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  • Founders have clear track record in crypto trading
  • New features: Initial Futures Offerings
  • Physically Delivered Bitcoin futures
  • Margin trading available
  • Accepts Fiat and Crypto deposits
  • Easy to understand trading platform
  • Might not be suitable for newbies
  • New company
  • No fiat support
  • Exclusive for South Korean traders
  • Crazy account tiers
Company Location:
Company Location Republic of Seychelles
Company Location Seoul, South Korea
Customer Support:
Customer Support Email, Telegram chat
Customer Support Email, Phone
Futures Yes
Futures No
Derivates Yes
Derivates No
Margin Trading:
Margin Trading up to 20x
Margin Trading up-to 100x
Has been hacked:
Has been hacked No
Has been hacked No
Security High
Security Excellent
Tradeable Coins:
Tradeable Coins BTC, USDT, USDC, DOT, ETH, FLEX, BCH
Tradeable Coins BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, QTUM, LTC, IOTA, and BTG
Trading Volume:
Trading Volume N/A
Trading Volume High
Deposit Fees:
Deposit Fees No
Deposit Fees Yes
Trading Fees:
Trading Fees 0,03%
Trading Fees N/A
Withdrawal Fees:
Withdrawal Fees 0.03%
Withdrawal Fees N/A
Coinflex is the first cryptocurrency exchange on the world which offers physically delivered bitcoin futures. There is no cash exchange that happens at settlement, everything is delivered in crypto. Beyond the low fees, Coinflex also offers leveraged bitcoin and stablecoin trading up to 20x which makes them one of the most unique service provider in […] Read Review »
There are now a couple of Korean-based cryptocurrency websites today! This is because BTC is spreading like a virus and South Korea is one of the countries that are getting hit by it. The huge trading traffic from the region has attracted investors and companies to create their own exchange system. Today, we will be […] Read Review »