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When stumbling across new websites that trade crypto currencies, you would always ask yourself, are they legit? Of course, it is natural as a human being to doubt any website’s integrity.

We as human beings would always look for something better, something that is a step above on what we currently have. With that being said, is Bittrex a legit website to trade BTC with other crypto currencies? has been operating in the U.S. since 2014. They claim to be the next generation in crypto currency trading. Backed up by security and development experience from companies like Microsoft and Amazon, they might just be the people you want to do business with. Bill Shihara is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bittrex. He has 11 years experience working with Microsoft Windows Operating system and security team. He has also experience working as a Security Engineer for Amazon and Blackberry.

Their team has an impressive combined experience when it comes to security. You can read more about the Bittrex team here.

How to get your account verified with Bittrex

Requirements for you to get verified with Bittrex:

Basic Verification

  • Complete Name
  • Date of birth
  • Country
  • Complete Address with Postal/Zip Code
  • Passport Number (Optional)

Phone Verification

  • Mobile phone number (mobile number provided should be able to receive SMS messages)

Enhanced Verification

  • You need to complete your Basic Verification first in order to proceed to the third level of verification.

I was able to register an account with them with no problems at all. The problem occurred when I started with the verification process. As shown in the screenshot above, I got an error when I submitted my Basic Verification details to them.

We could not match your information to our public record providers. To complete the basic verification process, you can verify a phone number or apply for an enhanced account.” -This is what I got after I submitted the basic verification application. Which is weird because everything I submitted was legit.

I also tried to verify my account using my mobile phone number. Problem is, it just keeps loading and it has been loading for two hours now, still no luck. So what happens if these two verification steps fail? You would then need to request an Enhanced Verification from them.

Enhanced verification would require you to submit scans of your identification along with your selfies. They work together with Jumio to verify the ID’s submitted and does the face verification process. You can read about the list of countries they support along with the accepted ID’s here.

Account Limits for

Due to Bittrex’s team experience when it comes to software security, they made sure that their customers would feel secure in using their services. With this being said, they take security seriously.

  1. A change of password in your account would mean that you cannot make any withdrawals within the next 24hrs.
  2. If you do not have a 2FA integrated into your account, you will only have a daily limit of 1 BTC withdrawal or equivalent per day.

Limit Update – Accounts that are created after October 30, 2016, would have the following withdrawal limits:

  • Unverified Account – 1 BTC per day or equivalent
  • Basic Account – 3 BTC per day or equivalent with 2FA enabled
  • Enhanced Account – 100 BTC per day or equivalent with 2FA enabled

Trading Fees

All trading done within would be charged 0.25%.

Website Interface

The website of features the Seatle Space Needle in the foreground, which is nice to look at. Homepage tabs are useless as they would just redirect you to the lower part of the page, something that you can do well without the tabs. You do need to register an account and log into their website to get an in-depth look at how they operate.

Once logged in, you will be greeted with the available Bitcoin markets that you can trade with. For example, I clicked on the BTC-ETH market located on the right-hand side of the screen. This redirected me to another page showing the BTC and ETH trade:

On the trading window, you are able to see two sides, this would be the “Buy” and “Sell” windows. You can manually enter the amounts you want to buy or sell in the space provided. Manual entry of amounts also means that you need to punch in your price manually as well.

You can also use the Order Book located on the lower part of the page. If you click on either side of the boxes, this will auto-populate your trading windows on the value that you have clicked. This would come in handy if you want to know the current asking price for the trade is.

They also have automated features like GTC (Good till canceled) and IOC (Immediate or Cancel) which you can setup by clicking the button located in your trade window.

  • GTC – Good Till Cancelled is the default setting. This means that the system would continue to look for your buy/sell post until this is fulfilled.
  • IOC – You would buy/sell your crypto currency for your price. If any portion of the currency being sold or bought cannot be fulfilled, this will be canceled immediately.

Customer Support

Customer service support for Bittrex might be the problem people are not very happy with. There is a forum post regarding this issue which can be found here. This forum thread was first posted when they launched in 2014, customer service problems regarding tickets not being resolved in time would start around page 30.

They run their support through email which you can reach through Their registered address is also provided below:

Bittrex LLC
6077 S. Ft. Apache Rd
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89148

Security by

As mentioned at the start, the company is being handled by a group of “security freaks” that are focused on keeping their customers safe at all time. Even tenured security experts in the world know that there is no such thing as a “perfect system” or software that can keep you safe, but they try their best to do so.

