Best Bitcoin Podcasts

most recommended Bitcoin podcasts Technically, a podcast is a periodical digital publication in audio or video that can be downloaded from the internet. It is simply a customizable and downloadable radio program that can be mounted on a website or blog, even on such popular platforms.

The podcast is normally directed by a presenter, different collaborators and interviewees, who, over a period of time, present and develop a specific theme to form different episodes that deal with this or various subjects.

Bitcoin received a lot of force from the media through its growth as a cryptocurrency and this includes podcasts. The concept of the Bitcoin network was so innovative that everyone was talking about it, thus generating a domino effect that would end up expanding throughout the world. This was perfect because two ingredients are mixed; People’s need to learn about new advances and technology and the exchanges of arguments that everyone loves to hear on a podcast, rapidly expanding the concept of Bitcoin and what could be achieved.

Recall that the first real uses of Bitcoin started in deep web markets, by users who (for obvious reasons) needed to make anonymous transactions to other countries and coincidentally, the BTC network only requires a multi-signature address and the amount to transfer to carry carry out a transaction. Eventually and thanks to factors such as podcasts, Bitcoin would be adopted worldwide until it was accepted in business as a payment method.

Even today podcasts continue to play a key role in the crypto community in multiple respects, be it by opinion programs that generate discussions in different crypto forums, announcements of new ICOs / updates and popular market discussions.

In fact, it is very common to come across podcasts that address new trends in the crypto market and how they can be leveraged for profit, perhaps because traders make up a large part of the community.


Epicenter PodcastEpicenter is one of the first podcasts dedicated to Bitcoin and Blockchain to occupy a space on the internet, since 2013 to be precise. This program primarily discusses the economic, social, and technological aspects that this growing industry has shown the world, changing the game for the traditional financial system.

Guests are typically developers, founders, and experts from cryptocurrency initiatives and projects who share their views on certain topics to the audience.

Epicenter has recorded 246 chapters so far, which are segmented as follows: 123 chapters on Bitcoin, 12 on cryptography, 6 on social good, 23 episodes on damage, 13 proof-of-stake (PoW), 9 AI (Artificial Intelligence), 15 privacy and 45 more of various topics. On the official Epicenter page you can tune into the episodes published in each category regardless of when they were originally published.

If you enjoy the podcast you can subscribe to its page and receive notifications of upcoming broadcasts, special programs and incentives to tune in to episodes in general, which are released every Tuesday.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

The Bitcoin Knowledge is a podcast hosted by Trace Mayer, who is a successful investor and one of the first bloggers to publicly recommend blockchain technology.

The programs are covered in interviews that Mayer does to top personalities for the crypto community, addressing not only issues such as the cryptocurrency market but fundamental aspects of Bitcoin as technology and its protocols.

The podcast website has archives where you can review the history of recorded episodes since 2009, probably the first relevant podcast to discuss these topics.

The podcast also has guests, including Dr. Adam Back (who is considered Bitcoin’s Gandalf has Ph.D. in Distributed Systems from the University of Exeter.), Caitlin Long (Harvard trained lawyer and part of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force) and Saife Ammous (known as the Gimli of Bitcoin and has a Ph.D. in Sustainable Development from Columbia University).


BlockChannel Bitcoin PodcastBlockChannel‘s podcast takes place on Soundcloud and is produced from San Francisco, USA. The show’s creator is Steven McKie and he dedicates the episodes to educating people about the amazing capabilities of blockchain and the technologies that work through it, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and multiple highly capitalized cryptocurrencies. The episodes are broadcast anytime Steven feels like doing it.

So far, BlockChannel has produced 73 episodes, which consist of a long list of topics ranging from simple conversations with crypto experts to deep discussions of how technology works and situations in financial markets.

The advantage of this podcast is that, since the episodes are uploaded to Soundcloud, you can download the application on your mobile device and stay tuned whenever BlockChannel uploads a channel. This is also convenient considering that there is no specific date for each episode.

Blockchannel has 666 followers on Soundcloud and has been broadcasting episodes for 3 years (mid-2017). This podcast is recommended for people who already have an understanding of crypto and simply want to listen to interesting conversations between recognized members of the community.

The Pomp Podcast

The PompThe Pomp Podcast is a program hosted by Anthony Pompliano, expert investor and founder / partner of Morgan Creek Digital. Having an excellent reputation in the crypto community, it can be said that this is one of the most tuned cryptocurrency podcasts. In different chapters, Pompliano talks about the best investors that Wall Street and the crypto ecosystem have seen and how the mentalities between the old financial system and the current one are contrasted.

This podcast can be listened to by multiple platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, RSS, Spotify, Stitcher and YouTube, making it one of the crypto shows with the greatest reach. We will be able to watch interviews with multiple well-known names in the industry and explore the most fascinating aspects of the crypto ecosystem.

However, unlike other podcasts, this show not only mentions topics directly related to cryptocurrencies, as it also discusses real questions such as the changes that the educational system must go through to adjust more to the future, events related to large companies, networks social and more.

Untold Stories

Untold StoriesUntold Stories is hosted by its host Charlie Shrem (American businessman and renowned Bitcoin enthusiast), who takes viewers on a journey to explore the unpublished and interesting about the lives of the best-known leaders in the crypto ecosystem and how they got there. These episodes also delve into what cryptocurrencies really are and how you can change stories.

This podcast also addresses topics such as the consequences of Covid-19 for financial markets, the legal situation of the Cannabis business internationally, financial stories from other countries and multiple cryptocurrency projects.

Untold Stories is on the Blockworks Group, just like Anthony Pompliano’s podcast and can be tuned to on the same platforms, although it’s not nearly as popular on YouTube (it only has 1,253 views). In general, this podcast does not have so many factors that make it “not to be missed” but it never hurts to watch crypto content and try to polish your knowledge by listening to people who are within the industry.

Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the CryptTales from the Crypt is a bitcoin Podcast hosted by Marty Bent, who is Editor in Chief of the best newsletter in Bitcoin and we will be able to hear him speak to interesting characters involved with the crypto world.

We can find this Podcast on, where we can donate and send messages to support the production. It should be noted that the public can also listen to Tales from the Crypt from Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts and other platforms for this type of program.

The first Tales from the Crypt podcast was recorded on October 3, 2017 and has more than 30 episodes since then, which are released weekly (may be more than 2 per week). Each podcast is about a different topic and addresses the different uses for Bitcoin, its purpose as a cryptocurrency and interesting stories that have played a leading role in the community.

Tales from the Crypt has had very special guests such as Wall Street veteran Caitling Long, CEO of Lolli Alex Adelman, Pierre Rochard and more. This podcast is very interesting and deserves the attention of its audience for the consistency of its programs and the topics they delve into.