Yobit.net / Yobit.io Review 2021 – Scam or Not?

The Truth Behind Yobit.Net – Pros And Cons

Yobit is a website that is shredded with complaints from left to right, not to mention an on-going investigation by the Russian Authorities! Though this investigation has not been proved yet, it would be best to know more about them before you invest.

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If you’re someone that wants to get into things that you want to prove wrong, then this might be the website you want to start looking into. So, are they legit?

Let us look into Yobit more closely. The company was founded in Russian and was first introduced in a forum way back a couple of years ago in 2015. No further information can be found on the name of the owner of this website, quite interesting.

The website caters to English, Russian and Chinese traders, which you can conveniently change easily on their website with one click.


Yobit Verification Process

Creating an account with Yobit.net would not take five minutes of your time as the confirmation email almost instantly pops up. When it comes to sending out payments or doing withdrawals, the verification process is fast as long as you have the Google Authenticator installed. You will be given a step by step process on how to activate this once you register with them.

The only FIAT currency that is accepted would be USD. You can deposit USD into your account and purchase bitcoin with it. After you have credited your account, you can then trade it for BTC and move into your preferred cryptocurrency. They have a wide range of selection from BTC, DASH, ETH, XBY and DOGE just to name a few.


How Yobit Trading Works

Trading is surprisingly easily when it comes to Yobit, even the inexperienced can easily know their way through the website. All you need to do is select which currency you want to trade with (which is located on the left-hand side of the screen) and put on a buy or sell order for it. The minimum transaction would be at 0.00010000 in all currencies and the transaction fee would be 0.2% for both buying and selling.

In addition, a live chat section is available for users to use. This comes quite in handy if you want to know about the latest coin gossip or just want to know which coin is hot on that day.

Fees would depend on the wallet that you will be using to transact with them.


The cheapest deposit fee would be free for USD transactions under Perfect Money, OKPAY, advcash and Capitalist. Payeer charges you 2% USD per deposit and QIWI Wallet would charge you 5% RUR per deposit. Withdrawals would range from 1% RUR to 3% RUR and 5% USD fees.
Before moving your fortune into their website, please be advised that they have something called Free Coins.

You can earn different cryptocurrencies in Yobiet.net with just a few clicks of your mouse. After you have clicked on the actions, you will then be given a cool-down time clock until your next freebie.

They also have a DICE game wherein you can gamble BTC for a certain price. Not bad, right?


Yobit’ Website Interface

The website is clean, precise and mouse-motion-streamlined. This means that you do not need to break a sweat just to move your mouse pointer from one place to another. The first time I looked into their website, I was pleased to see the color scheme was not something out of a horror booth. It is very easy to navigate and everything is right in front of you!

When it comes to trading websites, it is always best to have something simple and not complicated to get in your way. The trading market is far complicated enough, an additional blinking widget is the last thing you want.


How Yobit Treat Their Customers

In regards to customer service, they do not have a live chat, well that is a downer. They do have a ticketing system, which if you ask me is not the best when it comes to these live trading websites. I tried to make a ticket just to test the expected resolution time frame but no luck.

When you create a ticket, you will be provided with nothing, not even a reference number that you can use in case your first ticket wouldn’t be responded. No time frame provided, just a status saying “New”. People from this forum (https://bitcointalk.org) actually had the same issue when it comes to customer service.

But after a few minutes, I got a reply from them!

I asked them if I can link my bank account directly to their website and sadly you cannot. Though the answer was frankly vague, it was of best interest to just try and check the wallet tab.

Apparently, with the test ticket I made, you can deposit money into your account using the following options provided on the screenshot above. With everything Free except Payeer.com which they charge 2% per transaction.

This controlled ticket was something that I did not expect coming from a website that has so meany negative reviews, might just be lucky? On the other hand, they do have an FAQ’s page in which you can get answers for your questions before sending out a ticket or email to their customer service team.

User Experience

A lot of supposed members of Yobit.net are mad because of one common problem, and that is the delay when it comes to withdrawal of their bitcoins. A separate thread was made on a forum regarding this issue when it comes to having problems with withdrawals. The website is currently under flak from numerous forums in the Bitcoin world today.

