hitbtc.com Review 2020 – Scam or Not?

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They claim to be the most advanced Bitcoin exchange today. Let’s see how advanced they really are from their counterparts. Let us talk about HitBTC.com and what do they bring to the table. HitBTC is known for being able to be friendly enough to people that are into creating bitcoin trading bots, thanks to their API’s. When you try and search Google for “HitBTC”, a Wikipedia information shows up, not bad for a Bitcoin website! In most cases you are unable to get any results from Wikipidea when you search for Bitcoin websites.

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Anyhow, Wikipedia says that the company is EU-Based, which is quite odd as their website says that they are operating by “HIT Solution Limited” which is located at Unit 19, 7/F, One Midtown No11 Hoi Shing Road, Hong Kong. They have been in business since 2013 and boasts their efficiency when it comes to their matching algorithms.

How fast is the verification with HitBTC.com?

Registration is a breeze with HitBTC and it literally just took seconds and I got my confirmation link on the email provided. But that doesn’t stop there, if you want to fund your account using FIAT, then you need to verify your account and get it out of the “general admission”. How do you get your account verified?

In order to have your account verified, you need to contact HitBTC at compliance@hitbtc.com. And request to have your account verified. Please be advised that you need to use the email address that you registered with them to send the verification email. Make sure that your email should include the following details below:

  • Personal Information (Government issued ID’s)
  • Address
  • Bank account information (For people that want to use FIAT)
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of bank account ownership

You can read more about the details on how to get verified through this link.

A note found at the end of the verification guide page says:

“Screenshots and/or electronic documents are not accepted, this document should be paper-based and drafted on original bank letterhead.”

You need to keep that in mind before you submit any requirements to them so that you wouldn’t encounter any problems when it comes to verifying your account.

Verification types offered by HitBTC

  1. General
  2. Verified
  3. Qualified

These are the levels of accounts that you would be able to get with HitBTC, each of these levels have their own advantage. Of course, the higher the level, the higher the trading volume.

For “General” accounts, you can, of course, deposit crypto currency for free and your daily withdrawal limit is EUR 5,000 worth of crypto currency per day. FIAT transactions are not available for the general verification tier.

The second tier would be “Verified” and you get free deposits for cryptos and a maximum of EUR 25,000 worth of crypto currency withdrawal per day. FIAT limit would be $2,000 (USD, EUR) per week and $10,000 (USD, EUR) per month; for deposits and withdrawals.

The final tier is called “Qualified” and, of course, you do not need to pay for any crypto deposits. If you think that $25,000 worth of crypto currency withdrawal is not enough for you then you might want to apply for this verification tier. A “Qualified” account can withdraw more than $25,000 worth of crypto currency per day and FIAT deposit/withdrawal would be $10,000 (USD, EUR) per week and $50,000 (USD, EUR) per month.

Deposits and Withdrawal waiting time

Funding your account can take up to fourteen (14) business days. And when it comes to the withdrawal of funds this can take up to twenty (20) business days.

Demo Mode!

What’s really exciting about their website is that only HitBTC.com offers a demo mode in where you can play with their websites and features and try to feel comfortable with trading without losing anything! With just a few simple clicks, you would be able to enter the “Demo Mode” where all transactions are made for practice purposes.

HitBTC trading fees

Trading fees are surprising low with them as they only charge 0.1% on every market trade and LP orders have a 0.01% rebate on execution.

An in-depth guide can be read through this link regarding their fees.


HitBTC has, of course, a 2-step verification process for all users through the commonly used Google Authenticator. This security feature is used for all logins and withdrawals. Bad thing is that this is not included when you register with them. To enable your 2-step verification security, you need to go to Settings > Security and then setup your account. It is always wise to keep your account secured no matter how small your trades are.

Website Interface for HitBTC

The website interface is something that newbies would not like. It is filled with all the information a seasoned trader would need, but too much information for a new person who just came into Bitcoin trading. Good thing that the Demo Mode is there to help you out in getting familiar with everything on the website.

Customer Support

If you want something answered, they have a ticketing system which serves as their customer service support platform. You can choose from General Questions, Payment, Technical and Verification Questions through this channel. You might want to also read about people that are having problems with their HitBTC account through this forum
post. This might give you an idea on how they operate.

Affiliate program with HitBTC.com

You can also be an affiliate with HitBTC and earn through your referrals! They actually give a lot back to their affiliates, so do not miss out if you want to be a part of people that has good passive income with them.

Supported Countries

There are no restrictions on certain countries at HitBTC.

HitBTC Review Conclusion

HitBTC is general is something far more different than any other trade/exchange websites out there today that handle FIAT and crypto currency trading. The demo account is really a step above the rest wherein you can actually feel the rush in trading without damaging your wallet. Is it worth to try out? Well let the demo account do the talking for you, you might love how it all feels. At the end of the day, it is still your decision to make.



  • New Technology
  • Demo Mode
  • Affiliate Program
  • High trading volume


  • Getting verified needs a lot of information
  • Fees are high
  • They have API


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127 User-Reviews for Hitbtc.com
  1. B, 17. January 2020

    This is one of the worst crypto exchanges I’ve ever been on in my life. WAY Too Much FORCED Uncalled for Security on the site for everything you do. There is like 5 security task you have to do just to withdraw, deposit or do anything. SUPER Expensive Withdraw Fees… The pointless waiting of 48 hours to withdraw funds on top of that, also the stupid must transfer from main account to trading account, more of a FORCED waste of time. The Options are not flexible, slowing user experience down. I don’t recommend this website. go to Coinbase, Changelly, Tradesatoshi; anywhere but here, Because you will sorry.
    2 out 5 Stars

  2. Rich, 14. December 2019

    lol @ essentially any positive feedback about HitBTC being their own posts from burner accounts.

    redpill on HitBTC: https://medium.com/@raindropactual/on-s-hitbtc-insolvency-selective-scamming-and-what-enables-it-4177cc444eb9

    Avoid like the plague.

