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Interdax is a cryptocurrency derivative trading exchange where you can trade with bitcoin on the spot and futures market up to 100x leverage. The platform has been designed by real crypto traders and has been built with the technology that Wall Street is using as well on Nasdaq and NYSE. If you feel like you are a successful trader, you can engage in tournaments with other traders and with big prizes in the competition. With low fees and quick execution, Interdax is offering great trading options for those who are looking for leveraged trading in cryptocurrencies. Let’s see what the platform offers and how it works.

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Competitive trading platform

About the company

Interdax is a privately held company with its business address registered in London, UK. The official registered address is at 104 Clifton Street, London, England EC2A 4, GB,  and the company has been formed in 2018. The main headquarter for operations is based in Hong Kong, but the engineering staff is working from London.

The mission of Interdax is to convert cryptocurrency trading into a social, exciting and rewarding experience for anyone interesting in making money in a professional trading environment. Since the team consists of members who have a very versatile experience with engineering, trading, quantitative methodology but they also have gamers, miners, designers in the team, ensuring all aspects of both trading and cryptocurrencies are grabbed when the platform was built. Interdax is a trading interface that has been built by crypto traders for crypto traders to ensure all needs are met which other platforms were not able to fulfill completely.


Interdax has two founders according to the company’s Linkedin profile and various high-profile teammates from around the globe.

Daniel Dixon is from the United Kingdom who founded Interdax in 2018 is also the Chief Marketing Officer of the company. He was financially independent by age of 15 and joined bitcoin trading once he realized the inefficiencies and high fees on international payments related to his gaming career.

Daniel met Jose Llisterri, who is also from London on one of the Reddit forums, where they quickly got to the same agreement what bitcoin is a great solution for cross-border payments. Llisterri is a fintech engineer, who also had the skill set and motivation to build a platform where their concerns can be addressed with the help of industry experts.

The exchange’s Chief Technology Officer is Charles Phan, who has over 15 years of experience in hedge funds and proprietary trading. Before joining Interdax, Charles has been working as a quant trading strategist and options trader at several hedge funds in London City. He is originally from Copenhagen and has a Master’s degree in Engineering. Chief Data Scientist of Interdax is Illya Tyshchenko, who as been working for Pimco and Bloomberg over the past 10 years as a developer and analyst. Illya has a degree in physics and mathematics.

Interdax is running a blog on their site where they share the most important updates related to the platform as well as the results of the trading competitions. Beyond Linkedin, Interdax is only active on Twitter where they have 4k followers. You can get notified of the latest battles on Twitter, so if you want to engage in a trading competition, this platform will be your best source of info. Join the discussion about the ongoing trading battles on their Telegram channel. Apart from Linkedin and Twitter, Interdax is not active on other social media channels.

Getting started with Interdax

When registering at Interdax, you first need to fill out a short form to provide your email address, password, your name and country of residence.

Sign up

Once you have entered the details and accepted the terms and conditions, click on the create account and you will receive a verification account to confirm your registration. Active your account with a single click and log in again.


Once you have logged in you will see the trading dashboard right away, On the left, you can see the order types and this is the place you will be able to make orders. Your active positions orders and history is at the bottom of the page and the market depth and order book is on the right side of the screen.


If you are ever feel lost, you can always refer to the various guides under ‘More’, here you can find a platform, contracts, and a battles guide, which should have all the information you need to get started.

Trading Battles

One of the unique features Interdax offer is trading battles. You can join trading battles under ‘Battle’. Here you can see the live battles on the left along with the traders who are online at the moment.

Trading battles combine crypto trading with gaming, so you can compete with other traders to determine who was the most successful over a given period. Battles are mostly over the BTC perpetual contracts, and the prizes are also determined in BTC. You can win up to 0.05 BTC per day and 0.25 BTC per weekly beyond your normal trading profit if you join the traditional competition. Nice extra cash for already being a successful trader, isn’t it?

Friday Feud

In a trading battle, each trader who entered the competition will have the same amount of starting trading stack and there is a limited timeframe where traders can show their ability to make the most out of this fund. The rules and details are shared about the battles on their pages. Cheating is a very serious offense on Interdax, so you cannot use other accounts to fulfill your order and will lead to termination of your account. Interdax wants to keep battles as fun as fair for everyone as possible.

Deposits and withdrawals

Since Interdax is a bitcoin-only exchange, you can only deposit and withdraw in BTC on the platform. This also means there is no KYC identity verification on Interdax, you can start trading right away once you have registered funded your account.

You can find your wallet under your profile section on Interdax. Here you can deposit and withdraw coins from your account.

Deposits and withdrawals

Go to Deposit and you will be given your unique deposit address where you can send bitcoin. At the moment it is only possible to deposit BTC on Interdax. Funds will be credited to your account just after two confirmations on the bitcoin blockchain.


