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The world is obviously gearing towards a better and flexible way of spending money. It is no question that one day, cryptocurrency use will be a norm and that everyone would be transacting with it. The dawn of a new currency is now and we’re experiencing it. People know this, and traders are taking advantage of it. That’s why we are here today to review an exchange website that clearly knows what they are doing by bridging the gap between the crypto world and the fiat dominated realm we live in.

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Today, we will be reviewing the website, know more about the services they provide, know how they operate, and experience for ourselves the contribution they are giving out to the world when it comes to crypto education and awareness. Without further delay, let’s talk about that!


We had a hard time looking for background information about the website, because it might be in Spanish? Anyways, what we know about them is that the purpose of this website is to introduce the crypto world in Argentina and connect people by providing the perfect payment platform that is powered by BTC. You can read more about an interesting blog post about here.

Verification with

Now that we’ve read about their background, it’s the perfect time to create an account with them. If you have experience creating accounts with exchange websites, there are two types of account creation processes; first would be the easy websites wherein you just need an email address and you’re good to go, the other one is the exact opposite where you provide personal information to the website you want to create an account with.

Here at, users are able to choose from an email registration or they can choose either to sign up for Facebook or Google. Creating an account with them gives users the access to buy and sell BTC, pay Argentine bills with BTC, accept BTC payments through their website, request a debit card that you can use, and top up your mobile phone!

Creating an account is just part of your verification process. Verification of your account needs to be done if you want to use their services. To verify an account, the user needs to provide personal information like the full name; your DOB, National ID or passport number, with requests for photo uploads of the provided ids.


Two-Factor Authentication is active on this website. This means that registered users are able to add a layer of security to their accounts. Aside from the 2FA security feature they also offer a VISA debit card wherein you are able to withdraw money from ATM’s around the world with no issues regarding funding since it’s backed by USD and not BTC.

Referral Program! – It is always nice to see websites that offer referral programs because this gives you the chance to not only experience their services but earn by sharing the website with your friends and colleagues. To access the referral program you just need to log into your account and click the “Referral Program” tab. All you need to do is invite a friend and earn 25% of the fee for their first transaction. What’s even great is that the referral program goes up to the 3rd level. This means that if your first referral will refer people to the website, you also get a commission for that up to 125 people!

Trading with

Now, if you’re thinking about this website being a regular exchange website where you get to trade crypto/fiat pairs, then we would like to stop you there! This website simply is an exchange since they accept fiat money and turn it into BTC or the other way around! Yes, it’s as simple as that. There are no trading platforms where you need to look into candlestick charts, try to buy and sell at the right time and trade with leverage; forget about all of that!

It’s really simple, just head on to your account, scroll down and under the “Services” tab you are able to either buy or sell BTC, you can also do a Fiat currency exchange.


We do not have a detailed schedule of their fees but we found out that they only charge 2% for every transaction made here at This means that they only charge 2% of the total BTC you are buying and selling. The trading fee is 0.50% – 1.00%.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Mainly the website was created for Argentina, that’s why their default funding page is set at Argentinean Pesos. To fund your account, just simply go to “My Account” then click on “Fund my account” then selecting Bank transfer, and selecting payment methods such as Pago Facil, RapiPago, BaproPagos, CobroExpress, and Provincia Pagos. Of course, since the website is gearing towards international expansion, they also accept USD deposits by selecting “International Wire Transfer”; the minimum deposit is $10.00 and the maximum deposit is $10,000. The deposit fee for USD accounts is $20.00! That’s insanely expensive! The minimum withdrawal amount for USD accounts is $1,000 USD per transaction.

Customer Service

Sad to say, the only customer service they have is through the Email channel wherein you can send them an email containing any issues you want to share with them. They also have channels on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or send them a direct email at

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use website
  • Great features


  • Verification process is long
  • Focused on Argentinean market

Supported Payment Methods

  • Wire Transfer

Supported Countries

Any country in the world except USA.

Satoshitango Review Conclusion

If you are from Argentina and you think that you do not know where to get BTC due to the number of scam websites there are today, we urge you to look into since they are focused in the BTC market on the region. is a website that is easy to use with a really informative design that would not scare any person new to purchasing BTC. If they had a trading platform here, this would increase their daily traffic, but for a straight up BTC exchange website, they are great.

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    Hello! Now released a new token!
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  2. Martin, 21. December 2018

    This place is a scam. Dealt with them. Never again. No invoice was given. Too informal for my taste.