Clearly, everything might just be a speculation as everything shows to just be a complaint, maybe bad customer service? Aside from the bad reviews and negative feedback from forums, we also have a number of positive reviews from people claiming that they had nothing but good experiences with Yobit.net.

 Website Security of Yobit.net

When it comes to online trading be it FOREX or BTC trading websites, it is always of best interest to make sure that they have a decent security platform that you can rely on. At the end of the day, you are trading your hard earned money and not sticks and stones.

Yobit also offers two-factor authorization which is always great when it comes to trading websites.

For security, Yobit.net has the following:

  • File systems encryption
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Anti-DDOS
  • Intelligent system of queer transaction analysis and blocking
  • Two-factor authorization (Google Authenticator, Email)
  • Cold/Hot Wallets
  • Yobi Codes (codes that are provided for transactions)

Trading Fees

The trading fee is 0.2%.

Supported Countries

Yobit doesnt`t mention restrictions on certain countries on their website. We assume sanctioned countries are not allowed.

Yobit Review Conclusion:

At the end of the day, knowing that this website offers fair trade would still be up to you. With all the forums in the world talking about how good a website is or how they steal people’s money, if you look right through them, one thing is clear -it all depends on the person that is trading.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Security -Yobi codes (deposit codes)
  • Free Coins


  • Has a ton of negative reviews
  • Very high withdrawal fees ( > 0.001 BTC)

No one forces you to trade or lose money on a certain website, it is your gamble. And just like any gambling game, it’s either you win or lose. There are definitely better Exchanges like Binance.com than Yobit – but if you want to trade exotic shitcoins – Yobit might be worth a try.

Go to yobit.net
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113 User-Reviews for Yobit.net
  1. Denis, 26. June 2020

    Excellent exchange for all categories of users. Suitable for both experienced users and beginners

  2. Alexander Larionov, 26. June 2020

    No KYC, nice exchange

  3. ASTX, 26. June 2020

    Good exchange! I’m trading for 1 year, no problems whatsoever with them

  4. alex black, 26. June 2020

    Now support works on yobit and the exchange has become simply gorgeous. There are some minor flaws, but they do not stop me from earning + 30% every month here 🙂

  5. GAYANE, 26. June 2020

    The best exchange. Not any verification! Deposits and withdrawals are quick and easy

  6. Mark, 26. June 2020

    Now this exchange has quickly started working support. If someone had a problem with her, but create a ticket. In 1 day everything will be decided

  7. fere, 26. June 2020

    In recent years, the exchange has become much better. Perhaps the change of ownership has affected, but it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that it is now functioning perfectly. If they also add a stop loss, then it will be ideal.

  8. Nick, 24. June 2020

    I have been trading on this exchange for 2 years. I did not have any problems with the exchange during this time! Great exchange, everything works well

  9. Dave Allen, 3. June 2020

    I have been trying to withdraw my money for almost two months and I have sent them 6 messages/ticket submissions. They have replied to me exactly ZERO times. They are a scam. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM YOBIT! I’m chalking this up as a sunk cost now.

  10. admin, 8. April 2020

    Hi Melinda, contact them via https://yobit.net/en/support/

  11. Melinda, 31. March 2020

    Hi can anyone tell me how to do a manual withdrawal using a yobi code. On a wallet under maintenance.and is Yobi.net on twitter a support person of the yobi platform? Is it normal for support to ask for bitcoin yobi codes

  12. J, 10. January 2020

    The thing is that I lost my google authenticator 8I had to restart my cell). And when I tried to disable the 2FA requirements through a “ticket” they always told me that there is no user or password matching, therefore I can not access to my account and I cant recover my money.
    Incredible, no help and no customer service from YOBIT

  13. Mirriam, 11. December 2019

    Yobit is a scam exchange. I couldn’t access my account on 30 October, it was blocked for no apparent reason when I finally got it oppened more than 3 bitcoins worth of coins had disappeared. No history, the 2 fa on yobit and one my email were still on, passwords not changed. Yobit admin cleared all my balances. All my life savings gone! They are no longer replying any of my messages and my account is blocked again.

