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  • Security is top priority
  • Fairly easy to navigate
  • Automated features
  • Verification process takes forever
  • Customer Service issues not being resolved on time
Company Location:
Company Location Las Vegas, United States
Customer Support:
Customer Support Email
Futures No
Derivates No
Margin Trading:
Margin Trading No
Has been hacked:
Has been hacked No
Security Excellent
Tradeable Coins:
Tradeable Coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
Trading Volume:
Trading Volume High
Deposit Fees:
Deposit Fees No
Trading Fees:
Trading Fees 0.25%
Withdrawal Fees:
Withdrawal Fees Yes
When stumbling across new websites that trade crypto currencies, you would always ask yourself, are they legit? Of course, it is natural as a human being to doubt any website’s integrity. We as human beings would always look for something better, something that is a step above on what we currently have. With that being […] Read Review »