed and money gone. You bastards motherfuckers.

  39. Asim, 18. December 2017

    Total fraud, i’ve lost my 0.5 BTC while exchanging the crypto currency.

  40. John, 17. December 2017

    These guys are total frauds. At the moment they’ve robbed me and lots of others under the guise of a Ripple network issue. They’ve taken my btc, marked my transaction as complete, but never sent the XRP to my wallet. The transaction hash is invalid and customer support non-responsive. I can basically assume my btc is gone. And so can everyone else currently in the same situation.


  41. badr, 14. December 2017

    Be careful, it’s a scam. don’t buy at this website. I tried to buy a BTC, but they suggest me a rate 55% higher than the market and I lost my money

  42. Benjamien, 11. December 2017

    don’t use this site!. its a scam.. lost my 115€. Bitte nicht diese website benutzen!.

  43. Gary Asquith, 9. December 2017

    An absolute rip-off.. I am an old aged pensioner and Changelly have ripped me off for thousands of GBP.. I did 2 trades with and they passed the conversions onto Changelly.. one for 36,469 and the other for 2,147 they have admitted they have my coins, but its now 1 month and I still have not been paid.. sent over 50 emails in the last 4 weeks BUT have so far only received 4 emails from them.. 3 emails related to 1st coin.. I have not been able to get any response from there customer support at all.. and end up having many sleepless nights not knowing if I will ever be paid.. DOES anyone out there know where I can take these matters further or is there a financial ombudsman I can use ?? maybe in Prague where they are situated.. any advice is welcome, but as an ex-police officer I will not let this matter go, without one hell of a fight, and in the end the whole Crypto world will know about my horrendous ordeal with a very untrustworthy exchange.. any advice will help.

  44. Pedro, 7. December 2017

    Exchanged USD for ETH. Bought ETH for 100 USD, my wallet then showed only 65. Turns out that their rate is insanely high. They basically robbed me of 45 USD

  45. x-ray, 3. December 2017

    Don’t use Changelly, they are thieves. They stole 0.088 ETH from me. They clearly receive my ETH coins but they did not convert them to BTC, and told me the money was lost.

  46. Cory, 1. December 2017

    Lost over $130 trying to buy bitcoin. Transaction history is absent, the money was withdrawn from my bank, and I’ve received nothing. I’m probably never dealing with them again even if I do manage to somehow get it back… I don’t even know how support doesn’t see this or they hire more people to take care of this problem if it’s apparently become a frequent issue with many of their customers I’ve seen all over the forums. I have the email and statement to prove I’ve purchased.

  47. Omer, 30. November 2017

    I used Changelly to exchange XLM’s. I provided them ALL the prooves that they received and have my tokens. On the first week or so they communicated with me very nicely , after a while they started to ignore me not to mention that they never returned my XLM’s to my wallet.

    I have a feeling that i am not the only person that lost money with this company.

    When making an exchange with this company, please understand that if there is any problem you are 100% subject to their mercy, as by the end of the day, now that they ignore me what else can i do !?

  48. Bruce Le, 28. November 2017

    Don’t try if you don’t want to lost money. I used it to buy xrp, my transaction with indacoin is completed but the transaction in changelly is still waiting for payment. When I ask for support, they asked me to contact the indacoin site.

  49. Fernando, 23. November 2017

    I bought Monero by Changelly but I did not receive it in my wallet. Lost money. I do not recommend.