Review 2021 – Scam or Not?

Livecoin is a Bitcoin and altcoin exchange platform that offers many currency pairs, including trading altcoins for FIAT currency.

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The exchange was founded in 2013, by DELTA E-COMMERCE LTD from London, UK. Their servers are based in Metairie, Louisiana, US.


The exchange doesn’t have a specified market they aim at the world map, but it seems they are focused on altcoin traders and offer many features for Russians.

There’s even a video for beginners in Russian.


The verification process isn’t explained on the website, but it’s mentioned on the Bitcointalk forum by the Livecoin personnel.

Apparently, the verification is only needed for the users who plan to use bank transfers for placing the deposit. The verification process is not presented publically, and all users who are looking to verify their account are directed to the contact page.

There are no trading limits tied to the verification.

The exchange supports the following FIAT currencies:

  • US dollar
  • EUR
  • Russian Ruble

When it comes to digital currencies, there’s a huge number of supported altcoins. The complete list of supported coins is available on the website.

LiveCoin Fee Schedule

Livecoin utilizes a maker/taker fee model with competitive fees for takers and bonuses for makers with a sliding scale depending on the monthly trade volume.

This means that every time user places an offer onto the exchange order book for other users to take up, it get paid a bonus instead of paying trading fees. This model encourages users to actually provide liquidity instead of taking liquidity from the order book by accepting the offers from other users.

The bonuses range from 0.01 percent to 0.1 percent on every trade users make, and past trading volume determines them.

When it comes to taker fees, the exchange has very competitive fee model.

For volumes below 2,000 US dollars – 0.20 percent fee of the amount traded applies.

As the monthly volume increases, the fees percentage drop. Finally, for volumes above 300,001 US dollars, the fee reaches the minimum of 0.01 percent of the amount traded.

Deposit and withdrawal fees

Livecoin deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are free of charge. When it comes to withdrawals in digital currencies, only minimal network fees apply.

FIAT currency deposits carry the following fees:

  • Payeer – 7.5 percent
  • PerfectMoney – 5.5 percent
  • OkPay – 1 percent
  • Wire Transfer (SWIFT) – 50 USD or 10 EUR
  • BTC-E vouchers – 2.5 percent in USD and RUR, 5 percent in EUR

FIAT currency withdrawal fees are a bit lower:

  • Payeer – 1 percent
  • PerfectMoney – 1 percent with a minimum of 1 US dollar
  • OkPay – 2.25 percent with a minimum of 0.1 US dollar
  • Wire Transfer (SWIFT) – 1.5 percent + 9 US dollars or just 15 EUR
  • – Free of charge
  • card – 0.99 US dollars or EUR

The complete fee schedule, as well as withdrawal and order limits, can be found here. Trading Analysis

Trading on Livecoin is easy, and the exchange offers some nice features. There are a few types of orders:

  • Standard market order
  • Limit order
  • Pending order

The first two are usual orders on the majority of exchanges, but the third one is where Livecoin shines. Pending orders are orders which are automatically triggered when the price hits a certain level specified by the trader. This can be very useful in markets where many competitors are trying to be on top of the order book or in cases where the user could influence the market by placing a large order. Pending order helps to avoid the disturbance of the market by hiding offers from the books which everyone can see.

Margin trading isn’t supported on this trading platform; neither are derivates or futures.


One of the best things about this exchange is their altcoin and FIAT currency pairs. Having this option makes things a lot easier and makes calculating profit and loss less troublesome. It also removes a layer of unnecessary expenses because of paying two sets of fees instead of just one. That’s because on the majority of the trading platform users need to trade FIAT for Bitcoin and then Bitcoin for other coins. There are no FIAT/altcoin trading pairs. This feature makes Livecoin particularly attractive.

Ease of Use

The interface is nicely designed and relatively easy to use. Everything is just a click away, and switch between the markets is faster than on the other exchanges.

The company doesn’t have apps for Android and iOS yet, but the website is responsive, and it looks good on mobile devices.

It looks beautiful – it’s easy to use, and it’s load time is impressive.


The support team from is very professional and friendly. The types of support offered are 24/7 chat and email support. The exchange has a sort of remote FAQ page on Bitcointalk forum, which is quite extensive and a great place to ask any questions.

