1Fox.com Review 2019 – Scam or Not?

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Important: 1Broker.com ( connected to 1Fox.com ) was taken down by the FBI. The withdrawals at 1Fox still work but nobody knows how long. Better withdraw your coins.

You might ask yourself, this website’s name sounds familiar? Indeed it does. This is because 1Fox.com is a BTC/USD exchange website that offers leverage and was released by one of the most popular CFD platforms 1broker. Everyone that knows about this website is probably in shock right now since they were doing really good with their CFD model and it was such a huge success! Let’s be honest, the world of exchange websites can be a big challenge even for the creators of 1Broker.

What 1Fox.com has compared to other upcoming exchange websites today would be the incredible support they will be getting from their base customers. They have more than forty thousand registered users with an amazing track record for a number of orders. This is because the company behind the website does not only focus on making money, but they make sure that their customers are raking in the cash as well.

We will go through the features that have already been added and talk about their trading platform to give you guys a first-hand look at what to expect from them. Without further delay, let’s talk about that!

1Fox.com Account creation

To create an account with 1fox.com you need to have an active email address, username, and a password for the account that you will be creating. Can you use the same account that you had for 1Broker.com? This cannot be done since they may come from the same company which is 1Pool.ltd but they are two different websites. After providing all the required information, please head to the provided email address and click the link to activate the account.

Once you have logged into your account, you will then be redirected to the market dashboard. This will include everything that you need to know about the available market.





1Fox.com Trading

You might have read about 1Fox.com a few months back in 2017 with their website being in a soft-launch phase where customers were not able to place orders yet. Today, that has changed and the website can now be fully accessed and orders can be placed. In addition, the only available market they have to work with today is BTC/USD alone but comparing to how successful 1broker was it wouldn’t take that long before they will bring a new market to the website.

What the company is known for is their ability to provide a well-designed trading platform. This has been done previously by 1Pool and it is obviously showing here at 1Fox.com. The fresh approach of a trading platform is always welcome by any standards. To be honest, there are only a few websites that have the ability to provide an easy-to-understand platform that is both accommodating to newcomers and veteran traders alike.

If you want to place an order all you need to do is click on either of the available boxes under the “Trade” tab. The arrow pointing down is for opening a short position and the arrow going up is for long positions. Please be advised that when you open a long position, you will be making a profit with the rising price of the selected market. On the other hand, when you open a short position, you will be profiting from the price that is going down.




An order slip will separately pop up once either of the boxes is clicked. As shown in the screenshot above we are looking at an order slip with opened optional fields. This can be done by clicking on the “+” add optional fields button under the “New Order” slip. The order slip contains everything that you need to set before finalizing your position. On the top, most part of the slip is the “Public Trade” box which shares your trades with the other users of the website. If you are familiar with 1broker, then this is the website’s version of their “Copy Trader” ability.

Leverage can be changed with the denomination of 1x and a maximum of 5x. The order type can be chosen between Market, Limit, and stop Entry. The default order type is set to “Market” which the position is placed at the earliest possible time with the best price. A Limit order is to purchase a specific position for the exact price or better. A stop entry or Stop Order is to buy or sell a position when it goes through a specific point. This is of great use to traders that want to control their losses for their positions. In addition, the Stop Loss and Take Profit tabs are always available to all order types for traders to take advantage.



How to deposit and withdraw from 1Fox.com

The website provides support for BTC deposits and withdrawals. This means that as of now, they only accept Bitcoin. As expected it is really easy to deposit funds into your account, just head on to the right-hand side panel of the account and click on deposit and the website will provide you with your unique deposit address. Withdrawing funds from your account are as easy as depositing money as well. All you need to do is provide your BTC address and the amount you want to withdraw. The withdrawal fee is fixed at 0.00001689 BTC per transaction.

Customer Service

The website does not have any live chat support or a phone number that you will be able to call if you want to get your issue resolved immediately. What they have here at 1Fox.com is a ticketing system that will presumably get back to any concerns within 24 hours. We have always been upfront with our appreciation for websites that provide a lot of customer service channels since it is important to have websites that handle money to have appropriate support to have issues resolved immediately.

Pros and Cons


  • Accepts US residents
  • Anonymous
  • Easy account creation


  • New to the market
  • Does not accept Fiat deposits
  • Could use more customer service channels

1Fox Review Conclusion

1Fox.com is new to the market and this is what keeps them apart from the exchange/trading websites today. But with a very good track record in keeping their customers happy with their other website, it is not an impossible feat for the website to get that recognition here. In all honesty, we wouldn’t expect someone from huge trading websites to create an account here because only time can tell if this website delivers or not. As of this moment, their too young for us to comment on how awesome they are but everything looks go and is moving in the right direction.

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