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Buy Bitcoin with Payza

Do you have an account with Payza and would want to purchase Bitcoin through it? Or you’re just interested to know how to use Payza to buy Bitcoins? Payza has been supporting Bitcoin since 2014 and has upgraded and added features like buying and selling Bitcoins through their website. Aside from doing all your transactions through, you can, of course, use your account to purchase Bitcoins from Bitcoin exchange websites of your choice.

Bitcoin Exchanges that accept Payza payments

One good reason why people choose Payza over any other options out there today would be the fact that as a merchant, you do not need to have multiple accounts scattered all over the place. If you want to keep FIAT credit or Bitcoin, you can have one wallet which is with them. Not to mention they have been operating like this since 2014.

People would flock to their website knowing that they have been operating that long, not to mention unlike new wallets out there today that doesn’t have any reputation in keeping your money safe, as a starter, Payza should be a part of your list.

As someone new to Bitcoin trading, you need to put in mind that Payza is not a Bitcoin exchange website, they have been a payment processor and money sending service for a very long time now. The ability to buy and sell Bitcoin is just one of their services.

Advantages of using Payza

It would always be best to know more about a company’s strength if you want to do business with them, right? So what are the advantages of Payza among the rest of the Bitcoin wallets today? For starters, you can actually store more than just Bitcoin with your wallet. Not all of crypto currency wallets out there today supports this ability. And this is one of Payza’s strengths.

Convenience is the keyword. Imagine of not having multiple e-wallets and just having one for your online shopping and Bitcoin hoarding!

When it comes to trading Bitcoin, this can actually be done through Payza’s website, but the fees are far higher than normal exchange websites.

Things to keep in mind if you want to use Payza for Bitcoin

The last thing you want is an account with Bitcoins to get frozen right? In order to keep your account thawed, please make sure that you know the transaction limits that Payza has placed above Bitcoin trading through their website.

Payza has a list of “Authorized Exchanges” in which you can conduct Bitcoin transactions with. One person expressed his disinterest on what Payza has done regarding this issue, which you can read here.

But you need to keep in mind that Payza is a legitimate business which acts through laws; which means that they need to make sure that the Bitcoin market would not affect their money sending services in any way at all. If you want to trade Bitcoin out of their authorized exchange websites, please make sure that you know the consiquences before taking any risks.

Transaction fees for Payza

This is a screenshot of the transaction fees for United States; you can also check this out through this link and select the country you are from to get detailed information about their fees.



  • Convenient
  • More than just a Bitcoin wallet
  • Has buying/selling Bitcoin trade


  • Controlled trading
  • High Fees

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