They have posted the Privacy Policy on their website regarding the use if information that you would be sharing with them. Not only they are focused on your security but they also let us know what they are doing with the information you submitted to them.

Bittrex offers 2-Factor Authentication which is always great when it comes to trading websites. I strongly advise using the Google Authenticator for the 2FA’s that you would be doing. Not just for this website, but for all your online transactions.

Speaking of 2FA’s, a huge number of their registered users were hacked at around April 2016. You can read more about it in this forum post. A quick read over the forum thread and I found out that those users that weren’t using 2FA were the ones that got hacked. The members that had 2FA installed had no problems with their accounts being compromised.


  • Security is top priority
  • Fairly easy to navigate
  • Automated features


  • Verification process takes forever
  • Customer Service issues not being resolved on time


Bittrex Review Conclusion offers a trade service with very good security options that you can use to your advantage. The website acts as a wallet and at the same time a trading platform for your crypto currencies. The verification process is still a question for me. Customer service is something that I do not want to count on due to negative reviews. Overall, they need a lot of improvement in a lot of things other than security.

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  1. Mark Pellegrino, 12. February 2018

    Very poor customer service. Even after my account was hacked and all funds disapered they provided no real customer support. They had no logical answer for it and responded with a auto respobser. Sent in several support tickets and did not receive a response fir months but after getting hacked i started receiving responses almost immedietly stating that my funds were list and nothing they could do. Bittrex pisses a large security risk without proper customer support and you will definetly loose your money and be out thousands like me

  2. matthew parsons, 30. January 2018

    Terrible exchange, They stole .02 eth from my account thinking I wouldnt notice. They also refuse to answer support request. DO NOT TRUST THIS EXCHANGE.

  3. Joe Doe, 27. January 2018


    here is what Southern Nevada BBB site has on them

    BBB has recently received complaints concerning the verification of Bittrex accounts and consumers inability to access or retrieve funds. In some cases consumers claim that the Bittrex wallet is empty. Consumers indicate that support tickets are not being addressed and there has been no contact from the company. These complaints are currently pending as BBB is waiting for the business’s response.

    Brittrex responded to BBB to state the reason for these complaints is the company’s commitment to follow the recent U.S. regulatory requirements to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act has created a backlog in their support response as they work to verify the identification of their customers. The company has stated they have or are working on increasing their staff support to handle the surge and hope to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

  4. Velja, 23. January 2018

    I had coins worth 3500$ and i was thinking that bittrex is secured but it’s not. For two weeks I couldn’t login to my account and today I’m finding out that someone transfer my coins for litecoin’s and withdraw all from my account.
    They just say that is happening and that they are sorry. That is not ok. I don’t recommend anyone to trade on bittrex from today.

  5. Adam, 19. January 2018

    Bittrex is legit. As of Jan 2018 writing this, none of the crypto exchanges are perfect. Most have serious flaws. The biggest factor is that so many people are signing up that they can’t keep pace / are too greedy to stop people from signing up. Binance did do this (paused new account sign ups). This is a disadvantage if you’re not in because you can’t sign up, but to me its a sign of relative quality at least they are trying to catch up to their users (with customer support etc). I think binance is the best but I also use bittrex. I use gemini for wiring in US$ funds but they only have eth and BTC right now. Then i transfer from there via ETH to binance or bittrex. You can use coinbase instead of Gemini also, but I like gemini better (less down time, random freezing of accounts less, maybe slightly better customer service). Know that all exchanges are blowing up so customer service lag time or non-response rate is high for most all of them. I have gone weeks without getting an answer to a ticket, but also had automated answers actually help at times. I like binance better because it seems to have more coins and more volume on a lot of them. But bittrex is solid too. Will it get hacked? Could they steal from you? No more likely than any of the other exchanges in my opinion. I think splitting your stuff up between multiple exchanges is a good solution – if one gets hacked, gets shutdown, if you forget or lose the key for one, etc etc – at least you’ve only lost a portion of your coins. If you are up 500% and you lose 1 of 3, you are still up overall. Better than not participating.

