Best Bitcoin Chats

Bitcoin chatsThe crypto community is made up of millions of users around the world who have contributed in one way or another to the growth of cryptocurrencies and initiatives that move the market.

All active participants in this world are knowledgeable about these digital assets and the technologies by which they operate. Considering that the very idea of Bitcoin came out of one of these chats explains how important these spaces are for crypto users.

For this reason, we can find multiple online forums with market discussions about which cryptocurrencies can enter bullish or bearish trends, new ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), features of exchange platforms and many other topics pertaining to the crypto world. In general terms, these chats lead to fruitful conclusions and learnings for the users who participate in them.

If you are involved in crypto and want to get a space to discuss and discuss multiple topics with other community members, you probably want to choose the best forum to do so. The best crypto chats can be identified by the quality of the users and the rules imposed to debate.

It is of great importance that the discussions are based on objectivity and respect, so we will take these indicators to analyze how appropriate a chat is to give our opinion.

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies themselves were born from the community through discussions and threads that were encouraged by administrators and moderators. Furthermore, these chats have incentivized various users to train as professionals in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments, which also drives personal development.

Below we will see a list of the most influential Bitcoin chats in the community, where all kinds of topics related to the crypto market and new cryptocurrency projects are discussed. Based on the peculiarities of each one, we can analyze which is the most productive space for these talks.


Bitcoin Core Community

bitcoincore chatThe Bitcoin Core Community has a very special channel on Telegram where it houses many developers, who maintain opinion exchanges on different development-related topics, day after day. Generally, the discussions are based on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core, although not all participants are professionals in the area or living on it.

Within the chat, we can find from Bitcoin developers to people who are debating the benefits of making transactions with cryptocurrencies, which means that you do not necessarily have to have a high position in the crypto world to start interacting with the community.

However, unnecessary comments or statements that are out of discussion (like greetings and introductions) will be deleted soon after.

It should be noted that (unlike other crypto chats) for this particular community chats about ICOs, cryptocurrency prices and market movements are not allowed.

Bitcoin Core Community is a development chat, so the conversation is development-focused. Any unrelated or speculative content will be deleted by a moderator. If The chat has a window where you can directly access the established rules, which you must follow to the letter to stay on the channel.

Access the BTC Core Telegram chat:

Bitcoin Core Community


Crypto Aquarium

cryptoaquarium chatCrypto Aquarium is a decentralized community of crypto entrepreneurs, investors and enthusiasts from different countries around the world. Although they also have a Twitter account, their main medium is Telegram, where they have a channel of almost 11k members.

Unlike the Bitcoin Core community, this chat is much more flexible, and while they don’t allow trolling, members will be able to basically discuss any topic having to do with cryptocurrencies (although there is always a bias towards crypto market prices) .

Another aspect of this community is that they frequently share news about new cryptocurrency listings to exchange platforms, influential events and new projects, in order to alert other members to buy or sell a specific token.

There are even experienced traders within the channel who sometimes share market recommendations, thereby allowing you to target potential profit opportunities (if you’re into trading).

Additionally, Crypto Aquarium has another welcoming group on Telegram where they post educational content on crypto and engaging footages on personalities’ perception of cryptocurrencies, as well as documentaries and guides to explain Bitcoin and altcoins to beginners.

Access Crypto Aquarium Telegram group:

Crypto Aquarium chat



bitpam chatBitpam is a Discord crypto community that has been reviewed as one of the friendliest spaces to discuss cryptocurrencies. In this chat all members who want to contribute and / or learn about any crypto-related topic are admitted, including miners, beginners, traders and developers.

At Bitpam, everyone can participate in conversations as long as the focus is on getting something productive from these talks.

Bitpam members are satisfied with the community by learning how to make profits from cryptocurrencies while having fun in the process. Unlike other chats, Bitpam’s Discord channel doesn’t ban entertainment, and users can make discussions on serious topics enjoyable.

The Bitpam community has rules, which we can see by entering their Discord channel. Among these rules are:

  • Keep the chat clean and don’t send NSFW content.
  • Just as you can receive help from other members, you must participate in helping those who need it. The objective of the community is to progress among all.
  • You can ask about almost any topic and present your doubts, although they encourage you to think for yourself and not depend solely on the opinion of other members.
  • Not all trading signals / recommendations are viable, so you should use your own judgment when reading one. Remember that there are different interests within the crypto market.
  • Do not click on links of dubious origin under any circumstances.
  • Searching for referrals within the community is prohibited.
  • Users should try to keep the themes according to the channel where they are.

The Discord group is segmented into questions, programming, report, announcements and general sections. Enter the subject you’re interested the most and start interacting.

Join the Bitpam Discord chat through an invitation:

Bitpam Discord Community



blockstack chatBlockstack is a decentralized network with a broad community of developers who wisely interact with each other to figure out solutions for a more secure and controlled internet. The Blockstack community has more than 3,000 active members around the world, who discuss these issues through a slack on Discord.

Not everyone can join the Blockstack slack on Discord, so if you want to fill out a request with your email and a brief description of why you want to join the community.

In addition to participating in user owned internet chats, Blockstack chat frequently touches on the subject of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for different reasons.

Recall that Bitcoin was a huge step towards decentralizing virtual finance and its network set the example for other cryptocurrency projects like Monero, ZEC, Ethereum, and NEO. It should be noted that Blockstack has its own STX token, whose price fluctuates frequently and offers profit margin to those who acquire it.

Definitely, the Blockstack community is one of the most exclusive in this space and imposes rules on the topics discussed and the way they are addressed. Redundant and out-of-focus chats are not allowed, as is propagating NSFW content that is not tied to the initiative’s primary purpose.

Join Blockstack



cryptominded chatCryptominded is primarily a directory created by Dylan Damsma, with the best cryptocurrency resources. It was created by the growing trend of Bitcoin to offer all the necessary tools to users who start in this space.

The Cryptominded community has more than 2,000 members who constantly interact with each other, debating the opportunities crypto offers and educational conversations.

To join the Cryptominded community you must access the “community” section on the initiative’s official platform, where you can see the various reviews of active users and the features offered by the chat.

Become a member by filling out the registration form, which will ask you to specify your username, e-mail address, password and the topic you would like to discuss.

The Cryptominded community is one of the broadest in terms of topics that can be discussed in the chat, since users will be able to comment on investment possibilities in ICOs, fluctuations in the crypto market and useful material for the less experienced.

The peculiarity of Cryptominded is that they hold weekly events that include livestreams and multiple reviews, as well as personal events that are held so that members get to know each other and can interact face to face. This aspect says a lot about this community, since apart from educating yourself in crypto, it brings you closer to people with your same interests.

Chatting is relatively permissive, but you should keep conversations within the limits of courtesy and respect, as only issues relevant to the community are discussed and everyone’s opinion counts. Cryptominded members will also have the advantage of being the first to access new videos and courses, preparing them for future conversations and crypto investments. By raising everyone’s level of experience, the community continues to grow.

Join the Cryptominded community here:

Cryptominded community