  14. Lee, 5. August 2019

    Giant ass scam, can’t even get my $63 back.

  15. Dave, 1. July 2019

    Yobit is not scam but it not the best site ever! Withdrawal for bitcoin works and top crypto coins work for withdrawal.

  16. Upset, 22. June 2019

    100% Scam. I did something stupid and tracked my funds to Yobit.net

    Avoid them like the plague!

  17. sdadas, 1. June 2019

    Yobit 100% is scam
    Deposite any coins or moneys to this exchange can going to fuck and after deposit account going to block and their admins going to steal and withdraw your money
    their admins name : dominikherzrog-Ultramod-BlackSmith-Warden
    they are mother fuckers and should be arrest and going to jail soon and close and fuck this exchange
    Do not buy any coins here and not going to trade
    their investbox is 100% scam
    and their ICO and IEO and fake Forks every days making are just for scam and stealing moneys peoples

    Crypto market should be ban and close this scam exchange

  18. Happy Gilmore, 3. May 2019

    Kill yobit!! Yobit is a major scam. I was enjoying them for a good two months. I really liked there dice game. I transferred all my bitcoins. Over 50k worth to yobit. I am playing there dice game and out of no where my balance is at zero. My heart stopped. I looked at my history. And apparently I bet all of my coins at once…… I have no idea wtf just happened. I emailed them stating that it’s not possible for me to just enter in a fuck load of numbers especially over 50k worth in a split second and then its ridiculous to think someone would bet that much at once anyways. They never replied!! Not once. Then. I send more tickets. And more. And more. It’s my fucking money I’ve had for a life time and its fucked up so fucked up. I invested in bitcoin when I was a freshman. I’m 22 now. Most money I’ve ever made on an investment and it’s gone just like that. I bothered them. They never replied. Then out of no where there site is ddos feeling. Absolutely so slow. So slow that I cant do any dice without the site collapsing. So they are ddosing people who have lost money and make complaints to get them away. After they made shit loads of money by stealing from them. Like how I bet 100$ and won 100$ I then look and it bet for me again and took back the 100$. It was so confusing. But theres someone on yobits team who is only there to begin stealing peoples money. Look at there complaints too. Apparently I’m not the only one. I am ddos off of there site with shit loads of other investments that they’ve probably taken and just put a number on the screen. Fucking bull shit site. Dont use this cheap Russian fucks that we should invade and kill all there families infront of them. Fuck out of here yobit. Fucking God damn piss me the fuck off. I wish I knew one person who helps run yobit. Yea I’m 22 but I’m not scared to come to your house you fucking fag. Even if your in Russia. The dark web has plenty of assassins. Go fuck yourselves yobit. Couldn’t just make your money legitimately on the trading fees. Had to take it that much further and take a kids life investment. Guess who’s completely broke now living 100% job. My 54k was so much help to me and my life. It made my life so much more relieved. I actually had a good life. Now my life is like everyone elses and yours is 54k richer.. Hopefully I can get a Russian name from these fuck holes. Like thatll ever happen.

  19. J, 29. April 2019

    I just got scammed BIG TIME by Yobit.io.. Lost 80% of my investment on FALSELY ADVERTISED FAKE COINS.. The place is a cess poll of scammers and scams. Literally the worst and most scammy exchange I’ve ever encountered.. Don’t even pretend to think you know what you’re buying on there.. On top of the exchange itself misrepresenting coins, there’s scammers who are clearly insiders at the exchange as they respond to the SUPPORT messages showing they’re able to read them.. I was trying to get help withdrawing my SCAM coins and some other SCAMMER tried to convince me to deposit another 0.1 BTC to solve my problem and tried to get me to send my codes to some other email.. I’m SURE it’s an insider, but if I had fallen for it they would have just said it was my fault.. STEAR CLEAR!!

  20. Casey, 9. April 2019

    They accept deposits without informing the user that the funds will not be accessible. Disable deposits if your wallets aren’t working.
    I will not be using this exchange again.

  21. rpsaxena, 9. February 2019

    My self facing of invalid authonticator problem sinc last one month and not able to log in.Ticket created many times but no solution provided till date.Requested to please take immediate action and resolve it.