  6. Anonymous, 18. January 2018

    Bittrex has no customer service number. Be aware that any numbers posted on the net are scammers who will pose as Bittrex Customer service reps and rob you. I had waited 2 weeks to get enhanced verification to go through and was too impatient and fell for someone who posted a Bittrex Customer service number on He said his name was Sidh Mat. He took about $1500 in coin and cash. I was dumb and trusted him to be a true customer service rep. Be warned I did finally hear back from Bittrex more than once from my support tickets but it was nearly a month. They said they were hiring more reps, but no help with the actual robbery which was really my fault to be so trusting.

    I begged them to put up warnings about having no legit customer service number and anything found on the net is a scam. I dont know if they did.

  7. Aquavici, 13. January 2018

    After months trading, disabled my enhanced account 45 days ago, without notice. They have all my personal info, passport, selfie, mobile, checked & approved. No response at all tkt #555400. Please HELP !!! #Bittrex #BittrexTrouble Bill Shihara

  8. Steve, 12. January 2018

    Yup, these guys are jerks, they do not answer support request and they will steal you cash, plain and simple. Have been trying to get an answer for over 30 days for a minute amount of coin somewhere in the area of say $7 to $10 USD. No response, just ignored.

  9. mark, 4. January 2018

    I have been trying to get in touch with customer support with
    I have sent I several email support tickets and had to wait several weeks for a response. But to any availability the only response I had received was a auto responder not answering any questions. I looked around on the web site and tried to find a phone number to call. I could not find a number so I did a google search “Bittrex customer support number”
    I found 5 pages of numbers. I started calling them. Some are disconnected but others ring. These are call centers with large amounts of people working in. They are not customer support for bittrex by all means. I have called several times and they will tell you they are customer support for facebook,yahoo,bittrex,or just computer issue problem related customer support.
    I thought I was talking with the right people and was tricked into allowing them remote access into my computer.
    while they had remote access I was able to watch. at some given points my screen went black and was not able to see what he was doing. I was at the Atlanta airport just getting ready to board and I started getting emails about transactions in my coinbase account. At that point I had realized what was going on. I shut the computer down and called airport security, which told me to contact 911 which told me to call my city buffalo police, which told me to contact a circle of state agencies. I was stuck in Atlanta for the night I flew back to Tamp Where I have some family that I am staying with. That day when I arrived in Tampa I was going through my emails and again saw transactions from coinbase where they accessed my account and charged my banks and credit cards. They were not sending the money to my coinbase account like what is suppose to happen but were forwarding the funds to a differant account. ido not know how yet. After I realized what was going on I contacted the Local FBI to reports these 5 pages of scam numbers that they are using to hijack everyone’s computers.

  10. Wendy Connelly, 27. December 2017

    NO STARS!! (There is no place to mark any number of stars so not sure where these star ratings are coming from-Bittrex self-rating?)
    Bittrex has no customer service phone number and no response to emails other than automated. My account with $8000 was hacked into and hackers put 2-step verification on my account so I can not access it. Bittrex has not helped after 12 days and I’m still waiting. My money is probably drained but don’t know since I can’t access account to see. (For Bittrex: Ticket #772712). I would stay clear of this exchange!

  11. Syed R., 25. December 2017

    its been weeks after register,my account still not verified but i intend to transfer btc but it wouldn allow me to do so bcoz my account not verified,still waiting for verified and i foundout there scam site looks exactly like bittrex so becareful guys,always check website link.

  12. Peter, 19. December 2017

    Site is a scam, here’s one example. I go to do a trade, the page crashed literally the moment I click confirm a purchase below market value, the rest of the site continued to work but not the one page I submitted a trade on. After around 10 minutes the page loaded back up and it then pushed through a buy for what was now 13% above the going rate. I lost $400 on that one transaction (which no longer exists in the order history), surprisingly the price didn’t vary after that, just one magical 13% 10 minute drop that I fell into…. Site is a scam or it allows scammers to manipulate their subpar trading service. You’d do better at an online casino.

  13. David, 17. December 2017

    Bittrex claims to be close to one of my houses here in Las Vegas. So, Dec 16th, 2017, my wife and I drove out there before setting up an account. I wanted to buy some Ripple and transfer 1/2 a million fiat into Bittrex since they sell it and they’re local. But are they? NOPE! NOTHING at the address they supply on their website! I wrote them an email asking them where the hell they are and why, if they are here in Vegas, they have a photo of Seattle on their splash-page??? Yeah, fellas – seems like a total scam to me. Cockroach motel of exchanges – your money goes it and never comes out and there’s nobody to contact and no place to go and beat someone to death who put your money to sleep. The perfect crime.

