Review 2021 – Scam or Not?

Livecoin is a Bitcoin and altcoin exchange platform that offers many currency pairs, including trading altcoins for FIAT currency.

Review Contents

The exchange was founded in 2013, by DELTA E-COMMERCE LTD from London, UK. Their servers are based in Metairie, Louisiana, US.


The exchange doesn’t have a specified market they aim at the world map, but it seems they are focused on altcoin traders and offer many features for Russians.

There’s even a video for beginners in Russian.


The verification process isn’t explained on the website, but it’s mentioned on the Bitcointalk forum by the Livecoin personnel.

Apparently, the verification is only needed for the users who plan to use bank transfers for placing the deposit. The verification process is not presented publically, and all users who are looking to verify their account are directed to the contact page.

There are no trading limits tied to the verification.

The exchange supports the following FIAT currencies:

  • US dollar
  • EUR
  • Russian Ruble

When it comes to digital currencies, there’s a huge number of supported altcoins. The complete list of supported coins is available on the website.

LiveCoin Fee Schedule

Livecoin utilizes a maker/taker fee model with competitive fees for takers and bonuses for makers with a sliding scale depending on the monthly trade volume.

This means that every time user places an offer onto the exchange order book for other users to take up, it get paid a bonus instead of paying trading fees. This model encourages users to actually provide liquidity instead of taking liquidity from the order book by accepting the offers from other users.

The bonuses range from 0.01 percent to 0.1 percent on every trade users make, and past trading volume determines them.

When it comes to taker fees, the exchange has very competitive fee model.

For volumes below 2,000 US dollars – 0.20 percent fee of the amount traded applies.

As the monthly volume increases, the fees percentage drop. Finally, for volumes above 300,001 US dollars, the fee reaches the minimum of 0.01 percent of the amount traded.

Deposit and withdrawal fees

Livecoin deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are free of charge. When it comes to withdrawals in digital currencies, only minimal network fees apply.

FIAT currency deposits carry the following fees:

  • Payeer – 7.5 percent
  • PerfectMoney – 5.5 percent
  • OkPay – 1 percent
  • Wire Transfer (SWIFT) – 50 USD or 10 EUR
  • BTC-E vouchers – 2.5 percent in USD and RUR, 5 percent in EUR

FIAT currency withdrawal fees are a bit lower:

  • Payeer – 1 percent
  • PerfectMoney – 1 percent with a minimum of 1 US dollar
  • OkPay – 2.25 percent with a minimum of 0.1 US dollar
  • Wire Transfer (SWIFT) – 1.5 percent + 9 US dollars or just 15 EUR
  • – Free of charge
  • card – 0.99 US dollars or EUR

The complete fee schedule, as well as withdrawal and order limits, can be found here. Trading Analysis

Trading on Livecoin is easy, and the exchange offers some nice features. There are a few types of orders:

  • Standard market order
  • Limit order
  • Pending order

The first two are usual orders on the majority of exchanges, but the third one is where Livecoin shines. Pending orders are orders which are automatically triggered when the price hits a certain level specified by the trader. This can be very useful in markets where many competitors are trying to be on top of the order book or in cases where the user could influence the market by placing a large order. Pending order helps to avoid the disturbance of the market by hiding offers from the books which everyone can see.

Margin trading isn’t supported on this trading platform; neither are derivates or futures.


One of the best things about this exchange is their altcoin and FIAT currency pairs. Having this option makes things a lot easier and makes calculating profit and loss less troublesome. It also removes a layer of unnecessary expenses because of paying two sets of fees instead of just one. That’s because on the majority of the trading platform users need to trade FIAT for Bitcoin and then Bitcoin for other coins. There are no FIAT/altcoin trading pairs. This feature makes Livecoin particularly attractive.

Ease of Use

The interface is nicely designed and relatively easy to use. Everything is just a click away, and switch between the markets is faster than on the other exchanges.

The company doesn’t have apps for Android and iOS yet, but the website is responsive, and it looks good on mobile devices.

It looks beautiful – it’s easy to use, and it’s load time is impressive.


The support team from is very professional and friendly. The types of support offered are 24/7 chat and email support. The exchange has a sort of remote FAQ page on Bitcointalk forum, which is quite extensive and a great place to ask any questions.

User Experience

There are not a single complaint about the exchange on the Web at the moment of the writing of this review.


The website offers two-factor authentication and PIN code as well as SMS and email notifications. There is no information about the encryption of the emails or cold storage of the coins.