User Experience

There are not a single complaint about the exchange on the Web at the moment of the writing of this review.


The website offers two-factor authentication and PIN code as well as SMS and email notifications. There is no information about the encryption of the emails or cold storage of the coins.

There were no hacking attacks so far, meaning that this is a safe place for Bitcoins as well as altcoins.


Supported Payment Methods

  • Credit Card
  • Webmoney
  • Payeer
  • Perfect Money
  • Capitalist
  • AdvCash
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex

Supported Countries

Livecoin accepts customers from all over the world.

Livecoin Review Conclusion

Livecoin is a great exchange with a huge support for altcoins and a very competitive fee schedule.


  • Support for numerous altcoins
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Competitive fees


  • Weak liquidity for some of the coins
  • No mobile apps

Livecoin is one of the rare exchanges that offer trading altcoins for FIAT currencies, which makes it a valuable market. Very reliable and affordable exchange.


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  1. Gabriella Anthonia, 11. May 2023

    I would not say my experience with this company is that pleasant nor is it bad, all I can say is that I’m glad they stick to their word not leaving us with our funds as in December 2020 when they disappeared, I’m glad they are fixing their mess, I would advise anyone that still have their money with them to go and withdraw it while they still can before any other unforeseen circumstances,i have to withdraw all my money from them, didn’t know why my account was deactivated but i had to reactivate before i could withdraw my funds, Again do not fall a victim of scammers that call their selves IC3, do not give away your details to them,they would try to steal your money by any means..
    Goog luck

  2. Alina krom, 11. February 2023

    is now

  3. Benjamin Smith, 10. January 2023

    Thank you Livecoin for paying me back my money after several years of holding it back

  4. Danis zarl, 30. December 2022

    Thank you all for clearing my doubts also about being fake and not legitimate,I’m glad i came across this review here

  5. Adam Phillips, 16. October 2022

    I’m glad to come across this reviews, i was able to withdraw my $8,000 that’s with Livecoin exchange on their new platform having followed all the new rules which are exceptionally doubtful at first,but it is really worth it.
    Thank you all

  6. Berlin, 29. June 2022

    I was paid today from ,if you still have your funds on go over to to get back your funds, thank me later

  7. Azra mehda, 24. December 2021

    Yes i was able to recover my funds from ,I’m really glad livecoin is paying us back our funds,i taught i have lost all my money

  8. Malik Hashim Shazad, 5. September 2021

    But now site is not appear. I have lots of altcoins in this exchange. Lots of money involved there. How can I get back the same? How I get back my money? Is there any alternative exchange from where I get back my coins? Urgent reply needed.

  9. Malik Hashim Shazad, 5. September 2021

    With very respect I am trading on this platform since 2016 and I am totally satisfied with exchange, it is very easy to deposit and withdraw. I have earned a good money from this platform and have also earned by its referral program also.

  10. Medz Villanueva, 3. September 2021

    I already submitted my documents last year but after that, they did not reply back as I typing this. I was KYC and a fully verified member since 2015.

  11. Garendra kumar, 31. July 2021

    Any information fund withdrawal livecoin please tell me

  12. Dickson Asamoah, 17. June 2021

    I had more than $20k in account but after submitting verification documents they only paid me $98 , luckily I have a screen shot of my equivalent balance before hacking incident

  13. Malik saab, 4. June 2021

    Hi i have some fund in my its cheats to the peoples. Anyone got any recovery from this exchange kindly please update here . 🙏…..

  14. wil A martinez, 18. April 2021

    I sent all inf. For they give back my coins, but nothing yet!!! Wtf

  15. MOLLY SAHA, 17. April 2021

    Now site is not appear. I have lots of altcoins in this exchange. Lots of money involved there. How can I get back the same? How I get back my money? Is there any alternative exchange from where I get back my coins? Urgent reply needed.

  16. Saidulu Rampangu, 16. April 2021

    This site is not opening how can I get my funds back

  17. John wesley, 28. March 2021

    I was lucky enough to get my money back but there’s a lot of people hurting from this. This is unacceptable!!

  18. kokos, 22. February 2021

    We need our coins back!

