Best Bitcoin Youtube Channels

YoutubeDespite the fact that Bitcoin changed the rules of the financial system and gave way to the creation of an entire crypto ecosystem, there are still people (some skeptical, others conservative) who are not involved in the circulation of these digital assets, so on the other side From crypto adoption, we have an entire audience that needs to at least know the concept of what cryptocurrencies and blockchain are, whether to improve their financial situation, take advantage of the benefits of decentralized technology and / or make long-term investments.

For this reason, the crypto community has striven to create all kinds of content to educate all these people around the world. There are many ways to communicate with potential new crypto users and teach them how to manage cryptocurrencies and use this technology for their own benefit.

We can mention Bitcoin forums, guides to use wallet and crypto exchange services, documentaries for cryptocurrency mining and the different types of tokens that exist, although few options are as effective as explanatory videos are to specify the most important aspects of this ecosystem.

Youtube is a website / virtual platform where users can share previously recorded or live videos for an audience of viewers who will be able to interact with both the creator of the video and other users.

This website is outrageously large and has videos of almost every kind, including educational material on cryptocurrencies. In fact, YouTube hosts a significant crypto community and this time we are going to talk about the most influential Bitcoin Youtube Channels on this space.

The CryptoVerse

The-CryptoverseTheCryptoverse is a YouTube channel dedicated to comments about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency news, blockchain, and useful content through episodes that they post regularly. This channel is run by crypto enthusiast Chris Coney, who will be reading important events about the crypto ecosystem and tips on how to optimize trading strategies.

In addition to discussions about events that could change the situation of the cryptocurrency market and tips to optimize your investments, topics that remain in discussion among the subscribers of the channel are also addressed, who as they watch the content, learn about crypto.

Currently TheCryptoverse uploads at least 1 or two videos per month and although there are short videos, some take up to half an hour (or more) not to leave details out.

This channel has 50,900 subscribers who are not only kept up-to-date with videos, as the TheCryptoverse community posts almost daily new data, announcements and information that anyone who may be related to crypto may be interested in. Considering that the channel has around 4,053,861 views, it is safe to say that it is one of the most populated spaces on YouTube for crypto news.

World Crypto Network

wcnThis is an American channel created in 2014 to cover cryptocurrency content and articles from the Financial Times. It has around 5,582,892 views and a community of 55,300 subscribers who make opinions and feedback within the channel. In addition to being a YouTube channel, World Crypto Network also has an official website where its viewers will be able to view even more content.

This channel creates content on crypto conferences, interviews with personalities from the crypto ecosystem, tutorials, influential news and even on mining. In fact, the channel has many videos on Bitcoin halving, a process in which the mining reward is chopped in half, thus mining half of BTC tokens every 4 years.

A peculiarity about this channel is that, unlike others, almost every video they upload indicates the price of Bitcoin when uploading said video. This helps track the swing of the BTC price between different time periods and indicates to the community the fluctuation levels over time.

World Crypto Network also discusses updates for networks and applications linked to Bitcoin (For example Lightning Network) and current situations of the different markets that move the economy worldwide.


crypt0Crypt0 is one of the first cryptocurrency channels on Youtube, as it was created also in summer 2016. The channel is managed by Omar Bham, a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2012 who decided to share his experience with new users and thus document the journey of the pioneering cryptocurrency through the years.

This channel broadcasts multiple livestreams, educational videos to learn how to manage cryptocurrencies and how to make the right decisions in the market. Unlike other crypto YouTube channels, Crypt0 really focuses on less experienced users and its content is focused on teaching step by step how to operate in this space.

Crypt0 has a total of 12,422,111 views to date and 118,000 subscribers, making up one of YouTube’s largest Bitcoin communities. The videos are uploaded from the United States and often include financial advice for spot markets, which is perfect for hodlers and those building a crypto investment portfolio.

Ameer Rosic

ameerAmeer Rosic is a YouTube channel created in 2011 that bears the name of its creator and uploads content frequently for discussion, learning and updates on crypto events. The channel has 16,049,606 views and has 165,000 subscribers to date.

As we have already mentioned, Ameer Rosic is the host of this channel and defines himself as an investor and philosopher. All the videos uploaded to this channel are produced by Rosic from Canada and updates the community on news in the market, financial crises and how to invest in the most difficult moments, which has created a connection between the viewers and the channel (it has the highest crypto activity.

However, the special feature of the Ameer Rosic channel is not its hour-long sessions talking about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but it covers many other topics such as politics and the consequences that existing ideologies may have regarding the future.

In addition, you can enjoy economy content without focusing the idea of ​​the video on Bitcoin. That is, looking at it from a macro perspective and discussing possible responses on the crypto market.


coinsummitCoinSummit is a channel created in 2014 for the cryptocurrency conference that bears the same name and connects crypto entrepreneurs, investors, fund managers and basically anyone who is interested in learning about crypto and blockchain.

The videos uploaded on this channel are recommended for people who want to go to a cryptocurrency conference and have not been able (or simply want to see it again), which will allow them to learn a series of ideas and tools that could change the tide on our favor. . Being a (very effective) educational tool, CoinSummit does not upload videos like any other youtuber or crypto investor would, but only footage from past CoinSummit events will be shared.

These discussions touch on deep issues about the acceptance of the current financial system towards cryptocurrencies and the relationship between the decisions made by institutional investors and how they can affect the crypto market. Much of the content available on CoinSummit dates from 5 to 6 years.


bitcoinfilmBitcoinfilm is a channel of 1600 subscribers created in early 2013 as a means to document the situation of countries struggling with adverse economic positions and how Bitcoin changes/would change their quality of life. These footage is short and looks for opportunities for BTC adoption in places where it could be an escape from bad financial policies.

We can tune into this channel as a bodybuilding tool and analyze the various usage options for cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. These footage has been played 219,146 times so far and will continue to be documented for future visits.

In a nutshell, Bitcoinfilm addresses real and human stories about how Bitcoin is capable of changing the lives of so many unfortunates. Although we are still at a relatively young stage, the future will only bring new adoption cases and more possibilities for those who are involved with the crypto ecosystem.