There were no hacking attacks so far, meaning that this is a safe place for Bitcoins as well as altcoins.


Supported Payment Methods

  • Credit Card
  • Webmoney
  • Payeer
  • Perfect Money
  • Capitalist
  • AdvCash
  • Qiwi
  • Yandex

Supported Countries

Livecoin accepts customers from all over the world.

Livecoin Review Conclusion

Livecoin is a great exchange with a huge support for altcoins and a very competitive fee schedule.


  • Support for numerous altcoins
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Competitive fees


  • Weak liquidity for some of the coins
  • No mobile apps

Livecoin is one of the rare exchanges that offer trading altcoins for FIAT currencies, which makes it a valuable market. Very reliable and affordable exchange.


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  1. Radical Rider, 22. May 2018

    I really hate this exchange right now!
    No support at all!
    Waiting sinc one week for an answer.

  2. muhommed, 18. April 2018

    i purchased 20000 vrs on live coin on 7/1/ as we all know price went up drastically.i had no sell order and my history clearly shows i purchased 20000 in jan 2018..i now have 20 vrs.wonder where in the 19980..are you guys scammers????

  3. AnonEMoose, 6. April 2018

    Also there is NO maker/taker fee anymore. They advertised it to get everyone used to it and then when they had many customers and tonnes of volume they silently removed the maker/taker fee and charged a fee on every trade which goes to Livecoin, not the person who made liquidity.

    This is not only immoral and unethical, it is a greedy thing to do and it damages exchanges appearance and bitcoin’s image as a whole.

  4. AnonEMoose, 6. April 2018

    “Livecoin deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies are free of charge.” THIS IS INCORRECT!

    Look at the fees for withdrawal hey are SKY HIGH they expect you to pay $30 for BTC wthdrawal even though the fee is less than $0.50 for a transaction!

    They NEVER lower the withdrawal fee, ONLY INCREASE!

    Also minimums are SO HIGH that you can’t just trade $100 of crypto because you cannot withdrawal it!

    Essentially to get your money back out you need to deposit another $900 before you can meet the minimum and also afford the fee.

    Criminal what they are doing.

  5. chokybp, 6. April 2018

    It is not a scam. I just withdraw my coins successfully.

  6. Menno, 3. April 2018

    I am not just saying this from my own experience.
    Guys, please be carefull when you use Livecoin as an exchange.

    They scammed me bigtime and they are awfully cheeky aswel. I made a deposit but never received it. You can only reach Livecoin by sending a ticket and it took 3 days before they finaly responded and they said I made a mistake bu doing multiple deposits in 1 transaction and my money is gone, just like that. Now I don’t even know that’s possible, let alone how. After asking them how this can be true and how to get my money back they ignoring me so I reached out on their Facebook. All they did was telling me I had to make a ticket (wich they ignore) and delete my messages.
    Just now, they also banned me from their exchange. I don’t know how it’s possible to create a ticket with a banned account but one thing is sure, and that is that:
    1. They steal my money and blame me for it.
    2. They ignore me and refuse to help me.
    3. They block me from their exchange.
    4. They are very unkind.

    Beware of this en don’t EVER trust Livecoin with your money because this is pretty clear to me, Livecoin is a big scam.

  7. Menno, 2. April 2018

    Well, dont know if the whole exchanges is a scam but i wont reccomend this to anyone. I have send BTC to livecoin and after 400 confirmations and 3 days they haven’t received it, they say. thats because there was a transaction with multiple deposits. I dont know what they are talking about, it was a normal transaction like any other transactions i did before. You can only get ‘support’ by sending a ticket, they will response after 2 days. They told me my money is gone. I asked them what i can do to get it back but they wont respond, at facebook they delete my messages and tell me i can only ask questions by sending a ticket…

    So yeah, they make my money dissapear and the support is the worse i’ve éver seen. In other words; be carefull to trust these guys with your money.

  8. Dimitre, 27. March 2018

    Hello I have Livecoin account, at the beginning it costs little to understand what, but really the platform is well and very easy to work.

  9. VampyK, 23. March 2018

    Even though I have 2FA enabled on my account, have managed to blocked me from withdrawing funds for 10 days. This is completely rubbish. Every time you make changes on your account info, they block you from withdrawing your fund for 10 days. I also had to wait 5 mins to be able to withdraw funds after login into my account. Withdraw of Litecoin took longer than 1 hours !!!!!!! Support were un helpful. Stay away from this guy !!! take your money somewhere else !! its not worth wasting time with them.

