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  • Arbitrage Opportunity
  • Get easily verified
  • 400+ tradable crypto currencies
  • High trading volume
  • Amateurish Security
  • Confusing Website (at first)
  • Mineshaft not working (under maintenance)
  • Does not support FIAT-BTC trade
  • Horrible Support
  • Inflated Prices (up to 10% above the real price)
  • Verification process is demanding a lot
  • Lots of bad reviews
Company Location:
Company Location Christchurch, New Zealand
Company Location London, UK
Customer Support:
Customer Support Chat support, Email, Forums
Customer Support 24/7 chat, ticket, and email support
Futures No
Futures No
Derivates No
Derivates No
Margin Trading:
Margin Trading No
Margin Trading Yes
Has been hacked:
Has been hacked Yes
Has been hacked Yes, hacked in 2013
Security Bad
Security Good
Tradeable Coins:
Tradeable Coins BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE -around 400+ tradable coins available.
Tradeable Coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
Trading Volume:
Trading Volume High
Trading Volume High
Deposit Fees:
Deposit Fees No
Deposit Fees Yes
Trading Fees:
Trading Fees 0.20%
Trading Fees 0.1-7%
Withdrawal Fees:
Withdrawal Fees Yes
Withdrawal Fees Yes
Cryptopia was hacked and is currently offline If you are looking for a trading platform that has everything from an exchange to a marketplace then this might be the website for you! Cryptopia focuses on better user experience rather than just being another one-stop-shop. The company is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and has been […] Read Review »
WARNING: Even though stated on their website that a full verification is only needed for FIAT transactions, it happened to us that they suddenly changed their mind and demanded a full verification and personal documents even though we never withdrew or deposited FIAT currency. refuses access to the funds. It seems the company […] Read Review »