  14. Tom Shoemaker, 15. December 2017

    Bittrex has the worst customer support I have every experienced.
    Their response is a stock email. Weeks can go by with not response. If you fill out another response ticket you get an email scolding you for doubling up on your requests.Investor BEWARE! Account and funds dissbled for over two weeks and no support.
    Go to another exchange.

  15. Jose Granifo Correa, 13. December 2017

    Im having a verification problem since 9 days ago and cant withdraw my money. I know more people are involved in this. Any group or forum? Anyone knows if there is one verification problem solved? With that I will be able to sleep πŸ™‚

  16. thrakkath, 8. December 2017

    100% Scam disabled legacy accounts with no notification seizing peoples bitcoins and then putting them through a verification that doesn’t work for a large percentage of users despite submitting legitimate ID’s and details leaving them in limbo for months with no support.

    Either Bittrex has been seized by Feds or it is running a fractional reserve scam and has run out of BTC to keep its scam going. This is the next Mt. Gox or Cryptsy guaranteed. Avoid at all costs

  17. Tony, 6. December 2017

    Wow thanks for the heads up guys I started an account decided to research more on bittrex. After reading most of the comments below I will not be opening an acoount with them


  18. Saatchi, 5. December 2017

    Bittrex is disabled many accounts without any clear reason in pretext of review. i had done basic verification and i did what they said (selfie from you and your passport and…) but they have not re-enabled my account yet. its more than 2 months. so if you want a responsible exchange i do not recommend you

  19. WaitingFourWeeksSoFar, 1. December 2017

    core issue: Bittrex allows you to deposit funds before you verify your account.

    If there is a hangup in your verification, such as “JR” or “III” being in your name, or some slight mismatch to your address, etc, your verification process will freeze and you will be forced to depend on Bittrex support to verify your account. Bittrex support does not exist –
    you will only receive automated responses. Furthermore, I believe opening more than one ticket or adding additional queries actually puts you at the back of the line again.

    What you need to know – and they tell you on their site: Until your account is verified, you will not be able to extract your funds.

    So. Verify first. Then deposit. Or heed the reviews all over the internet and find an exchange that is ethically sound and makes verification a mandatory first step.

  20. Andres Goldstucker, 30. November 2017

    They are Scum, watch OUT, they are just gathering IDs and blocking accounts. I havent been able to withdraw my BTC. I finally called a support number and they kept hanging up the phone, first question much is the amount you are trying to withdraw, second question…do you have other wallets?..they wanted to connect to my computer and see both wallets, they needed to see if the problem was on the ips or some BS like that////They are a scum, they are stealing money and identities from people. I lost my money and gave up my identity to a buch of malasyan scammers

  21. Peris, 29. November 2017

    Bittrex has blocked my account without previous notification. The verification they ask for is not working. I posted a ticket and got no response like many others…In the website they say it could take more than a week to verify my ID. This is totally unacceptable and so unprofessional. Please do not use this website it looks to me as this is A TOTAL SCUM. I will give them one week and a half and then take legal action to claim my money.

    Remember they are not reliable and probably if you use their service you will put your coins at risk.

    Bittrex is malware.

  22. or, 29. November 2017

    Do not use!!
    they blocked hundreds of peoples money.

    the next biggest scam!

    proofs: google bittrex scam and see for yourself.

  23. WZAWZDB, 28. November 2017

    Dont use Bittrex, you cannot withdraw money –>> see

  24. BittrexEmployee, 25. November 2017

    Just received announcement from Bittrex they will no longer tolerate “stale orders” on the buy/sell books. Clients are not allowed to have orders on the books for over 28 days. Makes me glad I pulled my coins from there and use mostly Cryptopia and Gdax now!
    Coinbase does everything possible to make sure we are secure, well worth the work IMO. People complain right up until they get hacked once!
    Bitterex is the last place on earth you will find me!
    Good luck everyonr!

  25. Vitor, 24. November 2017

    Bittrex support for clientele is Non existent. The site continually fails to complete trades. When clients request inquires for support they are directed to generic statements in which their own internal counters display despite hundreds of visits few received assistance. Do not use this site for financial transactions. Beware of its lack of consideration for clients whom fall victim to the inability to complete transactions. Despite many repeated requests for assistance, no live or direct contact is received. THEY DONT GIVE A DAMN IF THE SITE PERFORMS FOR YOU OR NOT. CONCERNED OF POSSIBLE FINANCIAL SCAM.

    anyone can helpme

  26. JohnB, 23. November 2017

    Bittrex will steal your money. They won’t let you verify your ID and won’t let you withdraw your currency. Stay away at all costs.