  3. Wendy, 23. October 2019

    I certainly am HitBTC’s fan. I wouldn’t want to agitate you to use this exchange. I just want you to listen to common sense.

  4. Mack, 19. September 2019

    Like HitBTC for their security standards. It seems to be the safest exchange of all I’ve used before.

  5. Zhou Tseng, 19. August 2019

    I don’t get how some of the comments below mention that their “funds are locked”, exchanges only lock accounts when KYC thresholds are met and no KYC is submitted, what’s the point of complaining without complying, that’s being hypocritical to an extent in my opinion.

    Exchanges need KYC because they’re a necessary step for adoption, it’s the only handshake between crypto and FIAT at the moment.

  6. Aaron, 16. August 2019

    Pretty decent exchange. I have been using this service for a year now and gained good profits tbh. Actually, the trollbox is pretty fun. Trading view is great too.

  7. Floyd, 9. July 2019

    Only an experienced trader can appreciate all the pros and cons of an exchange. I know such people, and almost all of them advised me to visit HitBTC.

  8. lo, 23. June 2019

    They locked my funds . i can’t wd .So many users has suffer .


  9. Tag, 14. June 2019

    Suspension period straight after all changes on account – new address in the whitelist, changing password, etc. Sometimes it makes me annoying, but still, it says that these guys know what to do in order to protect the account.

  10. James, 25. May 2019

    It’s a scam. They told me bfore depositing no kyc needed. I was unable to wd after making my trade. 35 days and they offer no help and say it must be a tech issue. Then they suddenly ask for kyc today and are holding my money hostage despite assuring me I wouldn’t need it and me only wanting to trade in 5 minutes and get my money off.

    I am now left powerless with my money stolen, completing KYC takes many months on their site and as you’ll see on wtwitter, no one can get their money atm. DO NOT USE HitBTC, it is a SCAM!!! They are exit scamming or have been hacked and are not liquid any more.

    Use ANY alternative exchange and if you have money on there get it off asap!

  11. Gary, 20. May 2019

    Liked the review, yet, I find hitbtc a bit better then described here. The fees are not so high, just normal.

  12. Anna, 19. April 2019

    Hello! Now released a new token!
    More information here!

  13. Tom, 18. April 2019

    I was really pleased with the work of the support service. They solve problems very quickly.

  14. Casey, 9. April 2019

    They blocked my account and won’t allow me to withdraw funds. I have submitted multiple documents showing personal information and they still won’t unlock my funds. Avoid this “exchange” like the plague. DO NOT SEND FUNDS TO THIS EXCHANGE. You will regret it. You will feel like a circus performer from all the hoops they make you jump through.

  15. Braulius, 20. March 2019

    I think it is, nowadays, one of the safest exchanges out there

  16. Beatrice, 14. March 2019

    Hitbtc is a good exchange for beginners… Very simple interface, and no problems with exchange at all. I started exactly with Hitbtc (although I’m still trading here as well). If you try it yourself you’ll see.

  17. Addy, 6. February 2019

    It all started with the fact that I had blocked account on one exchange (where I traded for a while). I dealt with them 2 MONTHS!!!!!!! Until they finally unlocked my account. I didn’t understand the reason for this. And support answers too long, so I didn’t achieve anything from them. Therefore, I transferred my money to Hitbtc as fast as possible and trade here now. For half a year I have been trading on Hitbtc, and I had no more problems. I hope it will continue to be the same.

  18. Jeos, 1. February 2019

    I’m not a professional crypto investor, but my husband kinda is. He teaches me a lot and we both started on this exchange. It’s great for arbitrage opportunities, so definitely deserves a look.

  19. Lory, 16. January 2019

    Support assistance is rapid and helpful, withdrawals are up and running, my deposits are credited in the shortest delays and orders are being filled really fast.

  20. Adrienette, 19. December 2018

    Looks like these guys have the largest amount of currencies listed. This is convenient if you don’t want to transfer your money through different exchanges. Y’know, just enter the market and take it 🙂

  21. Celia S, 4. December 2018

    At the moment, all this excitement about cryptocurrencies have ceased, but still there is a large number of people who complain that they were deceived, crying “scam scam scam”. For those who don’t know anything about Hitbtc: it’s just a common exchange. There are pros and cons. But there is nothing really bad here.

  22. Mikeman, 29. November 2018

    I tried to log in to my account after a few months. I couldn’t because my authentication was too old. Contacted them with every bit of information from my account and from the email that was used at sign up. They refused to give me my account back or money. DON’T TRUST THESE FUCKING CON ARTISTS!

  23. Addy, 20. November 2018

    Liquidity is high, and fees are low. That’s good

  24. Mails, 24. August 2018

    I’ve been living on this platform for over three years. And during our productive cooperation may be a couple of times there was a small delay in payment and I received letters of apology. Guys go ahead and continue as well to work well. Good luck!

  25. Jab, 21. August 2018

    I like trading on this platform with a beautiful design and user-friendly interface. Here I can store and trade all my coins. There is a huge variety of tokens and cryptoptocurrencies here. Now I’m thinking to invest more eth in trx.

  26. Bert, 21. August 2018

    Was really impressed by HitBTC performance. Really great communicatiom with support team also. They resolved my issue really fast even though it was my fault.Thanks for a great service.

  27. Jamie, 20. August 2018

    They provide one of the most diverse coin offerings in the industry. Getting started on the exchange is simple. The platform has low fees as well.