If you want to withdraw your profits from the platform, you can do that similarly from your Wallet. Withdrawals are also only possible in BTC. Note that withdrawals are processed only one time each day at 12:00 PM London time with a cut-off at 11:00 AM London time. If you initiated a withdrawal after the cut-off time, you will only receive your funds the next day, so pay attention to this when you are about to withdraw funds from Interdax.


Available order types

Interdax offers the most popular order types crypto traders are interested in. Both limit and market orders are offered in the forms of stop as well. Advanced order types can be also set for each order.

The following order types are available on Interdax: Limit, Market, Stop Limit, Stop Market, Post only, GoodTillCancel, ImmediateorCancel, FillorKill.

Post only order ensures a maker rebate and it is not executed immediately on the market, but canceled in case it would execute against resting order, thus drawing away liquidity from the market.

By default, your orders are executed as Good Till Cancel. In case of Immediate or Cancel order, any unfilled portion of your order will be canceled right after placing an order. Fill or Kill orders will be executed only if the full quantity of the order can be executed, otherwise, it is canceled.

Trading fees

Interdax uses a maker-taker fee model. Market makers who provide liquidity to the market through limit orders that are staying in the order book are charged for a 0.025% rebate, while market takers are charged for a 0.075% trading fee.

For perpetual contracts, Interdax is charging a daily interest rate that is calculated based on the mid and index price for BTC. Interdax is not using an 8 hour funding period but, the interest rates are calculated and compounded continuously for open positions. This ensures a smooth adjustment mechanism between the price of the perpetual swap contract and the price of the underlying asset.

There are no deposit and withdrawal fees on Interdax, you only need to pay a small transaction fee upon withdrawal that is paid to the bitcoin network.

Supported trading pairs

Currently, you can only trade with bitcoin perpetuals on Interdax against the US dollar. There is no spot market and no other coins are supported at the moment.

A perpetual contract is a derivative contract that lets you go into both long and short positions and apply leverage to your trades. On the spot market, for example, you can only short a position where you have owned the underlying asset, with a perpetual contract you can short bitcoin without actually owning it, which helps you to participate even in the bear market, where prices are declining.

In the case of perpetual swaps, the price of the contract is adjusted frequently to price of the underlying instrument through the funding mechanism where the daily interest rate is swapped between the long and short holders of the perpetual contracts.

Perpetual contracts in contrast to traditional futures are not expiring.

Supported trading pair on Interdax is hence only the BTC-USD pair.

Supported countries

In their terms and conditions, Interdax is specifying those countries for which they do not provide services.

The restricted countries include the United States of America, Québec (Canada), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Venezuela.

Security and user experience

The technology has been uniquely built for Interdax, which involves both social gamification and employes next-generation techniques to provide a stable and high-quality trading environment. The core risk system has been developed in C++ and Kdb+/q and the engineering staff has a background from various high-profile exchanges, such as Nasdaq, NYSE, TYPE, MICEX and SIX. The team is even growing at the moment as they are recruiting a lot of new experts in the field of both computer engineering and marketing.


In terms of exact security measures, the platform is sharing tips on how can you secure your account in the Help section. You can set 2FA authentication using Authy or Google Authenticator and they suggest using PGP mails along with VPNs when connecting to the trading platform. There are no information on however how Interdax is protecting users’ funds and how the platform is secured against hacking attacks.

The registration process is very smooth and as there is no KYC on Interdax, you can start trading within minutes after you have signed up to the platform and funded your account.

The trading dashboard on Interdax is fetched using TradingView industry-leading technology, allowing you to have the same professional indicators and charting tools you would use when creating your strategy.

There are a lot of information available about the platform itself and you can also get valuable information on how to use orders, or participate in a trading battle to win prizes.

Gamifying cryptocurrency trading is a huge feature of Interdax. Although there are a growing number of social trading platforms are emerging on the market, using gamification to increase traders’ engagement and provide a unique trading experience is definitely an attractive service at Interdax. Winning prizes on an already successful trading strategy seem like the icing on the cake!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Interdax