  10. Jerry Butcher, 23. March 2018

    AVOID AT ALL COST!! SCAMMERS!! They rob $1000 of my account.Does someone knows how to make complain and where about this LiveCoin scammers,please?? Thanks and keep away from LIVECOIN SCUMBAGS

  11. Don Juan, 17. March 2018

    3 BTC in, Alt coin withdrawn with no issues. Not as fancy as other top exchanges but trading pairs in USD make the math much easier.

  12. Victor, 11. March 2018

    The BEST exchange by far out of any of the other exchanges especially for coins that aren’t listed yet on the big ones!!!

  13. ted, 8. March 2018

    Disaster, eth were lost when sending them from Bitstamp, which works normally between other exchanges- do not recommend this and will never use it again.

  14. dizajn, 25. February 2018

    SCAAAMM.Dont use this fraud exchange.When I make withdraw they use wallet is offline for withdrawal scheme.My withdrawal is stuck for 3 days and no response from this frauds-

  15. NEJC, 23. February 2018

    I would like to say that exchange is lazy, because
    through Bitins wallet, I paid FUNDS(Bitcoin) to Livecoin exchange. I had 4 transactions (4 deposits) and only 1 transaction was granted (accepted) to me. Based on the website ( I found out that the e-wallet bitins confirmed all my transactions, but Livecoin did not approved all my transactions. I asked them if they could enter them manually, instead they wrote me (Support (assistant):
    Unfortunately, we can not process your transaction, your funds are lost).
    This seems to me to be very unfair on their side, because the funds are not lost, but they should only be manually entered, because following the bitcoin tracking website it is shown that the transaction is just not yet feasible. (I have been writing with them for almost a month, so they are lazy to me)

  16. lklkl, 21. January 2018

    Its withdrawal fee is so much expensive, and coins below the decimal point are unable to withdrawn.
    The price of selling and buying board are always far apart, and trade is not active on it.

  17. Khan, 17. January 2018

    Livecoin server is down and not opening, showing the message that is it under maintenance and will resume 5-10 minuts, but since last 6 hours, it is not resuming.There is no reason or message mentioned what is the real problem.

  18. Austin, 10. January 2018


    I deposited a large amount of an altcoin, and it still shows that it is pending (1,000 confirmations and 4 days later). Nothing. This money was from a very profitable purchase I made a year ago and was going to use it to pay a significant portion of my student debt. Support hasn’t responded and my ticket has gone unnoticed.

  19. knreddy, 10. January 2018

    But in my case for transfer fraction of BTC , I have selected BTC type deposit, it has give address code, copied it and pasted at BTC withdrawl at Binance. Even before it deducted from Binance , it was intimating as incoming transaction pending, I hope it will go smoothly

  20. Pete baron, 7. January 2018

    Bad experience with the support, they have not transfer my money. I have been waiting for three weeks in vain. Go better to Bitrex

  21. Julio drexano, 7. January 2018

    Bad experiences with the support, questions will be forwarded after a week or will never be answered. If you have a problem, you can never see your money here again.

  22. John Seville, 6. January 2018

    I created an account with Livecoin, completed my first transaction and withdrew my BTC. Everything worked …

    … Then after my 2nd tx, LiveCoin pulled the same scam so many Exchanges pull ( They refuse to let me withdraw my ETH. I’ve asked them why… I get no response. I’ve been executing deposits and withdrawls for 12 hours a day for the past 3 days. The Ethereum Blockchain is working just fine. They put some B.S. disclaimer stating “a developer” can shut down your wallet and don’t have to give a valid reason why. Likely, they’re trying to increase the liquidity of their exchange by hold your money hostage. This is why Atomic Swaps will extinct these scam exchanges.

    AVOID, unless you like leaving a lot of money on an exchange, risking a hack and losing everything (i.e. Mt. Gox).

  23. Palo himala, 2. January 2018

    Made bad experiences. Support mega bad and money was never transferred to my wallet

  24. Augustine, 26. December 2017

    I have deposited and withdrawn 3 times. Deposit of ALT coin, trade to BTC, trade to another ALT coin, finally a withdraw of the ALT with no issues.No delays I like them so far.

  25. Henery shangon Jarxi, 23. December 2017

    Hi all .

    Dont believe on Livecoin exchange , always goes down by showing website maintenance message on front page. They hacked my currency wroth of $45000, my currency has gone from my account nothing showing any proof of transactions, its showing empty balance right now i have contacted many time and there is no response of my email and account has been closed.
    i wounder why they deleted my account . does anyone knows these gays location where i can register complaint against their exchange to get my money back?

