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bitcoin discussionsForums are spaces where multiple users (under a series of rules) share opinions regarding a certain topic, delving into its properties and uses for a community.

In this opportunity, we will review the most influential Bitcoin forums today, which have been extremely important for the development of cryptocurrencies and the crypto market.

These Bitcoin communities generally discuss all subjects involving the pioneering cryptocurrency, from development, market capitalization, and transactions to instructions to those who are just starting out in this space. The main objective of Bitcoin forums is to contribute to crypto adoption and detect problems to find their corresponding solutions.

Bitcoin forums are so important that they can influence your position in the market. If a positive cryptocurrency event takes place in a forum with a large enough community, a wave of “longs” could be triggered and could be quickly copied by other sectors of the community.

In the same way, negative events can initiate strong short periods. This means that members of the Bitcoin forums can track new trends in the market from the start, or receive information for it.

It should be noted that without the intervention of these forums, Bitcoin would not be valued as it currently is or would not be used by the same number of users. Although technology came as lifeguards after the 2008 financial crisis, popular opinion has always had a strong impact on the development of the cryptocurrency and coincidentally, these forums happen to be the focus of many conversations on the subject.

The Bitcoin forums also address cryptocurrency trading and instruct users on how to start investing in the market, which is perfect considering that this provides an opportunity for progress for people living in underdeveloped countries. In addition, there are different forums where freelancers make contributions to the crypto space and are paid in cryptocurrencies, thus allowing them to save money and raise their quality of life.


bitcointalk BitcoinTalk is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency forum that addresses discussions about blockchain and everything related to the crypto space. This forum has become a source of stories and even legends around Bitcoin, since it was founded by the mysterious and enigmatic creator of Blockchain and Bitcoin technology, Satoshi Nakamoto. The purpose of BitcoinTalk is to serve as a mechanism for exchanging opinions from the BTC community.

Nakamoto created a public forum where each registered person could express their opinions and generate debates and comments. To meet this objective, this forum began on November 22, 2009. In principle, it was called to resolve doubts and technical questions about the use of the cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, it soon began to grow and encompass virtually every aspect of cryptocurrency from Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to cryptocurrency trading.

Like almost all forums on the Internet, BitcoinTalk has a series of rules, among which are the prohibition of the use of obscene language, the exclusion of content or empty topics and the redirection to SPAM links or fundraising.

Putting the restrictions aside, the topic permission is broad enough to make the forum interesting for more than just discussions about Bitcoin and technology. In fact, the forum began to gain notoriety for the “crypto horror stories” that were being reported on the portal, such as the case of the auction of 10,000 BTC for $50, or the purchase of a pizza for 10,000 BTC.

Although it really began to gain more notoriety when the FBI used some posts by Ross William Ulbricht to link it to Silk Road and lead to his capture.

Join the BitcoinTalk forum and join the discussions:

BitcoinTalk Forum


bitcoin gardenBitcoinGarden is a cryptocurrency and blockchain news network designed in 2017 for user information and entertainment. Although the main page is mostly made up of world events regarding Bitcoin and Altcoins, the main attraction of this space is its forum, also called BitcoinGarden. Users can register and login to share their thoughts on all topics including cryptocurrencies and the technology by which they operate.

Like forums like, BitcoinGarden has a huge user community of nearly 30,000 (29,629 so far, to be exact). These members make life within this ecosystem of opinion to contribute their knowledge on new decentralized cryptocurrency projects, blockchain applications, ICOs, speculation in the crypto market, etc … there is even a crypto section for adult content.

BitcoinGarden has a support section for users where they can introduce themselves and meet other taxpayers in this community. It does not matter if a user does not speak English or Spanish, since they will be able to tune into different discussions in their native language since the forum maintains local threads in each country.

This community also encourages its users with a segment dedicated to cryptocurrency airdrops and giveaways, which is considered ideal for beginners to have a notion of how to manage and exchange tokens.