  27. bittrex_scam, 22. November 2017

    Scam .. not able to withdraw coin also til verification process complete since 2 weeks.No reply from support. !!!!!

  28. Simon The Pieman, 22. November 2017

    Yep. Thieves and pirates. They take your money then they won’t let you withdraw it again, until you’ve gone through all the sign-up routine, which fails. Then you try and contact their support and you don’t get a reply. I wouldn’t touch them with a barge-pole. You pricks at Bittrex should be ashamed of yourselves.

  29. Mark, 20. November 2017

    Totaly SCAM. BE AWARE!!! Not possible to withdraw any money from bittrex right now. While still allowing new clients and funds coming in. Have no idea how to get to my money now. Can we start some joint lawsuit? Any suggestions, please?
    Thank you.

  30. poikilotherm, 20. November 2017

    I tried to do Basic Verification but failed. Because “We could not match your information to our public record providers.” Then I tried to do Enhanced Verification, submitted all information and scanned passport, photo, etc. They told me “We have failed to automatically process your documents due to your name from your basic application not matching what is found on your document. They will need to be manually reviewed. Please contact our support desk. Manual review typically takes 7 days but could be longer based on demand.” I of course sent a support ticket. All I got is computer generated replies. And I can’t do the Enhanced Verification again. Now my fund (it grows into a big sum) is locked with Bittrex. I don’t think they will ever return to my support request. Avoid this exchange.

  31. Ali, 19. November 2017

    I have the same problem someone not responding .43 day

  32. Ali, 17. November 2017

    unfortunately Bittrex is Scam,
    avoid to work with them,
    they have disabled my account and rub 5 BTC
    they reply to my request just we have not time to follow and check your request ,

  33. RIPNewbie, 16. November 2017

    Bittrex disabled my account with no reason at all.
    I raised a ticket and no one is responding. I raised another ticket and then they closed my 2nd ticket saying it will be merged with my old ticket and yet it has not been solved. I got a pre-formatted reply saying they are very busy with other tickets but it seems from all the forums i read, this is a basic reply from bittrex. Now my account is stuck, i am bleeding coins since i cannot trade and i still get no reply from bittrex support. Please do not join this bittrex trading anymore unless you are prepared to have terrible headaches losing your money.

  34. Emovon Uyi, 13. November 2017

    I created an account with Bittrex and decided to fund the account with the expectation that I will verify with my documents after am done. I funded the account and traded for about 5 days and then I started the verification, basic verification was rejected and I upgraded to enhanced verification. There I submitted copies of my driver license and selfie. But the system rejected the documents several times until finally it accepted and returned a message that the name on the document does not match the name I supplied in my basic verification, which is not true. It then referred me to support for manual verification.

    I contacted support right away, and forwarded my issue to them, and for about a week now, I’ve not received any response from Bittrex support staff in the reviewing of my documents, and in the process, am losing both money and time.

    As for their dashboard, there is no phone verification, at least that may have helped. Am not convinced that the site is a reliable platform, their anonymity is messing with my trust in so many ways. It feels as though I talk with a machine and nobody to respond to me.

    For now, the sixth day I have written support, I have gotten no response from them as to what the matter is. So I cannot vouch that it is a trusted site, they are no different from scammers. My review for them is -5, not even zero or one.

  35. isamamin, 7. November 2017

    Bitterx Scam and there is many proofs you can check at amd this now common issue in cryptocurrincie’s world. Just Google “Bitterx Scam” and Google will sort you results.
    Bitterx disabled more than 1000 accounts without any single notification and try to make verification as hard as possible to screw user’s funds under what Bitterx call “OFAC”
    I got email from Bitterx after 24 days
    Said: ” please send any document to show where are you life”
    Bitterx caching all accounts that hard to get verified and make a big list to do this shitty Scam.
    Now clear, Poloniex allowed users withdraw their funds with the same situation, but bitterx disallowed that, and killing Hundreds users around the world.
    So I think Bitterx not fit to secure your coins and this very clear.
    Also you can search in twitter for #bitterx_exchange and see what’s Bitterx user’s saying

  36. Sevan, 5. November 2017

    Bittrex disabled thousands account more than 3 week without any reason. Bittrex support not responsible.

