Zebpay.com Review 2021 – Scam or Not?

India is getting into the cryptocurrency game; this is why there are a lot of BTC websites today that are based in India or cater to their region. Today, we will be looking into one of the websites that are based in India. The website is called Zebpay.com and we will be taking a tour of their website, look into their features, create an account and know how to buy and sell BTC through them. In general, by the end of this review, we should have a clear expectation of what their services are. Without further delay, let’s talk about that!

About Zebpay.com

Zebpay.com is a BTC exchange App based in India. Their services include an App-based exchange wherein verified users are able to purchase BTC with just a few simple buttons. The App has been providing awesome services all throughout India since they were launched. Zebpay’s official name is Zeb IT Services Pvt Ltd., and their office is located at B-403, The Capital, BKC, Bandra (E), Mumbai 400098, India.

Account/Verification with Zebpay.com

To create an account with Zebpay.com, the user needs to have a local phone number from India to create an account. Since the service exists as an Application for smartphones, the user needs to download the Apps from different channels. Users can download the Android version here, and the iOS version here respectively.

How to buy BTC with Zebpay.com

After verifying your account with Zebpay.com which may take from a few minutes to a couple of days, you are now able to buy BTC from them. To purchase BTC, a deposit of INR must need to be done. Below are ways to get INR into your Zebpay wallet.

  1. Express Transfer (Kotak Bank) – The minimum deposit for an express transfer from your bank account to Zebpay.com is INR 21 and the maximum is INR 1000.
  2. Normal Transfer – For a normal transfer the minimum deposit is 5000 INR and the maximum is INR 2000.
  3. Payment Gateways – For payment gateways, the minimum is INR 2500 and a maximum of INR 50k.

Deposits can be done using Netbanking, Credit/Debit Cards, and online SBI Internet Banking. It may take a few minutes before the balance will reflect under your Zebpay account. To check your account just head on to your wallet balance and click transaction fees. Once your balance is showing, you can now purchase BTC with one button. Please be advised that transaction fees are applied when buying and selling BTC through their App.

Verified users can also transfer funds from one account to the other without any fees, making it easier to have a network of users connected to one another. This would be an easy option for family and friends to send money privately and almost in an instant the balance will reflect on the email provided.

If a user plans to send BTC to a different address the transaction fee is 0.0002 BTC. If a user plans to sell their BTC, just click on sell and the available balance under INR will be automatically updated for their current price of BTC sold.

Verified users are also able to withdraw money from their Zebpay.com account and into their bank accounts. Make sure that your bank account is linked to your Zebpay account before requesting any bank withdrawals to avoid any problems. The fee for bank withdrawal is INR 10 per transaction.

The website earns money from their BTC listing. This means that as a trader, you do not need to worry about leverage, margin fees, and whatnot since all you need to do is deposit INR, press purchase BTC and you’re all good. Or, you can also sell your own BTC for their listed price.


What’s awesome about this website is that they offer mobile trading since the website operates in an App. They are also not an exchange but they provide wallet services as well. This is great for people that not only want to have an App wherein they are able to purchase BTC directly, but they will also get storage for it.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Zebpay.com is not behind regular standards since they provide both ticketing service and phone support. We have stressed on so many reviews about the importance of having a solid customer service channel for customers to contact websites whenever they experience any issues with their accounts. Good thing that Zebpay can be reached through their phone support at 1860-233-0474 or send them a support ticket through this link. They also have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.

What are people saying about Zebpay.com?


Maybe it isn’t that important to some people, but knowing real user experiences can easily give you an idea of how the website operates as a business. Do they forget about you right after you deposit money? Or do they extend the services well beyond on what you expect from them? We have read some really good reviews about the website which you guys can read here. There are mixed comments, about not being able to feed their expectations, but hey, it doesn’t matter how good you are as a website there are always people that do not appreciate what you do.





Pros and Cons


  • App-based BTC exchange/wallet
  • Competitive rates


  • Focused on the Indian market
  • Impossible to create an account if you’re not from India

Zebpay Review Conclusion

This BTC exchange website that is based in India is not that bad at all. Zebpay.com is one of the newer websites that are pushing the BTC trade system into mobile devices. We honestly think that this is the next generation of BTC trading since everyone is now familiar with Apps and how it generally works. Coupled with the undying use of BTC, why wouldn’t a person choose an App over a web-based trading platform? Overall, this website is not bad at all, especially if you are from India. Are you from India and love to trade BTC? If you have an account with Zebpay.com, please do let us know your experience in the comments section below!

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One User-Review for Zebpay.com
  1. Suresh Shinde, 1. June 2018

    I am not happy with zebpay service, particularly when receiving and sending of coins from exchange to exchange, to my knowledge funds received in zebpay accounts are not accounted for many many hours during the period customer has to bear huge lossess, such things does not happen in Binance or any other exchange, When things repeatedly happens I appears doubtful that zebpay is misappropriated customers funds for personal benefits