  22. corey reaves, 20. December 2018

    Ive been trying to retrieve my crypto from yobit how can you sell a coin and not allow buyers to withdraw it Im fed up with this exchange Ill not buy a fraction of a coin from yobit again

  23. Serdar, 5. December 2018

    Be careful for http://www.yobit.net.
    We have our own crypto currency. It is new. We want to extend different markets. In that search we met http://www.yobit.net — As all exhachanges, we did ”add token”. Then someone wrote us from telegram. And email us from mailer@yobit.net — We transfered them 1 BTC Fee to be listed and 4 BTC as security (which should be returned in 1 month) but after they receive it. They just blocked the telegram. Then we wrote to their website, they reject that telegram group is not their group where there is 3000 people. So it is so sad situation. We want to make a good job. But such people just make it bad. I contacted them. I m trying to explain situation. Nothing. So please be aware about yobit.net and think twice.

  24. Andy, 29. November 2018

    I lost 300$ on yobit 🙁 No any response for my tickets/mails … SCAM :/

  25. sofia, 24. October 2018

    I can’t deposit or withdraw any altcoin, it is the stupidest exchange I have ever seen when you write a ticket no one willing to help you, I deposit alt coin in my Yobit wallet and I confirm from the other end it is successfully transferred but I can’t find my balance in my yobit account, I literally lost my money on the air

  26. Setakane Elias Kgatla, 13. October 2018

    They charge too much 4 withdrawal emargine pay 6000 withdrawal fee from 100000

  27. Garp, 23. August 2018

    I deposited Bitcoin and bought some coins , I then withdrew the coins to my wallet .
    Will I use this site again, of course I will

  28. Robert, 3. August 2018

    Yobit steals funds. Everything was stolen from me. Yobit has very different bad reviews.

  29. Andre, 2. August 2018

    Yobit is a scam, bad reviews very much. I myself was robbed to the last penny.

  30. Andre, 29. July 2018

    Yobit Scam. They steal money. After pritenzii block the account.
    The administration is obviously stealing, because no one exchange has ever steal money so.

  31. boys, 25. July 2018

    i lost in yobit 14 BTC because i can’t acces to my account, my account is blocked,
    just view menit deposite after that, my account blocked, n until now i dont know what reason my account is block.
    Yobit is scammer, yobit is robber, so many many member account is blocked, so many many investor cant acces to account, admin n support no respon n very arogant, so easy say member idiot, so easy say member scammer.

  32. bpsusone, 5. July 2018

    Been waiting an unreasonably long time to receive my Bitcoins (Over 30 Days). No reply from my support ticket. Not a happy customer!

  33. Daniel, 3. July 2018

    Yobit is a terrible exchange. Everyting seems to work but when you really need to contact to support. No one responds. It is really a huge problem, when they take money out of your advcash wallet but did not deposit into my yobit.net USD wallet.

  34. Chimlear, 26. June 2018

    SCAM… sent 3 ETH to Yobit which isn’t showing in my wallet even though etherscan confirms they received it. I have been logging support requests for 3 MONTHS WITH NO REPLY.
    Disaster, avoid at all costs!

  35. jami2949494, 21. June 2018

    infebruaray I deposited XMG tokens to my Yobit Wallet. My account is still not credited with my tokens today. Wrote 5 support tickets, NONE have been opened by them. They are not responding on social media neither.

    Think twice before you send them tokens, there is a chance you won’t see them anymore.

  36. Morgan Zavec, 8. June 2018

    Yobit is a SCAM – they steal money. When you try to withdraw small amount everything is ok, but when you do bigger withdrawal they claim they send coins, but there is no coins or even transaction ID on blockchain.
    Support didn’t respond to tickests since a half year.
    Stay away from this exchange.

  37. Yobit News, 6. June 2018

    The assessment is that Yobit Exchange is a Fraud! Arrests have already been made and more are to follow! Join us now on Twitter to spread the truth about this deceptive exchange. @YobitNews We’re also on Telegram at: t.me/YobitsNews TOGETHER WE CAN BRING AN END TO THIS FRAUDULENT MADNESS!