  19. Jay, 10. February 2021

    I was holding some coins on now the site is apparently “hacked” and all our funds are lost. So glad we put trust into this exchange. I hope the Russian authorities get to these guys and give them what they deserve.

  20. Michael, 6. February 2021

    I am suspecting the owner….they may hacked their …and released news said our has been hacked…I am suspecting…we should do international act ahainst this owner and management of the

  21. Mri, 18. January 2021

    How can i get my funds back from livecoin?

    Can’t login anymore?


  22. naeem, 5. January 2021

    he requested URL was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  23. thierry, 2. January 2021

    Livecoin are crooks.
    They closed the site pretending they had been hacked and stole your money!
    How to believe it when we see your valuable comments!
    The victims should be listed in order to take collective action against the leaders. This site is very useful, could the webmaster help us by providing us with a list of victims who have come forward.

    Livecoin sont des escrocs.
    Ils ont fermés le site faisant croire qu’ils ont étés piratés et se sont emparés de votre argent !
    Comment le croire lorsque l’on voit vos précieux commentaires !
    Il faudrait que l’on liste les victimes afin de mener une action collective contre les dirigeants . Ce site est très utile, le webmaster pourrait t’il nous aider en nous fournissant une liste des victimes qui se sont manifestés.

  24. thierry, 2. January 2021

    lIVECOIN closed
    We must to do collective complaint.
    How can we do ?

  25. Waqas Mehmood, 1. January 2021

    With very respect I am trading on this platform since 2016 and I am totally satisfied with exchange, it is very easy to deposit and withdraw. I have earned a good money from this platform and have also earned by its referral program also.

  26. Jay, 28. October 2020

    Don’t do any business with livecoin…. they delete my account with balance.. I lost my all bitcoin.. they never resolve my problem.. they even don’t know what happen.. I never get my money back.. it happen with my brother also… it’s scam…scam… scam….don’t do any trade with livecoin

  27. TheFlipside, 17. April 2020

    After reading all the comments here I’m glad I was able to transfer my bitcoins to a different trading site before it was too late.

    They had one of my wallates locked though for months which prevented me from trading and I missed an obvious window which would have gotten me lots of profit.

    I can’t seem to find any way to delete my account, just glad I cut all ties.

  28. Stian, 28. March 2020

    Worst exchange I came across so far. It does work to some degree, but many scams are there and if anything goes wrong there is no support to do anything, both coin companies and users struggles with this. Hundreds thousands of dollars lost if not more..

  29. sat, 19. March 2020

    I have been trying to move my coins off the exchange for a few months but they wont release them. Support is no help other than stalling. Upon searching there seem to be no credible information about Livecoin on the net. Best to stay away.

  30. ALen, 3. February 2020

    Absolute scam. It’s absolutely impossible to make a withdrawal! Whatever you deposit to is lost forever. I learned that the hard way 🙁

  31. Steve, 28. January 2020

    Do proper some due diligence before you recommend sites like – it has the most predatory business practices I’ve ever seen. The are regularly accused (with proof) of stealing from their customers, and closing accounts without any notices or explanations. They don’t event have great prices! The site and the API are poorly written and have terrible performance. They delete your data which isn’t legal in many parts of the world because of the Anti Money Laundering implications. Their “CEO”, IVONA ZLATOVA, doesn’t exist. Their offices don’t exist. It’s nothing but a shell corporation that leaches money and I suspect much worse. Angry former customers may wish to discuss their issues on / r / livecoin

  32. lia, 9. November 2019

    i loss my livecoin account. does anyone have had the same problem ?
    I’ve tried to login but livecoin said that there was no account under my previous email.
    There is slow respond from livecoin, infact no respond till now even if I already given the proof which is the registration approval email from them when openining my account under the same email.

  33. Oleksandr, 26. August 2019

    I can’t withdraw my XMR from livecoin. However, they still allow to trade it with the price 15 times cheaper than average market price. Does anybody know something about this?

  34. Danueb, 17. July 2019

    Used livecoin for about 3 years now without any problems. Deposits take a little bit longer than other exchanges but other than that, no issues. Don’t understand all these negative reviews everywhere.

  35. james bull, 25. June 2019

    Livevoin susspended my bitcoin wallet, and claimed bitcoin was hacked and stole 2BTC. THousands of simmilar reviews total russian scamers.