  26. aa, 21. December 2017

    Livecoin is one of the rare exchanges that offer trading altcoins for FIAT currencies, which makes it a valuable market. Very reliab

  27. Ch. Irfan Khalid, 15. December 2017

    100% scam exchange. They stolen coins from users accounts. i have lost $8500 wroth of currency on exchange. i did not receive any withdrawal notice of my coins nether they showing any wallet where my coins has been shifted. i have contacted to support but their response is too much slow and when i proved all proof that they stolen my money, they deleted my account and stopped ticket reply on support.

  28. kenneth miller, 15. December 2017

    livecoin is definate scam. i found out the hard way. i accidently deposited 3 and a half bitcoins into my bitcoin cash account and they would not give it back. they told e once you put it n the wrong address like that you can’t get it back and no one else an either. but then i found out on hitbtc that it can be recovered but is a very hard process with a lot of work involved. hitbtc said it can be recovered but they will charge a 25 dollar fee for doing it since it is so much work involved. i offered livecoin whatever they wanted to charge me and then after no answer back from them i even offered a thousand dollars to do this for me and now they will not even answer any of my emails at all any more. so yes, they are a scam and they stole 50,000.00 dollars from me and there is nothing i can do about it because once they have your coin you are at their mercy and when they stop communicating it is even worse. someone at livecoin most likely just paid off their mortgage at my expense and are sitting back laughing at me.

  29. Viktor, 6. December 2017

    Their support is BAD… They stole BTG from everyone and spent them all.. All they do is say “Our official viewpoint for all BTC forks is based on original Bitcoin developers statement. Everyone who support BTC forks will be blacklisted by developers of the original BTC, that is why we are not planning to list forks. This stand could be changed due to market conditions.” But they did list BCH which is also a fork of BTC.. And their fees are abnormal (BTC 0,001) and changing daily for coins of interest.. See EOS they increased fee 4 times in 48h.. They could be solid exchange but their greed will keep trader away, so i am sugesting you to stay away, been with since begining but lately (last 8 months) they are not doing well..

  30. Ian Yaufais, 4. December 2017

    I was really looking forward to trading on this exchange but thanks to the User Reviews here I will decline. Actually, when you think about it, the front page of the site has hooks displaying the coin symbols, which is the bait to draw you in, then you’re hooked for their dinner. 😀 lol

  31. Ob, 24. November 2017

    Scam. No way to withdraw your money unless the amount is fairly low.

  32. OTN tokens, 20. November 2017

    They suck there service is the worst ever! Yesterday i was selling and buying OTN tokens since they went up and down whole day and all of a sudden there stuck in order went down 10 dollar each and i cant sell or buy them cant reach them it say i got 0 and when i go to balance it say i got them all but there in order so i cant do annything with them its like that for 29 hours now and i send 2 tickets and all i get for response (8hours later)
    If i could explain My Problem in details.. What else do they need? Check My balance its stuck! Ffs!!!!

  33. todd Parke, 28. October 2017

    dont use this exchange unless you want to lose your funds. I send my funds to the address they told me to with the message they told me to attach. They didnt show ever recieving the funds so i sent a support ticket which took 6 days to answer. There answer is they cant receive transactions that way. So meanwhile they have my funds in there wallet but they of course cant send them back. So use at your own peril. they will never steal funds from me or anybody i talk to again if i can stop it.

  34. Jeffrey Santillan, 19. October 2017

    scam, they stole coins in my account

  35. John, 8. October 2017

    I have been waiting for days for livecoin to release my BATA coins. I have contacted them various times without success. I am not sure what is going on. The wallet for this coin is working well and their customer are not replying to my tickets. Scam or legit, not sure yet!

  36. Obieone, 2. September 2017

    Will sell you corrupt coins and then shut off your account when you complain they stole over two hundred dollars from me total scumbags don’t waist you time or money zero stars bunch of theives

  37. Obieone, 2. September 2017

    They sell corrupt coins and when you complain they shut off act acess and just rob u fuck live coin they got me for over 250.00 just locked me out and trading prices are high they are total rip off do not use livecoin unless u dnt want to see you money again and when they lock u out you cannot contact them total scumbags how this site has 4 stars id give them 0 stars bunch of thieves

  38. Jeff Kaplan, 1. September 2017

    I transferred on Aug 29th 2.00138600 ETH I verified the transfer code and have emailed the company 8 times now and no response. Livecoin is obviously a SCAM and when and if I ever get my money I will immediately transfer it do you really have to RIP your clients off thank god its not allot of money.

