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The search for the best exchange website has led us to different and unique sites across the internet. There are so many websites out there that pose as an exchange website but would just end up stealing our information and not providing the services that we thought they would. Today, the search for the next exchange website has lead us to We will be looking into their website features, how to create an account, look into their trading platform (if they have one) and generally know more about them. Without further delay, let’s talk about that!

Background or known as their company name Secure Bitcoin Traders Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2014 with the over-all plan to develop the Bitcoin trade in India. Their CEO and founder Mohit Kalra, was an investor in the early days of Bitcoin and was part of India’s first wave of BTC miners. Accompanied by his team, they are a force in Indian BTC trade; or so they say they are. The physical address for is at 801-A Aggarwal Corporate Heights, A-7 Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, Delhi – 110034.

Verifications with

To create an account on the website, we need to go to their website and click SIGN UP. The process is really simple and easy to complete. To get started, you just need to provide an active email address, a password for your new account, a referral code if you have any, and you’re good to go! After completing the required information, a confirmation email will be sent to you directly. Click on the confirmation link and you’re all done! We honestly thought that it was a relief to create an account without having to provide that much personal information!


Please be advised that the website runs on INR or Indian Rupee. This means that their BTC prices are all in INR. One of the main things that we noticed about the website is that they direct you to the trading platform as soon as you log into your account. This is great! Since the next topic, we will be talking about would be their trading platform.

One thing to note is that they do have a feature wherein you are able to change currencies that will appear in your account. This is great for our friends that are not located in India or does not want to read BTC prices in INR. All you need to do is click on your account, (which is located on the right-hand side panel) and select Display Currency. Choose from GBP, USD, JPY, or EUR aside from INR.

Please be advised that the website operates purely on BTC, this means that all the funds that go in and out of the website are in BTC and not Fiat currencies.

Trading with

To start trading, we need to head on to their exchange which can be located under your account. Shown in the screenshot above, we are able to see the order tab located on the left-hand side of the trading platform. Here the current rate of BTC is at $21,612.36 USD. The trading fee is inclusive of GST, thus when this order goes through, you will only receive 0.994 BTC as shown in the screenshot.

Another feature that you need to keep in mind is that they have the actual order books listed in the middle of the trading platform. Everything can be seen here, even the total value of the trade. On the lower part of the trading, page are the charts that you can take advantage of, which we always work wonders with. On the far right, we’ve got the recent exchanges that happened within 10 minutes. Below that would be the “Pending Orders” and the “Completed Orders” tab.

We honestly think that their trading platform is easy to use, and that it has all the needs that an active trader would use.


Current trade fee for a stock account is at 0.6% and would fall down to 0.4% once the user has completed the KYC compliance. This is because the company follows a strict KYC and AML guidelines.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Adding balance to your account is as easy as clicking on the BTC Wallet tab found under your account details. To deposit BTC into your account just click on the “RECEIVE BITCOIN” tab and a new BTC wallet address will be generated for you. Depositing BTC does not cost anything but withdrawals do. To withdraw BTC from your account, just simply click SEND BITCOIN tab and provide your personal BTC address. The transaction fee is 0.0001 BTC per withdrawal.

Customer Service

We have always stressed in a number of reviews we’ve done in the past that when it comes to websites that handle our money, it is always nice to have a solid customer service channel to contact the website that you are planning to transact with. This is to make sure that when something happens to your account, you are a hundred percent sure that you are able to reach them without any problems at all. Here at, they have a couple of channels that you are able to use if you need help.

First would be their email support system, which can be accessed by clicking the “Contact Us” button found on the lower right-hand side of the website. This tab can be found on any page, making it easier for us to reach out to them if we need any help. The second channel is their telephone support which you are able to reach at +91 98711 15455.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy account creation
  • BTC oriented exchange
  • Anonymous trading


  • Only accepts BTC payments
  • Exchange rates are very expensive

Coinsecure Review Conclusion

Overall, the website is not bad at all. Creating an account doesn’t need a ton of information and if you want to, you can remain anonymous and trade without any problems at all. For people that are based in India, this could be the exchange website you are waiting for! Do you have any experience using the website? Please tell us about it in the comments section below.

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