  36. Mac, 20. June 2019 is definitely up to some shady business. They have locked withdraws and deposits for several coins while continuing to trade them, they are claiming the wallet will be locked until “Devs” pay for their losses. This is very unprofessional and clearly shows their opinion of their customers fund/needs.

  37. Daniel, 17. June 2019

    Last year they delisted MAID and gave a 30-day notice to users withdraw their balances. Users that didn’t withdraw in time (not everybody read the email) lost their coins. They didn’t give the coins back when users asked them. They claimed that the user agreement gives them the right to keep the coins after a delisting.

    If you go to the SafeNet forum (the official MAID forum) you will read a lot of sad stories about how they conducted the delisting.

    See what they answered when a team member asked LiveCoin about the situation:
    > Hi Maria,
    > A member of our community claims to have purchased MaidSafeCoin from your exchange
    > in February this year and as you delisted MAID are refusing to enable him to withdraw
    > his coins, is that correct? Here is the thread on our forum, he has been encouraged to
    > work with you to resolve this amicably: Livecoin steal my MaidSafe coins.

    > Hello, Nick.
    > The answer is no, this is not ture. All our customers were informed about the forthcoming
    > delisting of MAID.
    > We gave a month’s time to withdraw MAID. In our opinion, this term is long enough to enable
    > all the customers either to withdraw MAID, or to sell.

    > Hi Maria,
    > Thanks for your response. I couldn’t get the link to work, just seems to time
    > out (error 524) but I’ll trust that you kept your customers informed. Regards
    > those that didn’t withdraw their MAID within that time frame, are you going
    > to keep their coins or is their a process for them to follow?

    > Hello Nick
    > All our customers have been warned in advance about the forthcoming de-listing of the coin,
    > we also have a clause in our User agreement, by accepting which the customer confirms that
    > he/she commits to follow the news and take appropriate and timely measures.
    > I have nothing to add to this.

    Draw your own conclusions, but I would stay away from them.

  38. Auss, 6. June 2019

    This is my first encounter of an exchange that is a scam. I lost $20000 dollars with this exchange. They disabled the withdraw of MONACOIN and they are manipulating the price. It is 90% less price compare to other exchange. I talked to them and they told me that they will not resume this if the developers of monacoin will not give them compensation. I have a screenshot. This exchange is greedy

  39. James, 20. April 2019

    Does anybody know how to withdraw Monero from Livecoin? They have disabled the withdrawal for months and months. It’s like they’re stealing my coin. Anyone know anything that can be done? How to get in touch with Monero developers?

  40. Anna, 19. April 2019

    Hello! Now released a new token!
    More information here!

  41. Moatasim, 22. December 2018

    Livecoin is a scam they suddenly close your account and take your money , i have evidances that this is a scam .

  42. Joze Urbancic, 14. November 2018

    I received this answer from Livecoin, and I do not know how to proceed.
    My English is not the best. Im asking for help

    Your withdrawals have been disabled for exceeding faulty attempts limit for GOOGLE CODE. Contact support via chat to unlock withdrawals.
    Respectfully, Support Service LiveCoin.

  43. Doug, 14. October 2018

    They are very unprofessional and unhelpful. They just recently (oct 2018) lost all 2FA and settings. This caused everyone on the site not to be able to withdraw any coins for at least a week.

    Avoid them at all cost. Who knows what is going on with livecoin.

  44. Alex, 11. September 2018

    Stay away from!

    They have blocked my account without reason, can’t withdraw my balance and are not answering tickets raised requesting why.
    Posted on their Facebook page, now they deleted my comments and disabled posting there altogether.
    I’ve sent them emails querying why my account is blocked and all they say is to raise a ticket within their system that they are not answering!

    Very arrogant tone within their messages that I had in the beginning.

    From the above I have all proof/screenshots.

    So in conclusion, be VERY CAREFUL when using this exchange.

  45. user, 20. August 2018

    Absolute scam, check any well known forum regarding this “exchange”. They keep taking people’s crypto and not returning it. They ban you after you request your crypto back.

  46. Joseph T, 26. May 2018

    Great! Haven’t encountered any problem buying, depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrency from!