Where is Interdax based?|The company behind Interdax, Interdax Global Limited is a company registered in the United Kingdom that is also has a subsidy running the site from the Seychelles island. The majority of the team is working from Hong Kong a the moment with a couple of engineers located in the United Kingdom.
Does Interdax have a Twitter account?|Yes, you can follow Interdax on Twitter here. They have 4000+ followers on Twitter, where you can get notified about new trading battles. They also shared here any important news and interviews in relation to Interdax services.
Does Interdax have a Discord channel?|No, Interdax does not have an official Discord channel. But you can chat with fellow traders in their Telegram channel, where you can discuss ongoing market and platform related events and news and also liaise with admins in case you have a public related issue.
Can I trade with leverage on Interdax?|Yes, it is possible to trade on leverage on Interdax. BTC/USD perpetual contracts are available for margin trading with up to 100x leverage. This means it is enough to invest only 10 USD of your capital to gain exposure to 1000 USD to the market. Note however leveraged trading is risky as market movements and margin calls can quickly deplete your account if risk and liquidity not managed properly. Using a sub-account you can isolate your margin trades from your main trading account, so in case something unexpected happens, your main account will remain intact and the margin calls just to reach the sub-account.
Can I trade futures on Interdax?|Yes, Interdax offers perpetual swap contracts that are similar to futures contracts, but they do not have an expiration date. You can buy, sell and hold perpetual contracts as long as you want. Compared to other perpetual contracts on the markets, the profit and loss for Interdax perpetuals are calculated continuously, so there is no such thing as funding time on the exchange which would artificially distract markets and trading. Interest payments are continuously calculated for every position and multiplied by the time per second the position is open. This mechanism also ensures the index price is always in line with the underlying instrument price. The index used in pricing the perpetual contracts are robust to market manipulation, it includes the order books of the five biggest exchanges with thicker books having bigger weight. You can also trade on market with BTC/USD perpetual contracts on Interdax up to 100:1.
What are Interdax’s BTC index prices?|You can find the index price or so-called mark price on the trading chart, just under the volume figure and the instrument name, and also below the order book’s middle price. It is displayed as ‘.BTCX, INTERDAX’. The index price is the price that is used in case of liquidation but it also shows the current price of the contract using five exchange’s weighted average price from their order books. Unless changed, the index price is showing the closing price for the term, but you can also change this for open/high/low if you wish, for example for long position holder, setting it to ‘low’ is more useful to see what is the lowest index price reached during the trading term. Note that your position is liquidated at the index price if the level of margin falls below the maintenance margin.
What are trading battles on Interdax?|Interdax has a special gamification feature to draw more traders to the platform. You can engage in weekly and daily tournaments to win cash prizes in BTC. The terms of the competition are preset on each tournaments’ dashboard, here you can see the timeframe as well the prizes you can win, 0.05 BTC per day and 0.25 BTC per week. Note this is a prize beyond your normal trading profit. The trading stack is usually 1 BTC, this is the amount of found you have at the start of the battle. At the end of the battles, the trading balance is measured and the user with the highest balance wins the battle and the cash prize. Interdax takes cheating as a very serious offense, they monitor other accounts how they interact together and can disqualify users if there is a co-play between participants to beat the market.
Can I use Interdax with trading bots?|Interdax’s API is just in the making, it is not yet available for the public, so there is no option to trade at the moment on Interdax with trading bots. However, it is clearly in the pipeline as the API is listed as ‘coming soon’ as well as trading bot examples pointing to a (yet empty) Github repository. We are looking forward to seeing this feature to come to Interdax soon.
What are Interdax’s technical details?|Although Interdax is proud to employ a team with a significant background at reputable exchanges, like Nasdaq and NYSE, there are no information about the technology used behind Interdax’s trading engine. This is not an open-source project, so there are no technical information on Github. As for security, Interdax suggests users turn on both 2FA and PGP mail to protect the trading account from unauthorized access.
Is Interdax legit?|Yes, Interdax is a valid cryptocurrency exchange with some time already behind. The company and the founders of the site are transparent. They are also listed on Trustpilot, although with only one review just yet. Although this is a fairly new business just as of yet, there are no real scam reports about the company or the exchange, apart from one user on BitcoinTalk who complained about the fairness of their battles, however until now no answer or feedback has been provided this issue. We suggest you try out Interdax with care as you would normally do with other new businesses: only start with a small amount of money you can risk and once you verified the business is real, only proceed that to transfer large funds to the exchange.
What are Interdax fees?|Interax users a maker-taker fee schedule, where liquidity makers, who provide liquidity to the market enjoy 0.025% trading rebates, while liquidity takers pay a 0.075% trading fee. These trading fees are fairly in line with other market participants, rebates are usually well received by crypto traders. In the case of margin trading, you need to pay a daily interest rate which is calculated continuously, not just at funding times. Interest rate is paid by the long position holder to the short position holder if it is positive and the other way around if it is negative There are no withdrawal or deposit fees on Interdax.
How can I join the Interdax team?|Currently, Interdax is recruiting a lot of professionals. The trading platform is looking for developers, both back and front end software engineers, designers and marketing specialists. You can apply through their HR portal if you fit the criteria.

Pros and Cons


  • low fees
  • trading battles with prizes
  • no KYC
  • up to 100x leverage


  • the only trading pair is BTC/USD
  • fiat payments are not supported
  • no information on security measures


Interdax is a fairly new bitcoin trading platform where you can trade with bitcoin perpetuals up to 100x leverage. Low fees (even rebates for market makers!) and fast execution welcomes traders who can also win prizes from trading battles. If you already have a successful trading strategy you can compete with others for cash prizes in daily and weekly tournaments. There is no KYC on the exchange and only BTC payments are allowed, ensuring a quick and smooth onboarding experience. Unfortunately only BTC/USD trading pair is available at the moment, but hopefully, more will come in the future enabling further tournaments in the trading battle section.

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