  39. Lukson, 28. August 2017

    I do not recommend the site. I paid about 500 $ and after a few days I wanted to pay Unfortunately, there were problems here: the page canceled my paycheck and changed the PIN code and then after reporting the problem blocked the payment. Now I wait 48 hours if after that time I still can not pay the police report.

  40. Antonio Ballesteros Cabezas, 25. August 2017

    Scam!!! Llevo varios días escribiéndoles para que me desbloqueen mi cuenta y nadie responde.
    No metáis el dinero allí!!

  41. Raphael Vogt, 23. August 2017

    Im sorry for judging so fast but I really didn’t expectet that. They answered in a very short ammount of time, they were also very friendly and they could solve my problem. I think i need to apologize. Super thing until now. Go On!
    and sorry again.

  42. Raphael Vogt, 23. August 2017

    The Support is really bad! for the fees you take you could make it million times better!!!

  43. nyanlynn, 1. August 2017

    its support is so bad.

  44. ROCKSTAR0983, 28. July 2017

    IT’s a scam. At 11:24 am on 28.07.2017 u can check on coinmarket cap and other exhange also that the price of REECOIN is 0.00001244 BTC and this value is fluctuating there but on live coin they are still showing that the value of REECOIN is 0.00000021 BTC or sometimes 0.00000022 BTC. They are forcing sellers to sell the REECOIN on low amount so that they can buy it later SELL it at higher prices or they are using consumers REECOIN to buy on lower prices and sell it at higher prices on other exhanges.

  45. opdawut, 23. July 2017

    np sending my vsl to change to btc 72vsl bougth for 31ksats ;D deposit was easy and wd fast 100ksats withdraw fee for btc tho +1

  46. Scott, 10. July 2017

    I don’t no I sent funds from one exchange to livecoin yet it isnt sho
    wing up 4 days I talk to them they aren’t helping I will change my mind if this gets straightened out 1 out of 5 stars

  47. G., 4. July 2017

    Great so far! 7/4/17. Baton Rouge, USA.

  48. George, 4. July 2017

    Great so far! 7/4/17. USA

  49. Artur, 13. June 2017

    Most buyers of other than top 10 coins are fake on livecoin. They appear for a second to score an automatic fake sale in 1 sec, always 2 cents less than the previous offer. Just check by yourself. For example most sales in func are fake, see the constant “8” on the end of the price:
    13.06.2017 12:24 buy 55 FUNC 0.00124898 ETH 0.0686939 ETH
    13.06.2017 12:20 buy 77 FUNC 0.00124898 ETH 0.09617146 ETH
    13.06.2017 12:19 buy 115 FUNC 0.00124898 ETH 0.1436327 ETH
    13.06.2017 12:10 buy 96 FUNC 0.00126998 ETH 0.12191808 ETH
    13.06.2017 12:03 buy 57 FUNC 0.00127178 ETH 0.07249146 ETH
    13.06.2017 12:01 buy 119 FUNC 0.00127298 ETH 0.15148462 ETH
    13.06.2017 11:59 buy 63 FUNC 0.00127318 ETH 0.08021034 ETH
    13.06.2017 11:58 buy 85 FUNC 0.00127318 ETH 0.1082203 ETH
    13.06.2017 11:55 buy 46 FUNC 0.00127397 ETH 0.05860262 ETH
    13.06.2017 11:49 buy 85 FUNC 0.00127496 ETH 0.1083716 ETH
    13.06.2017 11:45 buy 35 FUNC 0.00127496 ETH 0.0446236 ETH
    13.06.2017 11:37 buy 127 FUNC 0.00127498 ETH 0.16192246 ETH
    13.06.2017 11:28 buy 50 FUNC 0.00127594 ETH 0.063797 ETH
    13.06.2017 11:25 buy 101 FUNC 0.00127594 ETH 0.12886994 ETH
    13.06.2017 11:14 buy 62 FUNC 0.00127594 ETH 0.07910828 ETH
    13.06.2017 11:12 buy 62 FUNC 0.00127594 ETH 0.07910828 ETH

  50. Ed Adams, 26. May 2017

    It’s 7:26 EST 5/26/17 and the Livecoin exchange is down! I wonder what type of computer systems they use. Are they fault tolerant and linearly scalable? Will they hang up when cryptos really take off? I think it’s wise to use different exchanges and limit your exposure. There’s no need to take an exchange off line for maintenance if the proper investment is made in a reliable computer system. I know HPE NonStop systems are designed to never have issues like this.