  38. Atomixit, 5. June 2018


    Lost $747k , no response to tickets and coins just vanished. Cannot withdraw and all currency is gone.

  39. Steve, 22. May 2018

    They are stealing funds beware, I have been trying to contact them for 5 days money was deposited, over 22 enails and tickets, STAY AWAY!!

  40. Tim, 16. May 2018

    The worst exchange ever. Wanna lose all your money? Then welcome to Yobit

  41. PissedOff, 3. May 2018

    They are a scam!! They robbed us. Called the number given on the site for tec support in regarded to money that didn’t pop up after making a deposit.
    During the 2hr call,I tried to make conversation with the Indian dude while I was waiting for him to take a look to figure out where my coins had gone. Asked him where he was located, and what time it was there… He fucked up on the time difference, that was something I didn’t realize at first. After sending me to a website and asking me to log in, he blocked my cell and IP address. Told him I had ran out of data Cuz that’s what I had thought when I could no longer access Internet. I used my friends cell and while I continued to wait he was cleaning out my accounts. He sold all my money and sold off all the accounts without me knowing. Towards the end of the call when I asked how much I would be credited, he asked for my debit and/or visa card. I said no, that I wasn’t doing that…that I had only signed up with my email…when I asked again he hung up. I quickly tried to change my username and password, I couldn’t get in,by the time I did, it was too late. Everything was gone.
    While I was waiting for him during the 2 hr long call he was then making the sell offs. I took a snapshot of the times and history. I have summited proof of recorded phone calls and such to the RCMP. The bastards even had the nerve to call me back and threaten me lol. I have recorded conversation with them admitting that I will not get back any of my money.

  42. John B, 6. April 2018

    Deposited BTC and made a trade. Went to withdraw and it was disabled. Sent ticket in and got a generic response with no information. Withdraw pop up window states:

    Withdrawal for such currency is temporary off.

  43. KONEX, 31. March 2018

    My account on YObit is blocked (I can not login). I do not why.
    I have opened multiple support tickets but without response, more than one week…
    Do you have any experience about this problem?

  44. bob hope, 22. March 2018

    Yobit is a con

    You might not work this out until it comes time to withdraw, today I tried to withdraw. I hold 489 coins and they stated they will charge 300 coins withdrawal fee, means I only get 189 coins.


  45. bhart90, 13. March 2018

    yobit is bullshit… you will experience a crap load of problems; no withdraws, wallets always under construction, and other super annoying stuff. Example. i did all the steps to confirm my withdraw, and yobit cancelled all the withdraw request anyways, without my approval. Keep in mind did this more then four times, and still NO withdraw. This is Why they suck… I suggest using http://www.coinexchange.io instead.

  46. Shankar, 7. March 2018

    No questions yobit. net is good exchange
    High security
    Minimum transuction charge
    Veraity of coin
    Price is also low good for perches coin compare to another exchange
    but communication problem no guideline

  47. Stephen, 2. March 2018

    76 Days ago I deposited HKN tokens to my Yobit Wallet. My account is still not credited with my tokens today. Wrote 5 support tickets, NONE have been opened by them. They are not responding on social media neither.

    Think twice before you send them tokens, there is a chance you won’t see them anymore.

  48. josh murray, 27. February 2018

    they ripped me off. They had ether classic and regular ether next you eachother with address. Accidentally sent my ether to ETC. They could fix it but they refused, saying it’s impossible. After I wrote a negative review they froze me out of my account. SCAM SCAM SCAM! AVOID! They will rip you off

  49. Panton, 26. February 2018

    I had no issue with Yobit, deposit, trading and withdrawing without any problem until I lost all of my money ~ $5000 via Yobit Code. A trojan just created a Yobit code while I’m using the exchange with all of my money, then activated it in the thief’s account. I contacted support but no reply ever. It’s been more than 2 weeks now.

  50. witek46, 25. February 2018

    exchange yobit thieves !!! steal is godless! if you want to be robbed by you on Yobit! First, it did not reach the completion at that time for 27,000 rubles, waiting for 3 months of the response from the administration did not wait! without any reason, blocked the account and appropriated my money, at the current rate of 43,000 rubles! Do not mess with them !!
    my nickname on yobit witek46