If you would like to visit and join BitcoinGarden, click here:

BitcoinGarden Community

Cryptocurrency Talk

CryptocurrencyTalk is a recognized forum created in 2017 specifically for cryptocurrencies, where users will be able to intervene in discussions, promotions, news and investment advice on Bitcoin and Altcoins. It should be noted that there is a large community of traders within this forum, so possible trends and opportunities in the crypto market are frequently discussed.

This forum is distinguished from the others because it not only has different segments for each topic of discussion, but also has clubs for each cryptocurrency project! Members can join these clubs and share promotions, announcements, discounts, etc.

On the main activity page of the forum we can find everything from live cryptocurrency trading results to raffles, online games, betting and content on which digital assets are best to save. The community also has educational videos, signals and alerts for the market.

Although CryptocurrencyTalk is a complete community and has varied content, it is necessary to comment that the interface of the website is a little messy and can be a bit confusing for the members view, specifically because the content takes time to load and the themes are mixed. Otherwise, this forum is an excellent option to contribute to the crypto ecosystem.

You can visit Cryptocurrency Talk here:

CryptocurrencyTalk Community Forum is one of the largest and most influential forums on cryptocurrencies, with a community that exceeds 30,000 users and different sections for multiple topics. Among so many crypto spaces, we can consider this as one of the best exponents, since its members maintain a clean debate policy and those who do not, simply cannot participate in the discussions.

One of the most attractive aspects about the forum is that the discussions are not limited only to a specific Bitcoin community, since we can find segments for different countries and on various topics (such as economy, politics, off-topics , gambling and more).

In fact, this website became famous for unmatched content list tailored for experienced users, as well as having guides available for beginners.

Unlike other forums, has a segment for users who want to share their referral links, which are viewed with contempt by other communities for disrupting topics with referral links.

This section of the forum is specially designed so that these people can participate in the crypto world and stay up to date, while conducting their referral business with each other.

The rules of the forum are similar to those of other communities, because you must take care of the language, avoid hate speech and not get off the topic if you are participating in a discussion. To avoid distractions from predetermined topics, the forum has moderators and sub-moderators. These people are in charge of verifying that each segment maintains discussions of the topics for which they were created.

Unfortunately, the forum announced on its official page its closure on June 23 of this year, followed by a message of thanks for having participated in this community. Since this has been one of the most influential crypto spaces so far, it needed to be recognized on the list.

Visit forum while it is still there: Forum


CryptoHeresyCryptoheresy is a Bitcoin forum with an integrated Telegram channel to discuss cryptocurrency and blockchain tools, events, and general topics. It was created in 2017 and has hundreds of posts per category (even more than 3,000 in some), indicating constant activity by its users. On September 17, 2019, the forum registered the number of 1979 registered users, this being the highest peak in terms of community size so far.

Like other CryptoHeresy forums it has several languages ​​for members from different countries, although most of the content is in English. This forum has 10 segments, which cover various topics that have to do with cryptocurrencies:

General section: Here members can contribute news & events, Bitcoin discussion, cryptocurrency and blockchain help guides for beginners, FintechSecurity & AnonymityMust discussions, Scam alerts, among others.

  • Altcoins: This section discusses Bitcoin Forks, new ICOs, and alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin (including its market share).
  • Tools and Resources: Discussions pertaining to wallets, privacy tools, blogs, crypto bots, blockchain games and many other tools in the crypto ecosystem.
  • Economy: Mostly trading discussions and cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
  • Mining: Threads on mining hardware and software, as well as discussions on processes involving mining (such as halving).
  • Developers: This section is home to the developer community and is frequently discussed about smart contracts and web development.
  • Marketplace: The perfect place within CryptoHeresy to do business in cryptocurrencies and purchase goods and services among members of the community.
  • Micro-Earnings: Section dedicated to affiliate marketing and referral links, designed for those who practice said business.
  • Other: Topics outside of Bitcoin that could also be interesting for community members.
  • World: Different discussions in other languages ​​for non-English speakers.

Visit CryptoHeresy and join their community here:

CryptoHeresy Forum