Best Bitcoin Exchange for Cyprus

Crypto currencies and especially the only true Bitcoin are booming and are accordingly also widespread in Cyprus, almost every new emigrant we have met and (like most) online entrepreneurs is also a crypto user. This is really gross!

At the University of Cyprus (which attracts attention with THINK BIG advertising), Bitcoins has been available for payment since 2013 and it is legally clear that Bitcoins are not illegal in Cyprus.

General information

If you emigrate to Cyprus and have applied for Cyprus Non Dom status, you will not be subject to taxes on dividends and interest income and most exchange gains are tax-free in Cyprus (see tax advisor for details).

Crypto currencies are not fully regulated in Cyprus, they are not illegal and are on the rise.

If you want to trade within the EU legally secure and tax-free commercially crypto currencies, it is my recommendation to do this as recommended by our tax consultants & lawyers via a tax-free dividend company abroad, because as a Cyprus Non Dom you legally and elegantly evade a possible or possibly future taxation effectively.

This is also meaningful, because a possibly not foreseeable law change, in particular on European level so lastingly and effectively can be countered, who knows already, what the European Union will still think up in the next 3 – 5 years …

How does it work?

The basic requirement is that you already have Non Dom status.

1. reasons for a tax-free company abroad suitable for cryptos.

A recommendation for a suitable location here would be Belize or Hong Kong, for example.
Belize has the advantage that the formation costs and annual costs are very low compared to other locations such as Hong Kong and crypto currencies are already regulated there, i.e. a Belize company can officially be used for this business purpose.

At the major exchange exchanges, which usually also accept business (company) accounts. Register there on the name of your tax exempt company e.g. in Belize an account and let this unlock with the company documents. Transfer the activities to the tax-exempt company.

All crypto transactions no longer take place via your private account, but via the dividend company.

2. tax exemption of the “dividend company”.

If the dividend company has been established in an offshore location suitable for this project, the tax burden of the company for profits generated is 0%.

3. no speculative profits, but dividends

Since the activities do not run through your personal account, but through the dividend company, price gains are only generated by the dividend company. If the company generates profits, you as a shareholder are entitled to the corresponding profits in the form of distributed dividends.

4. tax-free dividends

As a natural person with Non Dom status in Cyprus, you are entitled to receive dividends from your dividend company at any time, completely tax free and of course without other forms of taxation such as social security contributions.

Another advantage is that the Belize Corporation is not subject to any accounting obligation or accounting.

Cloud mining

A tax-free dividend company is also suitable for cloud mining, some providers such as Hashflare support the account opening on a corporation. It is also possible to use cloud mining providers with an EU company (Cyprus LTD). In cases where it is not possible to provide a legal entity with the cloud mining provider, please contact your tax advisor to find out what possibilities there are.

Crypto Mining with own hardware in Cyprus?

Even in terms of electricity costs, there are better locations for crypto mining, even the warm weather is anything but optimal for mining in Cyprus. Instead, use a cloud mining provider through a Belize company.

  • Taxes: Cyprus LTD 12,5 % Corporate income tax
  • The tax consultant of my trust can tell you more details.

Write to us for the direct German-speaking contact of our tax and law office. You are the TOP contact person for company formation, legally secure tax advice and also extremely fit in the crypto area. He also offers special crypto solutions for the foundation of an ICO etc..

We hope, we could help you with the topic crypto currencies on Cyprus. Please clarify any tax-related questions with the tax advisor of our trust. Thank you very much.


Cyprus, rich in history, lies south of Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean. The third largest Mediterranean island (after Sicily and Sadinia) was politically divided in 1974 after a Turkish invasion: In the south lies the Greek Cypriot Republic of Cyprus, in the north the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), only recognised by Turkey.

Despite its advanced location, Cyprus has traditionally been considered a member of Europe. Cyprus joined the EU on 1 May 2004, but only the Republic of Cyprus. Previously, an attempt to reunite Cyprus had failed in a referendum on 24 April 2004 due to rejection in the Greek part. Cyprus is also home to the two sovereign Royal-British bases Akrotiri and Dhekelia.


There is a Mediterranean climate with mild, humid winter weather (the lowest average daily temperature is 5° C) and hot, dry summers (with maximum average daily temperatures of 36° C). Cyprus offers on average 320 warm and sunny days per year. The rivers only carry water in winter.

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