  37. hos, 5. November 2017

    i am disabled for more than 1 month..they dont response us,,they dont respect customers

  38. Garry, 30. October 2017

    Hey there Im having this issue here with Bittrex,my account was find until it my family members gave me a gave to it. So from there my basic information needed my last 4 number of my SSC, so I didn’t provide that info. So right there it said cannot verify with public records. So update to enhance. So I did that and from there my account become disabled and cannot automatically enabled. It’s almost a month now I kept on email the’s people’s I need to have access to my account because I like to make other cryptos purchase. I cannot get any answers from them. I did the picture verification things with a selfie and write on a paper the date and Bittrex. Nothing still happening to my accoun5. I’m losing my head over here. Because I have my money holding back from me. Can someone help me with this please.

  39. eric, 28. October 2017

    They block my account more than 2 weeks (today is 10/28/2017) without any responsibility to response my ticket. and if we say any things in they social media pages they block us!!!!
    bittrex have a awfully customer support. if you want loose your money and coins join to bittrex .

  40. sveco, 21. October 2017

    They are SCAMMERS. They were disabled many accounts without any warning. They refuse to answer the reason and don’t pay back our coins.
    Today is our turn to be disabled, tomorrow is yours..

  41. grace, 19. October 2017

    i think bittrex is scam .after i deposit a big money. they failed my verification of my account so i cant withdraw . i hope it will be ok . i wrote a letter many times to the support..

  42. Rooz, 17. October 2017

    Bittrex is disbaled many accounts now they asked documents and pix after that they dont answer. My account is disbaled more than week .It should be another scam site

  43. damoon, 16. October 2017

    my enhanced passport verification account is disabled for 5 days and no response from support, just i got automatic message
    where is my money?

  44. dani greage, 16. October 2017

    same issues with them, started a enhanced verified account with them, deposited coins equal to 500 $ and every thing looks fine, but when i deposited more funds above 1000 $ my account was disabled since 3 weeks now and no single response from their side,
    actually that was purely my fult since i didn’t do enough research before i decided to go with them
    so be careful guys

  45. Steve, 15. October 2017

    This site is a scam they want to know all about you, or you can’t withdraw your money out. You can deposit it though, funny that. I would avoid this ID theft scam at all costs.

  46. eddy, 12. October 2017

    Deposited funds from my coinbase account. After two days the funds are still not showing on Bittrex. The website claims they are too busy with tickets and it will take a long time to resolve. what kind of rubbish is that.

  47. Joe, 9. October 2017

    I feel my FUNDS are STUCK in BITTREX.
    They DO NOT HAVE ANY SUPPORT And there is no Number to call.
    I think it is time to complain to the authorities about them

    I am so sick of these guys, pretending to offer a server.
    What I have seen is ABSOLUTELY NO SERVICE.
    I have been waiting like a month for them to respond to my “support request”. they just keep sending me automated emails, asking me click if my request has been solved, while offering ZERO SUPPORT.


  48. L marcus, 6. October 2017

    Bittrex support for clientele is Non existent. The site continually fails to complete trades. When clients request inquires for support they are directed to generic statements in which their own internal counters display despite hundreds of visits few received assistance. Do not use this site for financial transactions. Beware of its lack of consideration for clients whom fall victim to the inability to complete transactions. Despite many repeated requests for assistance, no live or direct contact is received. THEY DONT GIVE A DAMN IF THE SITE PERFORMS FOR YOU OR NOT. CONCERNED OF POSSIBLE FINANCIAL SCAM.

  49. R McDonald, 1. October 2017

    I have had my Bittrex wallet emptied of 3 crypto currencies
    Have sent 3 emails to their support site over past 3 weeks
    I have sent them details of the withdrawal ,dates and quantities

  50. CryptoNewbie, 1. October 2017

    I first attempted to register and account with CoinBase and had all sorts of issues with their verification loops, I gave up. So I then tried Bittrex and setup a Basic account in no time and 30 min later funded a small deposit and made my first trade. I really liked Buy/Sell page and it was easier to navigate than my broker for stock trades and had enough feedback on both my trade and deposit to allow me to follow the progress. I assume the Advanced option might fail like CoinBase because my State DL and Photo are close but not the same and my DL picture is tiny – not much to work with. But @ 3 BTC limits, I’m OK for now. Next is getting a hardware wallet and moving trades Offline for safe keeping.